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Ambidextr: I am sure Chipotle has a good lawyer. If this photo was shot in a public place in the US, i don't think you need to get a consent from the subject.

To use that person's image for business that will possibly make you money, I believe, you have to.. 😕

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Oclux: 10 bucks would be a reasonable compensation for her intense suffering.

It's not her suffering, it's how much money they made while commercial was running with her face...

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1599 comments in total)

Why there is no comparison to Fujifilm's X-T2?

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Dirtistasty2: how many lumens?

It says 1000 Lumens

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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2199 comments in total)

RAW files are not affected by in camera processing...

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On article Tamron files patent for 115mm F1.4 VC lens (65 comments in total)

Is it for FF sensors only?

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Macist: I don't get it: why no GPS?

Superzooms are presumably aimed at those who travel, right?

Unless one travels on a scheduled tour or a cruise, or to see the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower, a GPS tag is invaluable a few months or years later, when memory fades. Heck, sometimes I don't even know the precise locations I've been and taken a shot at.

I know the manufacturers try to shave every penny they can, but it kind of defeats the purpose for many who travel.

There is GPS

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On photo It's California, You know... in the Homeless in Paradise challenge (1 comment in total)

Homeless smoking pot? I guess he is not hungry...

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On photo After storm a happy end in the A 2011 picture to reflect how my year has been challenge (1 comment in total)

nice photshop work...

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On article Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1 (130 comments in total)
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larrytusaz: I have seen such images prominent, & I'm sure whether I like them or not. You see this a lot in portraits, as an 87 year old pro photographer said to me recently (he's still shooting & highly in demand by the way), he finds the whole thing "faddish and gimmicky," as if a quality portrait isn't good enough anymore. I tend to agree with him somewhat, although I admit I have been applying such "jazz" to people photos I've taken lately.

And yes, more Apple idolatry. Ugh. Further, I DON'T CARE that the iPhone 4S it the most popular "camera" on Flickr, it isn't a real camera, period. McDonald's may be the most popular fast food establishment in the world, but I wouldn't expect a site or magazine devoted to chefs aspiring to fine cuisine to talk about the golden arches & justify it based on their popularity. If the "lo-fi" look is something to experiment with, though, why not an article on how to do this with your d-SLR images at the PC? That would be FAR more appropriate for here.

How about Lightroom?

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On photo japanese maple in the Backlit Leaves in Autumn challenge (2 comments in total)

What is the name of the style you took this picture with?

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On photo Alien Eye in the Small Amazing Things ( Macro ) challenge (2 comments in total)


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Sorry to be the buzzkill here, but I would like to see this addressed. Google claims it will not exploit copyright, but the overall Google terms and conditions allow enough gray language to overrule this. I try to educate my students to beware of language like this.

Character limit doesn't allow for my full post of Google terms, so please see fb page.


I'm curious... How does it work?

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On photo Hong Kong in the Panoramics of City-scapes challenge (2 comments in total)

How did you upload this panorama? Mine is less than yours and dp is giving me an error message saying its too large...

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