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Joed700: Ok, I'm sure the Sigma 14mm is an awesome lens, just like their other Art series lenses. However, is this lens weather sealed? If not, that would be a deal breaker!

Some people won't care about this, but here's the true...I was visiting Iceland and Faroe Islands three weeks ago. Not only did it rain, but it gets very windy. I got soaking wet just by waliking near waterfalls even on a sunny day because of the winds. Anyhow, that's not a problem for me because both my D810 and the lenses I brought are weather sealed...

They use seals to keep dust and moisture out. What you are describing would need Sports series sealing. Today the Art series lenses have the rubber gasket on the mount that wasn’t there when the first lenses came out. That’s the reason I don’t consider 35 from Sigma. Outdoor I shoot in difficult conditions and need to keep my eye on 50/1.4 for that reason. Don't want more lenses without that seal.

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The macaque message to Copyright Office:

"People just use common sense. You are supposed to be good at it.
He did much more for the photo than I could ever do. I couldn’t have taken it without him but he could have snapped it with a remote and have the same chance for success.
I didn’t even realise I take a photo which means 'it was taken' rather than I took it. In theory (not familiar with his thoughts), the chance of me pressing the shutter could have even been part of his calculation to achieve it. See the difference?

And so, folk, there is no doubt who takes the credit for the existence of the photo. Just keep it. While impressed by your grand impartiality there is a glaring hole in this view of "justice", especially false towards the fellow creatures whom you might give a copyright (or rule in that effect) but you still wipe us out from the surface of this blue rock not asking about our rights to live whatsoever.
Yours sincerely,

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Judging by the name the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a large area to work on. This "case" doesn’t seem part of it so the much-needed energy can be saved for the real issues.

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On article Video: First look at the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (128 comments in total)

Two more points (cross type) at the end of the middle rows horizontally and especially vertically (that's 8 more points) and we could start talking about control over the field curvature shooting handheld.
The camera leapfrogs both comparable Nikons nicely regarding the cross type and f8 capable points.

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On article First pictures from the new Nikon 8-15mm fisheye (139 comments in total)

It would be interesting to see side by side comparisons with other 15, 16mm fisheyes to see how the projection geometry compares. Optically, I bet it is optimised for full frame settings and believe it will be superior to other fisheyes available for F mount.
The specs indicate very high magnification and this would give the lens another function and use.
The original set here - more excellent images on both formats

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If you look at things like perspective one wants them pretty much all 24, 28, 35. My 24/1.8G is so light I don’t know I carry it. Hmmm. Maybe 28 is not as 'pretty' as 35 but it brings in something extra from the 24 to this spot - its own 28 mm magic.
So it may be sharing the same 'ugly duckling' rep with the 50 mm - for being neither here nor there, but for quite a few it may be exactly what makes it special.
The initial price in UK is very high. I have used 28 in the past a lot. But this is a different lens. And the photography has changed since those times - for better - so I may come back to using it.
Anyway, it should sell well in the intended market after the 24 was marketed and sold well, replacing it in many cases I imagine.

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On article Week in Review: Hungry Birds (6 comments in total)
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HSway: more photos from the Sigma 100-400…

I'd say the use of this Sigma for wildlife (a broad term) will be peripheral and occasional. The bird samples show nicely how the lens renders but the segment of wildlife zoom was transformed by the 160-600 lenses. A 100-400 this small is actually a rare travel zoom alternative to 70-200/4 zooms. - The compactness the defining factor of its use (and the speed).

@SteB Yes, I wouldn't call it obsolete, see my reply below. On a somewhat different note, I am hearing rumours about a development of 200-600 zoom (at CR). Although the aperture range seems fast for such a lens to be competing with the existing lighter options. So I think it will be slower unless it’s going to employ Fresnel element tech. Not sure how useful or successful it can be for zooms.

Androole, it’s still a viable alternative to 160-600 zoom for birds on APS-C in many cases. I wouldn’t call it obsolete. The wildlife really is a broad term and conditions and settings (environment), in which animals are shot, like the type of the landscape etc., are varied. And then the goals and users vary in many ways, age etc. But the trend will continue towards more reach and speed for serious use, I think. That from both ends, for those used to a lighter kit than 160-600mm and those used to heavier primes.

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On article Week in Review: Hungry Birds (6 comments in total)

more photos from the Sigma 100-400…

I'd say the use of this Sigma for wildlife (a broad term) will be peripheral and occasional. The bird samples show nicely how the lens renders but the segment of wildlife zoom was transformed by the 160-600 lenses. A 100-400 this small is actually a rare travel zoom alternative to 70-200/4 zooms. - The compactness the defining factor of its use (and the speed).

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On article Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM sample gallery (142 comments in total)
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Father Bouvier: It looks like a very good lens. The images are very detailed with good color and contrast. I think many people would rather sacrifice a 1/2 stop of light and get a much lighter, cheaper lens compared to the lenses like Canon 100-400.

The 100-400 II is a refined lens that deals with the edge sharpness most tele-zooms struggle very well. There will be other differences but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this Sigma is bringing a very clever specification to the users and is looking to be pretty excellent package overall - on 135 format at least.

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On article Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM sample gallery (142 comments in total)
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SteB: I think it was a mistake to use the Canon 5D mkIV for this sample gallery. Put very simply, I should imagine a very large proportion of the buyers of this lens will not be using it was a camera like the 5D mkIV, or full-frame. It gives a misleading impression of a lens like this when a gallery is shot with a full-frame cameras. Crop sensor cameras put far more stress on the lens with their higher pixel density.

