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A bag that size without a waist belt is next to useless to me, why put all the load on the shoulders !? there are very few real good camera backpacks in the market, the rest are bad designed impractical for daily use or wear out quick, you will have better chance to find a good one to search out of the 'photographic bag' category ! I got mine from a military backpack manufacturer at half that price, it is super rigid and comfortable to wear and use. For what I see most of the new fancy camera backpacks are designed for 'tight packing', looks tidy but extremely hard to use when on the go, I better off grab any bag I like and get a camera insert to make my own bag !

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Great, but I still like the LX100 more coz I need a bigger EVF

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bilmenot: I am sorry too I am also in the 'Fuji-meh' camp, tried the X-30 and XE-2, loved the sensor and lens but hated the handling, finally Fuji came up with something more 'grippy' , previous models are too much front heavy, together with the inconvenient menu design I felt extremely tired using it, I am going to the Lumix camp with my DSLR bye now !

Since I already left Fuji I no longer care the changes, but I will tell my problem with it anyway. There are at least 2 'flaw' with the menu design, that may already corrected with new FW.

1. Custom menu

There are 7 custom settings on the XE-2 C1-C7, whenever I return from custom settings to the default one, C1 ? C1 will get over written by whatever I used previously, so there is no real default, I must create my default with a custom one.

2. The delete mode

Say, after I took 10 similar photos, I want to check the sharpness of each and delete those I don't want, I can go to the view mode to zoom in each of them to check no problem, but if I want to delete any photo I must exit view mode and go to delete mode, to pick the one I don't want, I must also remember the file name to delete it, for 10 photos it will not be too much trouble, but with 50 or more shots will be a pain in the neck to do it. I am using Pentax, I can delete photos right away with delete button zoomed or not.

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I am sorry too I am also in the 'Fuji-meh' camp, tried the X-30 and XE-2, loved the sensor and lens but hated the handling, finally Fuji came up with something more 'grippy' , previous models are too much front heavy, together with the inconvenient menu design I felt extremely tired using it, I am going to the Lumix camp with my DSLR bye now !

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davidbindle: What does this flash do in autobounce mode when dummies try to use it in a place with too tall ceilings? Automatically start looking for walls to bounce off?

To bounce or not to bounce that's the question, I've seen too many "dummies" tilt their flash up no matter how high the ceiling, some even when shoot in the open, they either made it a habit to tilt the flash no matter what or they want to shoot down the sun !

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Ok this is innovative one of a kind, but if I were to design such a light, I would make it like the ancient Osram BCS44 with internal tilt head, to make the light less "obstructive" when tilting, without catching eyeballs. Zooming is a problem, but I believe the reflector can be made smaller to fit into the head.

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This is a good compromise between portability and usability, not to be replace a real tripod, it is useful for casual birding and wildlife and games, but it has very limited pan/tracking capacity and cost bit too high IMO.

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On article Rokinon AF 50mm F1.4 FE: sample gallery and impressions (146 comments in total)

Good to hear that, now we got something nice but not crazily over priced. I got the early version of their 85/1.4 for Pentax and I used on the APS-C K3, I got purple fringing on high contrast scene even when stopped down a couple stops, I believe I can get better result on fullframe. I would manual focus with these large aperture lenses, that's the fun part of photography many people enjoyed ! and it is too early to ask Samyang to produce a fast and reliable AF system.

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I like mirror lens, it is a low cost solution for wildlife photography as long as you do not need top notch image quality. As far as I know not much has changed in the optical design over the years, I believe only the coating and precision of the mirror improved. There are two best mirror lenses I've ever used, namely Tamron and Russian MTO 3m5ca both 500mm/f8, I particularly like the MTO, it is still available in very reasonable price today. One thing to note on mirror lenses, in particular the Russian made ones, the mirror always mis-aligned and over tighten, caused the focus to shift at the far end, after 'relaxing' the mirror I was able to push further the far end (beyond infinity) so that allowed me to use any screw adapter still remain true infinity focus. Btw Russian mirror lens uses M42 instead of T2 mount which has slightly different pitch, don't force in or you will break the mount !

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Recycled goods, I would go for CineStill instead.

