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On photo Leffe Beer in the Product Shoot: Beer challenge (19 comments in total)
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virtualreality: I'm afraid it doesn't look like a nice glass of beer. Beer is cold when air is warm, so why no pearls on the outside of the glass? The white top is yellow instead of white, it's too small. The bubbles are too big. The pouring is a shame, this type of beer needs to be poured carefully and slowly. The glass is cheap, it has a wide edge. I would surely return this drink.

I'm glad I'm not living in your reality. Leffe is a really tasty beer much better than lagers. Personally I prefer the dark (double) version, more taste but less alcohol - but that wouldn't photograph so well.

The shape of the glass is carefully designed to prevent the sediment being disturbed too much while drinking. As Leffe is a live beer that continues to ferment & mature in the bottle.

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JackM: IR is so played out, I don't know why anyone takes IR pictures anymore.

JackM your challenge to show something original in IR is actually many times harder in visible.

Even without being totally original IR will create images different than your eye sees. There are many times where this is useful from improving complexions in portraiture, to spotting alterations in paperwork.

It might be a niche market but it's seems to be a growing one.

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DotCom Editor: That enormous red-and-white Pentax badge is not particularly attractive.

Full spectrum cameras are perfectly usable with a Bayer filter most people like myself who use a full spectrum camera use one with a Bayer filter. Results are different from a foeven system but there aren't any wavelengths that won't be seen through a Bayer filter.
Whilst hot spots can be an issue with quite a few lenses they can all be used with infra red. Some have reduced transmission at longer wavelengths due to the coatings applied, but all work. Using equipment at work I've measured the spectral transmission of several of my lenses. All managed at least 15% at 1100nm.

I can't see the need to but the camera for forensic work if all that's different is the hot mirror's been removed. There are plenty of companies offering aftermarket modifications involving replacement of the hot mirror. Most cost ~£250.
My experience is that mirrorless cameras are ideal for full spectrum work as the EVF allows the photographer to see to frame in IR & full auto focus is supported.

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