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On article Canon debuts EOS M6 mirrorless with optional EVF (669 comments in total)
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Jefftan: Really how many shoot 4k video even if the camera have it
anything not 10-30 second short clip and one get huge file size

even if shoot 4k, What I know is most use software to downsample to 1080p to save space
Of course downsample 1080p from 4k is better than native 1080p

Also most computer monitor are not 4k , 4k TV is common now but how to watch 4k video on 4k TV is a challenge
Anyone know how?

There is approximately one gazillion of streaming media players with 4K playback capability for modern 4K TVs. Dirt cheap too (around or under $50).

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Rodenmg: This kind of news reporting bothers me more than self emaciated fashion models. And it wins an award for just being there. :(

Not publishing would be the smartest thing to do. Making the terrorist's face known to the whole world shows exactly how clueless common folks are when it comes to understanding of the nature of terrorism. Thanks to this publication he became immortal and will be a great example to follow for new terrorist recruits.

Link | Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 23:21 UTC

Publishing an image like this serves only one purpose - glorifying the act of terror and the people behind it. Thanks to these publications, the killer (the terrorist) is now known all over the world. This is exactly what these people seek - publicity of what they are doing, glorification of those who commit to suicide missions. If we were still human, there would be no images of this terrorist scum on the firs pages of the newspapers, but rather the images of their victims (while they were alive, not their dead bodies). smh...

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On article Week in Review: Sony FTW (302 comments in total)
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wh34erocoler: Next model will be called WTF?:)

I think that would be Canon line up.

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1124 comments in total)

This is the time when we start seeing wholesale prices on second-hand kidney market... This beast just dropped the price of yet to be released Canon flagships, so i doubt i can get any good $$ for the older Canon bodies I currently have. So kidney it is...

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