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I owned couple Fuji X before and I loved the IQ and low night performance, but I don't like the handling and the menu design it was sick and tired to use, so I decided to give MFT a try. I read a lot of good things about the LX100 especially the video capacity but I am not a video shooter, nowadays new camera must have 4K video capacity that I never use but have to pay for the feature. I don't know why people willing to spend the extra to gear up the camera to make it handles better for video shooting instead of go for a true video camera, and video camera shoot stills as well ! for video shooter, the LX100 with excellent video capacity but without a mic jack is unthinkable. I don't see why a camera that size doesn't have on board flash, the included tiny flash draws power from internal battery anyway ! the Fuji XT1 is different coz it is not a fixed lens camera, not a camera built for convenience, but if I want EVF I've no better choice than the LX100 !

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On article Throwback Thursday: Sigma SD1 (239 comments in total)

I always want to get one, may not be the SD1 but the SDQ, DP2Q...etc., many people said Foven is only good for low ISO, 400 is near the limit but I've never tried.

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (204 comments in total)

I am not an OM fan, but I did own an old E300 FT not MFT, it is a DSLR not mirrorless if you can recall, it was my first DSLR and it took very good photos, but then I switched to Pentax, the reason was the handling, also I want a bigger sensor. It is funny to say that, I just can't live with the 'pointy' dial and buttons they hurt me so much ha lol !
I handled few OM P&S and mirrorless, the controls are more or less having sharp edges. I read an ad of a rugged P&S of theirs mentioned that, the buttons are so designed to provide the user a better feel and grip in cold weather while wearing glove and this is logical, but it seems that applied to every cameras in their lineup too !

I can not deny OM cameras are good looking, advanced and took good photos, but they are bit too small even on my small hands and too 'pointy' for comfortable handling, or this is just me !

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Impulses: I'm kind of surprised someone managed to burn the iris on a lens as wide wide as the Panasonic 20mm pictured... I'm guessing that took more than a few seconds to happen.

Lenses nowadays are made with plastic blades

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (647 comments in total)

I fancy a Foven camera for long time, but the price was just too high for me until recently, Sigma released couple fixed lens Quattro made me rethink, and now the Quattro H. According to Amazon the price of the SD Quattro with lens is similar to the fixed lens one, it seems silly to get a fixed lens one. I know there are limitation in the Quattro compare with a regular bayer sensor one, it is the color and sharpness made it stand out from the crowd. I have a regular DSLR already, getting a Quattro means invest on another line of lenses, and limit to day time shooting, no wildlife no sport...etc., so I guess I will get a used one with fixed lens to get a taste of the Foven.

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I am stupid and don't understand why shooting in Live View caused the damage, AFAIK in most DSLR the mirror is up in Live View, so the damage will cause to the lens and sensor, the lens will always suffer no matter live view or not.

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On photo NOLA beauty in the Beautiful caucasian female faces challenge (2 comments in total)

Perfect shot almost, what's the other guy behind doing to her hair ??

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I had a IXUS long time ago I forgot what model, it took beautiful picture and solidly built, as far as I remember the body warm up very soon after some shooting, and just after the one year warranty expired it got problem on the LCD, half of the screen blackout, the repair cost is as much as the camera cost and need to ship back to Japan to repair, I've no other choice but sold it as parts.

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km25: Digital is fast and perhaps a better creator of detail. Digital will give a slow film all the way up to fast film. Films have "looks" that can be part of the JPEG process. You change, undo with RAW. Therefore an Ape is able take picture of ones self, a selfy.
In the days of film, to create a proper exposure and properly focus took skill and knowledge. To day, it is more Ape like. Did Joe who has no talent and no skill ( sorry to all out there named Joe), just push the button as in those millions of monkeys
and those millions typewrites creating a War and Peace.
With film you got to know, your light ISO. Got to know lens and what will do, F stops and DOF. You got a roll ASA 200 and you knew what your after. Good God you may have read a light meter and use a gray card. It is call skill and artistry. Not saying Dig world is void of it, it's just all those monkeys.

Who called me ??? I know something about shooting film and still got few SLR and Russian copy RF....etc., I guess I still remember how to meter and process film. I always think that photography is a mix of technology and art, film or sensor doesn't mean anything itself if you don't know how and what to shoot ! well come back film and it will never die !

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I would love to try out this little camera when I have the funding, I wished it is less video-centric, or it would be a waste on my hand ! and I still don't understand why almost all new camera must comes with 4K video, if I were a videographer I would go for something more like a real video camera, such as the Canon XC-10, it handles much better for video shooting than any other capable still cameras and it takes still as well.

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