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efji63: 899$ = 1049€ ???
Today the $ exchange rate is 1.13$ for 1€. I hope it is a DPR typo and the real price will be 899€ or 1049$, or better : 899€/799€

I think that the Euro prices include taxes like VAT whereas the US Dollar prices exclude taxes? Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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JanMatthys: It's clunky, slow, buggy, but still the best for converting .NEF files

I've installed the NX-D update and tried to open a NEF-file from my D7000 that I'd previously edited with NX2. I see weird results in NX-D, the highlights are blown out and exposure adjustments cause the picture to get brighter and only red or green channel colors are displayed.

When I open the NEF file in Lightroom, I do not have any issues.

My question to you: Does anyone of you have experience with opening NEF-files in NX-D that have been edited in NX2 have the NX2 information stored in the files? Is it generally possible or do I have to go back to a clean NEF file from the camera or undo the modifications in NX2 before loading the file in NX-D?

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goodgeorge: Finally, Ricoh made an upgrade for my aging Coolpix A.

Nikon - get inspired, please. What about taking Coolpix A, add stabilisation, faster AF and ... that's basicaly it. Almost everything else is perfect.

You're right, Richard. At a lower entry price, the Coolpix A might have been a success. Sadly, I also doubt that Nikon will try such a niche venture again, especially in the light of the cancelled DL series. I still enjoy my CPA very much - it's just a pleasure to shoot with and the pictures are excellent, except maybe at very dim light.

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goodgeorge: Finally, Ricoh made an upgrade for my aging Coolpix A.

Nikon - get inspired, please. What about taking Coolpix A, add stabilisation, faster AF and ... that's basicaly it. Almost everything else is perfect.

I couldn't agree more - a successor to the Coolpix A including flash would be very much welcome!!

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Henry McA: Their lack of innovation is mind boggling. Unless you NEEED 8fps and faster AF, the 7200 is still the better camera.

Very good improvements overall on the D7500 for me. Tilting touchscreen, group AF, auto lens adjustment, and better video capabilities are welcome additions I like.

I'm sad that the second card slot had to go, however. I've never experienced a card failure, but I like to select and delete pictures on card 1 and still have them on card 2 if I delete pictures accidentally.

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Sharif: My first DSLR and the Camera I took to Cuba in 2004:

Great pics, Sharif!

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"D7200: Fixed an issue that resulted in unreliable connections between the camera and the iOS 10.2 version of the SnapBridge app."

I guess this should read connections between the WT-7 and ... SnapBridge? Or does the D7200 now support SnapBridge?

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Craig from Nevada: These underwater articles are like visiting the luxury home section in the newspaper. Nice to see what a $2 million home looks like, but I won't be moving into the neighborhood anytime soon.

It is a wonderful set up but a lot of bucks--the housing and dome are no doubt $4,500 or so combined and then add another $1,200 or so for the lighting. Still it is a lot of fun to see the gear and view the spectacular images.

And the money for the trips to the diving sites goes on top. I'm feeling the same way :-)

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sattva: Where is point no. 6 in the features description?


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Random Asian Guy: Gee, coming from a Canon and Sony user. The DL18-50 actually interests me for a holiday camera.

The range is much more useful as on holidays you usually want to fit in a lot of scenery. Unless it's the Safari or Whale watching type of holidays.

Small sensor with fast lens is ok. Small Sensor will keep more of the scenery in focus especially at night with the fast lens. I've seen some pretty silly full frame 1.4 photos where you could barely make out the background location.

But I think leaving out a flash is pretty bad idea. On holidays it's annoying having to carry an external flash and charger. Hope there is a review and sample pictures soon.

Just the SB-400 and single-use batteries are enough, no charger is needed. Alkaline batteries last very long on the SB-400 and can get them anywhere.

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D135ima: Теперь "Лейку" можно утопить в лейке.

Barbu, Leica is pronounced "like-ah" in German. No pause between the two syllables, I just wanted to make it readable.

Oh, btw. I like the camera. Myself, I cannot imagine taking this expensive equipment on a snorkeling trip, really. But I guess it's a nice addition to a like-ah collection.

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Banj72: Hi guys!
anybody knows how to set the black and white mode feature of this camera? I just don't know how, and I saw a review that you can, but didn't show how.. I appreciate a quick tutorial..😊


Try accessing 'picture control' in the menu and select the monochrome mode.

