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R5, M6 mkII, 5DsR, 7D (2x), DCS-660, N90, OM2n, EF400/f2.8IS, EF300/f2.8IS, EF200/f1.8, EF70-200/f2.8IS, EF100-400/f4.5-5.6IS-mkI, EF28-135IS, EF135/f2, EF100/f2.8macro, EF85/f1.8, EF50/f1.8, EF20/f2.8, EF17-40/f4, EFS18-135, EFS55-250, Tokina 12-24, Sigma 150-600C, 600EX, 580EX, 550EX, 430EX, 220EX, 1.4X-II, 2x-II, a lot more Nikon/Olympus film-era lenses


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PhotographyIsWayOverrated: Former pro's (*) perspective on the control ring: I wouldn't miss a control ring on the back of the lens. The way you work with big whites is always hand up front!

Either below the front rim, supporting it, or above, stabilising it by pressing downwards onto the pod. The only place a control ring should be is up front, where the current preselected focus ring is. Guess that would need a more complex retooling of already pretty revolutionary lens (1kg lighter big white, I'd sell my boss kidney for that back then)

*Having used all the previous 300/2.8, 400/2.8 (sometimes even handheld semi-supported when the photo pool space was too cramped for monopods) and 600/4 extensively for pro sports and politics daily before getting out.

As for the adapter or not, the ways these are used and abused - no adapter is just much more rugged. Pool lenses like these did get shared between many photographers often, lugged around from protests to stadiums, with 2nd body attached hanging from shoulders.

"As for the adapter or not, the ways these are used and abused - no adapter is just much more rugged."

I'll have to disagree with that assessment having used/abused the Canon EF-RF adaptor w/ring on an R5 for several weeks; it's still solid/tight. The adaptor is as robust or more than the 1.4x and 2x TCs, IMHO. My R5 with adapted 400/f2.8 or 300/f2.8 lenses feel as solid as if they're on the 1DxmkII.

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pollup: Yeah, not very good. It seems like a normal upscaling + unsharp mask filter produces better results, as this won't create random weird ugly artifacts.

Yes, agreed. If it's for fun to tweak an old image to display better on a big print/screen, sure, why not? But for software to even state "resolution" in the name or description is laughable.

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Anastigmat: A 50mp sensor in a cell phone. That proves that people still buy cameras using megapixel count as guide. All they get are huge files, not sharper pictures.

108mp cameras in phones....based on samples posted...are not resolving anywhere near what serious/knowledgable/pro photographers would expect of a true 100mp+ or even a 50mp image. I cringe when they're touted as such.

The "108mp" samples posted online look good on a 4K display (~8mp image size) but the resolving detail, when zoomed in just a bit or printed as a 20x30, is just NOT there. The cell phone cameras look like they're just interpolating to a 108mp image size. Megapixel image size =/= megapixel resolution but cell phone camera aficionados think otherwise, I guess. :p

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Photoa: Who forgot camera lens cleaning feature?

Just kidding - "protective covers were still in place"

Great job NASA

It's NASA what else could we expect? We should be thankful that someone at NASA at least remembered to take the lens caps off the protective covers or we'd be discussing just the sensor noise pattern.

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lazerbean: This review just doesn't agree with my experience, quite on the contrary. To say that C1 lags Lightroom in performance is a joke. I switched some years ago primarily for three reasons: Performance, raw conversion quality and tethering. C1 wipes the floor with Lightroom as far as tethering is concerned, so if that is important for your workflow, then that alone is reason enough to use C1.

Agreed, lazerbean. I drifted away from C1 for a long time and was truly all in and promoted LR until it became annoyingly slow to my inputs. The bigger the catalog, the worse it got. I recently bought C1v20 and, compared to my "limping" LR, C1 does indeed run circles around LR on my newer Macbook Pro with external storage drive. It even flies on a 7yr old Macbook Pro.

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Amazing imagery. Now, was this done with or without the on-telescope flash? :p

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