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My thought on it shooting 4K was it would be excellent for image stabilising in post. Premiere Pro would do a better job with its warp stabilizer than in camera(as long as frames arent blurred.) also the ability to pan and zoom in post would be usefull.

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I would love to see you guys provide video samples for lens like this. Using a full frame camera for video this lens is the only game in town if you want to hand hold f/2.8.

I want to see comparisons on how well the IS system works in video mode, I'd want to know if a lens like this performs as well as a lens like the new 24-70mm F/4.0 hybrid IS.

You might say they aren't related, but when you consider so many people are now shooting video on full frame and carrying around a tripod and fluid head is extremely difficult sometimes. For journalism how these lens perform from a stable hand held position is important.

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On article Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM Preview (131 comments in total)

Hybrid IS on the 100mm F/2.8 L is highly regarded for its video performance, enabling steady handheld portrait shots.

This would be an amazing run and gun video performer on a 5dII/I, 6D. The 24-105 has one of Canons oldest IS systems, hybrid IS should be noticeably better for video.

With the macro function you could even do B roll pick up shots hand held, little 1 or 2 second pieces of video to cut up a standing interview you also did hand held. This could be used on assignment across the world, anywhere where you can bring ONE bag, no tripod.

Much lighter than the Tamron F/2.8 IS which honestly is what I consider to be in direct competition. I'd love to see a comparison between the two when it comes to hand held video performance

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LeonTheremin: What do people use these f/4 lenses for? Is there an inherent advantage with them for closer distance focusing? Is it something with the fact that its easier to put an image stabilizing system on the smaller glass? Are people only thinking of gaining stops from hand held motion? Or is it simply that they're less expensive and IS is considered a consumer feature? Having been schooled by a film photography pedagogy, I would never think to spend money on such a slow lens that (from my perspective) can only be used with studio strobes or in bright sunlight. I can't imagine the practicality of a lens with such a slow maximum aperture outside of large format photography. For reals, I wanna know.

Quite a bit lighter and smaller. If people made F/2.8 work when ISO 800 film was the norm surely we can make F/4.0 work with clean ISO 3200 raw.

This is the ultimate reporter lens in combination with the 6D. Extremely compact and tremendous video performance along with the stills.

That lens plus the 6d probably would be light enough and well balanced enough to shoot moving hand held video.

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I have an iPad and have never once felt the urge to edit a photo on it, it's a terrible platform to do any real work on. Media consumption device, not much else.

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I don't have a smart phone guys, I have an iPad and a really slow phone. I need to get a smart phone eventually, I'm totally gonna make my buying decision based off what they say.

I mean, the Nokia 404 has Symbian and I just can't deal with that. But an Android phone that does the best video. Maybe that i can deal with...

I'll lose all my apps though, I kinda want an iPhone 5 but the smaller camera sensor makes me hate them, you can't convince me it's even better than the iPhone 4s. Finally DxO mark is going to have proof! Take these smart phone guys to task over their fanciful claims. Long live progress! Better photography for all!

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I will get this camera and keep it in my Porsches glove box.

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you dudes should do a video review of this feature, footage walking around, standing with wide angles, standing with telephotos. What is this actually possible of doing.

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Noirist: What's ridiculous about the pricing? Fast high quality zoom lenses are expensive to make. The full frame Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 is $2400 and the 43rds Olympus 35mm-100mm f2.0 is $2500. If you don't want to buy it at that price, then don't. But let the rest of us be glad that Panasonic has made two excellent fast zoom lenses available to anyone who wants one for their micro43rds camera.

Imagine if Panasonic made a 200mm F/2.8 and then charged as much as a Canon 400mm F/2.8

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Seems like a pretty nice lens until you mentioned the price! 1500 dollars! Wow. You're telling me a Canon 70-200mm L F4 IS is worth less than that? Then people wonder why us trolls are bitter at Panasonic and Olympus.

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On article Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 Camera (115 comments in total)

Based on your results, I have a hard time stomaching that there is any improvement in any shooting conditions over the iPhone 4s.

You didn't do side by sides in the low light shooting conditions, you showed the iPhone 5 but not what a iPhone 4s would do in the same situation.

I don't think your conclusion is supported in the content of the review. The 5 just looks softer and handles flare noticeably worse.

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qwertyasdf: None of these lens are for a SLR. Not joking.

That's why it's magic, man.

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On article Photokina 2012: Sony Stand Report (44 comments in total)

The A99 is seriously the camera that has me considering selling all my Canon gear to switch too.

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Nice try Hasselblad, but Leica already has the market cornered on pointless jewelry cameras.

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Robust, intuitive design
Measuring just 144.5 x 110.5 x 71.2mm and weighing 770g4, the EOS 6D is the most compact full-frame EOS DSLR ever manufactured. Its dust and drip-proof, part magnesium body offers robust protection and an intuitive button layout for easy control.

*Laugh* "drip-proof" I take it that's worse than "splash-proof" I can't think of much that would be destroyed by a drip of water.

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toughluck: In terms of DOF, it's a 50/9 equivalent, so good luck trying to get meaningful defocusing. It should have been f/1.2 or f/0.9 for the size -- while it would still have poor defocusing control, it would have been much better.

Also: Why is the lens and the bodies so huge? Sony just released RX1 which, lens included, is thinner than this lens is long. Not to mention huge N1 bodies.

You take the crop factor and apply that many stops. so 2.7x crop is roughly 2 2/3 stops you add to the aperture to get your depth of field. go to the 1/3 stop scale

So 50mm F/4.5 in terms of angle of view and depth of field. BUT NO that does not mean light transmission changes, it's still the same intensity of light regardless of crop.

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Finally I can use full frame Leica M lens on a video camera!

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On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)

Canon 5d mark II is still the cheapest full frame camera available. This has got some clear feature advantages, but the shutter is only capable of 1/4000 and rated to be less durable.

I don't think Canon needs to respond to this, the 5dII is already sub 2k if they can get the price down to 1700 it's more than enough to compete with this.

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