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smozes: In my opinion, the Joby SLR Zoom model could've been a better match, since it is smaller. However, it uses an integrated ball head which is not compatible with any other plate.

I was really hoping to just carry the Joby SLR Zoom, and be able to mount my MILC to either it or a CapturePro clip, but because of the the ball head, I can't and had to settle for the Joby Focus, which is huge and clearly meant for professional DSLRs.

The ballhead of the Joby DSLR Zoom is not very firm, it sags slightly after adjustments are made. OK, a D7000 + 18-200 mm zoom lens aren't light but well within the specified 3 kg load. I love this tripod in conjunction with my Arca Swiss p0 ballhead - this combination is rocksteady, though not quite light or small to carry. My Joby Zoom tripod is a bit stiff as it's all plastic but that just makes it better to use.

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CaseyComo: I like the output of Nikon's own software, but the interface is horrendous and the performance is pathetic. I long ago migrated to DxO.

Batch processing works very well in CNX2?

Reorganization of working steps is a bit painful but can be done by adding a new working step at the bottom of the list and then copying the previous step there. Then, the original step can be modified to the new step that should be inserted. I wonder if anyone got my idea :-)

Finally, I created a batch file that already sets up a number of (mostly empty) modification steps that represent my workflow. Speeds up the processing very much. Thanks to Jason Dell's excellent "Photographer's Guide to Capture NX2"!

On the other hand, yes, the interface could definitely use some improvement!

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Fixx: Does this work with RAW-photos or does the processing produce JPEG-files? That is, if I have distortion control enabled in my camera, do I get corrected NEF-files to my Lightroom library?

If you select distortion correction while shooting RAW, it is applied to the JPEG preview that you can see on the camera screen.

This allows you to see the slight cropping of the frame caused by the correction. This is quite handy, I think.

In addition, the perspective correction is pre-selected when you open the RAW file in Nikon software like Capture NX2. There you can deselect if you do not want to apply it after all.

(Above is at least true for the D7000 model.)

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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Micky Nixgeld: I never had any probs with my D7k, and I was one of the first to buy it in Sweden. That is, from the first batch.
I also doubt that it should be oil since oil is rather sticky and when it dries, it sticks to the surface like glue. In that case you can´t clean it anymore. You´ll have to change the filter/sensor etc completely. The parts are just too sensitive to "rubbing". Even a wet clean has to be done very carefully.

I had the same issue of oil or whatever sticky liquid on my D7000 sensor too. I bought the camera in December 2010.

I noticed a lot of spots in August 2011 first. After I had to clean it up after every 100 or so shots using the Dust-Aid Wet Cleaning Kit, I finally sent the camera in to Nikon Germany via my retailer in March 2012. Nikon (or its service point) fixed it within a few weeks free of charge and I've experienced no problems since.

I remember that the service was billed as "AF module fixed" or so: No relation to the obvious quality problems of the mechanics that troubled the camera.

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I wonder about copyright ownership... wasn't that turned over to Nikon once you had uploaded pictures to myPicturetown? I may be wrong, of course.

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jtan163: My D7000 seems to be about the same. Clean the sensor and 5 shots later.....spots.

The Monets in my living room are the best at finding sensor dust, much better than the van Goghs.

Nice typo, I meant *months* of course.

Oil and dust abrasion from the mirror mechanics and motor are a likely source for the repeating sensor spots. I found some fellows on the net with the same issue on their D7000s. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened on some D600s, too.

Of course, some dry dust cannot be avoided on a DSLR, using interchangeable lenses and zoom lenses. I just need the Pentax sensor cleaning kit every few months now against dry dust. Nice tool, easy to use, I can recommend it.

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jtan163: My D7000 seems to be about the same. Clean the sensor and 5 shots later.....spots.

Same issue with my D7000, I first noticed the sensor was dirty after a couple of monets. Seemed to be oil of some sort, definitely came from the camera interior.

I cleaned the sensor regularly with DustAid wet cleaning kit (very recommendable), it was necessary every few shots really. I cleaned the sensor maybe six or seven times, then I finally ended up sending the camera back to Nikon (Germany) through my dealer. They fixed it on warranty and zero spots since April 2012, about 5000 shots later.

I hope you still have warranty on the body!

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