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What a gorgeous 14/1.8. Starting the year in big style. All interesting lenses.
It’s apparent that Sigma benefits from the proactive approach the company adopted when dealing with some post-boom effects.

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I wouldn’t expect this exactly but given the potential of 1 inch sensor, especially long term, and depending on other decisions, this may be a good move despite some disappointment of those waiting for the cameras.
It’s a saturated segment taken firmly by Sony and others with some excellent cameras developed years ago. The sensor size as a key component of the system or platform should be chosen with particular care.
So Richard was right then having reservations about the DL cameras being realised as announced.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens Review (274 comments in total)
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The Rock Nikon: I am a Nikon guy. How does it compare to the 14-24? Or 10-24mm Nikkors?

I can imagine, I used it as well. It’s about the same optically sharpness-wise though I liked the Tokina a bit more and kept it. The Sigma handles flare better, and the lateral CA. I think reports say the new Tokinas have improved CA correction now.

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On article Got Bokeh? DxO reviews the Nikkor AF-S 105mm F1.4E ED (140 comments in total)
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falconeyes: I repeat:
This lens is 95mm F/1.4; at infinity! The 105mm are a blatant lie.

Yes, good points and the difference seems to be more than what is usual. It’s possible I’d prefer it was labelled as 100 or 95. But I’d first want to see how the lens is behaving. Comparison shots at usual distances with 105/2 (etc.) would tell me.
I cannot comment on the rest, lensrental are quite geeks and that includes precision, it’s not they are not equipped (they perform measurements few other labs do). This is not to say dxomark has it wrong. I have zero information to explain anything and experience tells me not to jump to conclusions.

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On article Got Bokeh? DxO reviews the Nikkor AF-S 105mm F1.4E ED (140 comments in total)
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falconeyes: I repeat:
This lens is 95mm F/1.4; at infinity! The 105mm are a blatant lie.

It’s a little steep, it usually is closer. There can be some variation in obtaining the number, too. Lensrentals gives 49.5 and dxomark 47.5 for 50 Art.
FL is measured at infinity. What will have more practical weight, with this lens especially, is the effective FL (or FOV) away from infinity – compared to other lenses of similar use (FL).

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On article Action-packed: Sony a6500 review (1164 comments in total)

A fair review of a first high-end camera since the iconic NEX 7.

The APS-C is a second-tier system to Sony. Which is similar to other brands as no one seems to go fully into two systems of neighbouring formats. Canon perhaps has gotten furthest with this. Pentax, slightly different, but also far from ideal and so is its volume on the market.
To me the highlights of the NEX type cameras are the position of the viewfinder, simplicity, extremely capable operation and traditional, solid, brick-like shaped body. Battery power is not that big problem as these spares are tiny, or not always as a lot depends on how the camera is set and used; more lasting power is always welcome.
The second-tier systems will be getting incremental improvements but the main arena is now 135 format where Sony is continuing their ambitious plans which of course means also lenses.

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On article Gear of the Year: Richard's choice - Fujifilm X-T2 (172 comments in total)

Look of Sony native (even Sigma) APS-C lenses is a weak point of the system (not the only one). I wouldn’t mind using word ugly sometimes. Fujinon lenses are generally nice in comparison and as I say it’s not just nitpicking but quite a contrast. And of course this matters.

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Howard: "Plastic is so beautiful, mermaids love it, so let's put more in the ocean!" -- is that the message?

It shows the beauty of nature and its elements, waste, human signature and fragility (vulnerability) of both.

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I was quite stunned when I saw the first shot in the morning. The work with the bottles makes for even stronger visual impact than the human element (and could make a separate piece without it - though I wouldn't change anything). The first and second are truly excellent.

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maxnimo: Hard to believe that any 20mm lens would need to be so tall (long), especially in this age of excellent pancake lenses.

@maxnimo Knowing Tokina and the trend/demands this lens will try to achieve minimum aberrations and softness across the frame and aperture range. I.e. it’s going to have relatively consistent sharpness. If we are talking about the same lens – a 20/2 FE lens of a smaller size could not be made as good and also not as inexpensive.

You can also optimise a lens for a small size and for the performance in the centre as another useful configuration. 20mm UWA is one of the less attractive candidates for this. Though being an f2 lens it's not that absurd idea (still, hardly a priority).
Then there is the flange distance factor that’s confusing. A ML body is thin making the distance shorter and lenses have to very often make up for the distance by their own size so that they can be designed properly – as needed (The ML is not only about size).