What's more a large proportion of those using this lens for wildlife, will be using a crop body either because of the effective reach, or because crop sensor bodies are cheaper and this is a lower cost 100-400mm type zoom than those offered by the camera manufacturers.

It would have been far more appropriate to shoot this sample gallery with something like an 80D as it would be more relevant to the prospective purchasers of this lens.

@Henning W
It’s useful to see both formats, though the native format should have a priority as you say. But I disagree when you say that you can just imagine APS-C crop out of the 135 format picture because all the image characteristics, from sharpness, a number of subtle characteristics to bokeh and subject isolation will be different when you shoot the same frame with APS-C vs 135 format. So cropping 135 sensor to APS-C after the shot gives a different character to your image than when you shoot it on APS-C. Most obvious will be subject isolation and changes in bokeh (for the same frame shot vs cropped after the shot).

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Ricoh reply to this will be watched. If their intent and commitment are firm and clear they can replay adequately and convincingly. They are ways and means to do this.

It’s something Samsung lukewarm reactions didn’t do. It’s too early to draw comparisons. I understand they are undergoing some restructuring so they will want to shed more light on this for their own good – if they continue in the camera business.

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What Ricoh is saying matters, not the stuff Asian Review is typing. Nikon is sold to Sony for a couple of years if I took all the rubbish floating around seriously. In the case of Ricoh - Pentax it can be damaging. OTOH, if I was using Pentax I’d be looking at things the company is producing/planning. But that’s just common sense. If there is too much of talk and speculating it’s actually a good approach the company should consider – to publish a roadmap for their products.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (540 comments in total)

It seems the specification is more like the D90 style. I mean a super 2017 D90 (with a proper MLU and a lot more). It could be the low-end DSLR.
I am not sure about the majority of users of the lower specs (like 5xxx, 3xxx) appreciating the DSLR type of camera. And for the manufacturer, ML also makes more sense. That would create more room for a possible APS-C ML from Nikon and its development. A CSC actually. I think Nikon even said something in this sense. ML of course is not limited to the APS-C etc. format. But given the Nikon’s efforts with the N1, I doubt they will jump on 135 format ML now. They may bring themselves to do it in APS-C, though.
With all three cameras in the lineup, the Dx user of this end is served extremely well. And at fair prices as well.

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Of course, everyone is looking at the third-party gang getting mightier. And so the new lenses are more in the spotlight.
Esp. Sigma’s efforts are very prolific resulting in many new releases under the GV line. The native lens manufacturers don’t seem to have increased the pace of their releases at any that time which, in some ways, is counterintuitive, at least to the users.
A little more active approach/timing and a few more releases at that/this time would, I think, blunt the impact and the impression these manufacturers make. I would say they underestimated the 1135 employees company, or are proud to admit an influence, leaving it to build on its momentum which is not really blunting anything. At the same time, Nikon seems to be appealing for customer loyalty pointing out its heritage and history instead. That seems to have the exactly opposite effect here (i.e. does not inspire much confidence). Would this be accompanied with more agility it would probably be a different matter.

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"shortages of new releases" as I read in comments.
If my numbers are right Nikon has released more lenses than Canon in 135 format from 2013 - 2016. NR reports 5 lenses to be released this year.

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On article Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Pentax 645Z vs Hasselblad X1D (348 comments in total)

Excellent overview. The Fuji looks particularly good. Namely the AF coverage and the el. first-curtain shutter are a major advantage. I guess it will take some time before Pentax gets near to this in AF coverage. The niche for these cameras is probably widening, it seems logical. The 43.8×32.9 mm sensor is just about perfect size to go above the 135 format, and enough of a difference, about 1.26 crop factor for 135. The 135 digital is obviously very mature and the systems have high standards established as the norm, including the fast, high-quality lenses. It keeps a lid on the MF growth.

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This is a bit of a torture. My favourite is 50 but would have to choose a fast 35 to cover it all. I'd upgrade to either the Sigma or 35/1.4G - would need to shoot with the Sigma to decide. Thinking ahead, it would be the prime because I can expect the IQ to be improving and so I could use cropping and retain the quality. Otherwise, if everything stayed as is, I’d go with 24-70/2.8 zoom.
If I was allowed a pair of lenses, the second one would be 280 - 700 mm - 200-500/5.6 VR/14 TC III. A fast 35 and that would actually make me quite happy.

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On article The Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 is old-fashioned fun (189 comments in total)

As lenses are becoming sharp and people tired of wild image processing they look for other differences for their photography or simply to distinguish their gear from the mainstream. I think what MOG is doing with their Trioplan/Primoplan series is great, for example, and that we will see more of this and similar efforts in the future. The MF is a bit shame on these but ML can handle this. But we can expect more branching and the AF lens market more niched in the future as well.

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With a bit of distance and DOF, it’s surprisingly sharp at f1.8 across the frame - #36.

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Not surprised the 12-24/4 wins the complexity. Looking at these large bulging concave elements I am always thinking it's quite a feat to make them, especially in tighter tolerances. The use of the aspherical lens gives them a pair of attractive UWAs – the 12-24 seems to be a great lens. Also relatively compact thanks to that element.

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