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What is dpreview smoking these days ? First they diss the DF now this ? The pictures look so much better than Fuji and Olympus yet the editors seem to drool over these highly overrated camera systems. I guess it's no surprise especially when they gave a gold star to the Canon SL1 for being the first camera to incorporate a 1998 sensor in a small SLR body.

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Holger Drallmeyer: Am I missing something? LR runs on Surface tablets for a long while already. And what about $99 a year? Isn't that a huge rip off? I probably just don't get it.

But who would waste money on a Surface ?

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On article Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app (209 comments in total)
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abortabort: Two points:

1) Who says this has anything to do with iOS? I know DPR like to bury their heads in the sand as they wait for iOS as a platform to mature enough to run proper photo editing apps that there are already tablets that run full LR, PS etc which get completely ignored because there is a new app that can apply some crappy filters to crappy JPEGs.
2) But since when,have you been able to buy apps or subscriptions through a third party website? I may be wrong but this does not seem like it is iOS related to me.

Market wise Android and Apple dominate. Microsoft tablets were a huge failure and will most likely be obsolete soon.

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On article Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app (209 comments in total)
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skogredd: After they ditched Ideas for Android, I would never consider using any Adobe mobile app.

I develop applications for both Android and iOS. The problem with Android is fragmentation, it's simply very difficult to create an Android application that works across multiple phones and tablets. The other issue is revenue: When I create a game and publish to both platforms, the Apple version always generates significantly more revenue than the Android version.

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Jose Tercero: Not impressed, at all.

I kinda agree. Dpreview sample galleries look awful anymore. Back in the day this site boasted the most amazing sample galleries. Just look at the D7000 galleries, a camera dpreview claimed is one of the best APS-C sensors on the market and yet from looking at their sample gallery one would assume this is one of the worst cameras on the market.

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