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  • Replied in I’m confused
    This web link says buy now: https://www.fringeradapter.com/nikon-f-to-fujifilm-gfx Also instock at B&H. I don't see the coming soon link. Maybe you found the Steelsring F to gfx adapter, which is ...
  • Yes I was going to say the same. It might be great and the lessons learned with the Ef adapter might help this one out. Its only $500 currently, cheaper than any nonsales price Fujifilm lens. If it ...
  • There is also a Contax 645 AF adapter. But I have never used it. https://www.fringeradapter.com/contax-645-to-fujifilm-gfx
  • The Fringer F-mount to gf mount is brand new.  There have been one or two posts about it recently.  But I don't own one. So can't say how well it will work.  It migt though AF. The EF-MOUNT pro ...
  • There is currently no information on Sigma releasing lenses for Nikon Z-mount,  only some rumors.  Tamron has just started for Nikon Z-mount.  That is a much bigger market than the Fujifilm Gf ...
  • Well it was $1500 USD when released in 1993. So really not a cheap lens, that would be about $3090 adjusted for inflation today. Does it fully cover the Gfx sensor at all focal lengths? I have read ...
  • B&H has it as $3797 with only the 75mm f2.8 lens. Body only is $6997. Body and 55mm lens is $7997. Thus the 75mm lens is worth -3200 dollars.
  • Well I will be an outlier here and say it seems cost is an issue.  Lenses that you can adapt and are excellent around the 50mm mark would be the Sigma 70mm f2.8 macro lens. New its currently $569, ...
  • I paid $1000 for mi e in February and I think its still a great lens. But if your coming from a Panasonic 12-35mm, than you probably want a Fujifilm 30-90mm. Fujifilm could do well making some 3x ...
  • The Nikon Z9 sensor is made by Sony imaging. It IMX609. So others can buy it too. Just may not have the same PDAF array or color filters as Nikon. Those are usually manufactured specific. Actually ...
  • If Sigma could get the same sensor thats in the Nikon Z9 into a fp body, I think Sigma would not be able to keep up with demand.
  • This example image would look great if monochrome.  You don't need the colorful noise pattern for this subject.  Also doesn't look too bad for ISO 5000.
  • Is that Sigma a F-mount or EF-mount lens? If so you can buy Fringer adapters to get AF on your gfx camera.  Jim got full coverage and decent quality with a tube using the Sigma 105mm on his gfx camera.
  • I don't think the mount is open. These lenses are just dumb mount manual lenses. Sigma and Tamron have a bunch of lenses that fully cover the sensor and have decent quality.  It would be easy for ...
  • Jordan it would be nice if the next Gfx camera had the Sony Imx 661 128Mpixel global shutter sensor.
    But leaf shutter versions of the unreleased 55mm, the 80mm and 110mm lenses would also be...

  • You want a 35-150mm and you don't care about dark corners. Have you considered the Tamron 35-150mm f2.8/4 https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63942454 That lens is only 796g and can be found used ...
  • The 50S without EVF is 825g and 147.5mm x 94.2mm x 91.4mm (wxhxd) The 50R is 775g and 160.7mm x 96.5mm x 66.4mm. So the 50r is 50g lighter,  but the Evf free 50S is smaller in width and height.
  • Lightest camera, smallest and zoom option would be the original 50S, no evf, no vertical grip and the 35-70mm lens. If you can go with a prime the Canon 50mm f1.8 stm lens on the Finger pro adapter ...
  • You need to figure out the timing of your led bulbs. If in the USA, you sometimes can get away with 1/60, 1/120 shutter speeds. But their are some slow cheaper made Leds out there. Just test out ...
  • Well you are not covering the same focal lengths with all your options. But I would go with just the 100S and the 35-70mm lens only. That should be quite light and cover most of your needs based on ...
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