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Sigma 100-300 f4 (great)
Sigma 1.4 and 2x teleconverters
Off-brand 1.7x converter

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  • Hi Carery, as a user of a very large screen already, would you go bigger? I'd appreciate input from other people too. The reason for my question is I currently use a 32" 4k screen but see great ...
  • Hi Andy, the advance here is that they have developed cheap, compact technology that shows different 'colours' within the UV and IR wavelengths From the linked article:
  • Cor blimey, you should see what tricks those painters get up to with their compositions! The darkroom, and now post processing on a computer, make photography no better than a mere art form! This ...
  • Replied in Thanks
    Thank you for taking the time to relate your experiences. It's particularly valuable because you'd used both. Also, thank you to the poster that took the trouble to point out that there were ...
  • Limit the 'professional' camera and photographer to a single photo and they're probably right.

    Most recent phones will take multiple exposures and combine them, without any user input, then serve...

  • Okay, I'll take a few pot shots... :-) APS-C isn't bought because it's a smaller body. Andrew says: but also says: The fall in prices is not a problem caused by Sony releasing a small full frame ...
  • The OP said: Looks like he already went beyond your advice :shrugs:
  • Doug Larvey is quite the woodsman :-) A few months ago he suggested the list below. My recommendation is that battery life concerns means most people would want to keep many of these functions on ...
  • J A C S's article and the other pictures from when Trump was there indicate that few people were on the upper tier. J A C Ss addresses this in his article (he's a good writer too!): https://www.dal ...
  • I've read often that front element diameter is related to focal length and aperture size, and that price and weight are approximately proportional to front element size. This means that most people ...
  • This sounds like the misplaced confidence of someone that's never made a living out of doing this. I assume it's just your hyperbolic phrasing but no one "just shoots on 10 frames/sec". They ...
  • Advice here: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-travellers State and territory restrictions States and territories ...
  • Oooh, after having checked that, the USAs and the UKs, finally something to make me feel less pessimistic about the future of the UK :-) Thanks.
  • Yep, this is why Nikon is in the worst position of the big three - Canon can afford to put out something that doesn't sell well then up their game. Nikon can't really afford to put all this ...
  • Even if the company goes, the name will live on. Polaroid are still around, in the sense that their name is now stuck on cheap electronics in my local supermarket. I find that sadder than the name ...
  • Your comment made me search for the photo... worth it!


  • brn said, of the EULA: "...but go back and read it before you file a lawsuit."

    Absolutely! I am not a lawyer and even I can see there was no case there. I hope her lawyer explained to her that...

  • This. Just do voice conferencing... more productive, less time wasted, less equipment needed. I put it down to some kind of innate need for human faces.. but I don't share that need when it comes ...
  • They probably meant it as being helpful, either for you or for other forum members.
  • Hi Don, The Sony design, in common with other mirrorless mounts, uses a much smaller lens flange to sensor distance (forget the proper name). While some lens designs/focal lengths will be ...
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