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maxnimo: Hard to believe that any 20mm lens would need to be so tall (long), especially in this age of excellent pancake lenses.

A pancake of this FOV and speed will be compromise on everything but the size. That can be a good compromise and for some use even great.
This most likely is a negative-lead type which doesn’t need a large element for its arrangement deals inherently better with the peripheral shading (though the end result depends on the exact design). It’s the positive-lead UWAs - usually with those bulbous elements - that need to be really wide diameter.

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On article Have your say: Best prime lens of 2016 (152 comments in total)

This has to be Nikkor 105. Tamron or Sigma Art 85? I hear both are excellent. OK, Art. The PC 19 may well be best of all but not my lens, third.
The Olympus has some great telephoto there, I saw samples..

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On article Have Your Say: Best Zoom Lens of 2016 (75 comments in total)

Nikkor 70-200/2.8 e looks very nice so far; second 12-24 Art – not far from the 11-24/4 it starts at 12mm which helps with the size. I feel the Canon 16-35 III may be a small notch over the GMs? may be not. Hey this only is fun:)

PS, I see the Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 is doing very well. Well deserved!

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Canon removes somewhat perceivable gap in the sensor quality, in what I’d regard as "the real-world one", in another category and after the 6d makes another camera that I really like. It takes first place as both d5 and d500 are a bit further for my needs. I ran out of the bars the Alpha 6500 would be next! All of them are fantastic.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens Review (274 comments in total)
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The Rock Nikon: I am a Nikon guy. How does it compare to the 14-24? Or 10-24mm Nikkors?

The 14-24 is excellent on Dx. The Sigma has a little weaker centre so it will shine on Fx more (also given the very good resolution in the outer regions). Both are a bit overkill lenses for Dx that shine on Fx, I’d take a look at several new Tokina UWA zooms instead – these will give you a more comparable angle of view as well.

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2016 at 10:39 UTC
On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens Review (274 comments in total)

Very helpful and interesting. Dxomark results are very similar to the samples here. I am usually careful with relying on the tests with these angles. The conclusion is spot on. Sigma is a great lens and when it comes to the sharpness across the field its strong point is f8. It’s more limited at and beyond 20mm. The lack of CA and distortion control is very impressive.
The 11-24 holds its own and that's when taking its price into account, it’s the better lens for me. The mention referring to its lateral CA as rather extreme – to me it would be more that the 12-24/4 is extremely clean. From the design standpoint, I’d go for more distortion (of the Canon or of my 14-24 that have a good control) over less consistent resolution. It’s likely that Sigma gave its preference the other way, and that, in theory, it could be improved when designed for about the same distortions and less clean CA. Anyway these are difficult beasts. The more grateful many of us are for the study.

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (766 comments in total)

Vilia in 83.

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On article Fast Five: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V Review (423 comments in total)

Is there a real* weakness relative to the competition? The pop-up viewfinder really sets it apart from the other cameras then. That sadly includes the future DL 24-85. Even if you don’t need it much for your shooting its benefits become clear enough when shooting outdoor in the bright - brightish conditions. That is often. Of course, the new segment goes through a development as a whole. But it strikes me as ingenious and aggressive from Sony to bet on a feature that imo matters most – and being able to implement it – a good viewfinder.

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HSway: That’s first time I see the purpose for V cameras explained: It’s for professionals who need to do a quick job with a telephoto without lugging a lot of gear.

Amateurs/enthusiasts sometimes don’t like the professional gear (mostly because it’s expensive or heavy) so the V could fit this category possibly for its reasons. That would then explain the limited market for the V and why Nikon may not be that concerned by this fact. OTOH, if the ambition was anything more, then the V line cameras would certainly struggle among the competition.

Fair point. Looks that I should actually have said – finally I got it. My mistake. To be honest there were more of us struggling with this.

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Of course, speaking of serious compact cameras, there is the simple little marvel of APS-C machine like the a6500 and the whole array of cameras from others. But it seems that implementing ML on this level would upset Nikon APS-C strategy and their all-DSLR role in it. The ML is not part of it yet (apart from the known part). Who knows what the plans for the future are. One has to respect that. The responsibility is on their shoulders. Frankly pushing into saturated market packed with excellent products is not that inviting, especially these days. They do their best to stay efficient. And there is the continuous pressure towards the 135 format even Sony can’t resist.

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