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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Review (51 comments in total)

$4000 for this fixed-lens....This has to be the biggest joke of the year.
At that price, I can buy a real full-frame slr.

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On article Sony NEX-6 Review (31 comments in total)

Sony continues without fail, to make ugly-looking cameras.

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On article Soak in the season with these vivid summer photos (36 comments in total)

It's not about turning up the saturation or vibrancy...he chose the right colors for the summer mood...
It's for the summer theme...I'm sure not every single shot he's taken are as saturated as these.
Lighten up!

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Holding a barrel lens in one hand and triggering it with the phone with the other hand....that's a no-no in photography.
I guess that's what happens when a non-camera company like Sony designs these things.

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babalu: Samsung has just outwitted this gadget with their latest "Galaxy Gear" smartwatch .

Samsung will keep designing better looking products than Sony.

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forpetessake: There are rumors the next QX camera will be 800-2400mm f/4, shaped like a rocket launcher. It will have a magnetic phone holder, which can be mounted facing any direction.
Also in the news, a company, called Cee-U is about to release a golf club shaped mount for QX lenses for discrete and convenient shooting from low positions.
Another hot news just arrived. A third party company is making a magnetic attachment for QX lens with a speaker inside. You will be able to press a lens against your ear to make and receive telephone calls.

Every Sony camera design is ugly, especially this.

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pdelux: The Galaxy S3 Camera dont look so dumb now... actually starting to look like a smart Idea. This however is ludicrous.

This is the stupidest idea.
Where do you put the lens after detaching it and keeping your phone?
Really, Sony may be able to make cameras and phones but they don't know anything about integrating them.

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The Samsung NX300 already had these features when it was introduced in Jan this year.

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Kuturgan: Sorry, but NEX-5T can't match NX300 in terms of IQ, price and available sharp and cheap lenses.

Yeah. Samsung already had these features with the NX300...wifi, touchscreen and NFC...
And lets face it - the NX300 is better looking!
Sony NEX series are just plain ugly.

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On article Build your own point-and-shoot camera with Bigshot (54 comments in total)

Kids these days have short attention spans. They're not interested in carrying around a camera let alone build one.
They have their smartphone cameras and Instagram app. That's about as far they'd go with photography.

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On article Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint (233 comments in total)
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expressivecanvas: The sad thing is Olympus had the camera formula right years ago and they dropped the ball... small camera system, yet large on expansion, options, pro-level quality. They could have been successful simply incorporating their newer micro camera features/designs into their already established 4/3's line, using the better, proven 4/3 lenses. In my opinion, they expanded into an entire new system when resources should have been focused on advancing their 4/3's lineup and 4/3's potential.

The micro 4/3 lens lineup is weak even after a few years in the market... where are the fast zooms? ...wide, normal, and tele? Abandoning your loyal customer base, again, definitely hurts as well.

Other than wanting to push their customers to buy into a completely new system which, in my opinion, is a step downward, unnecessary and far too expensive, I have no idea what Olympus is thinking. Whatever it is, it's clearly not working and their financial statements are proving it is not working.

Sony is APS-C. And they have competition from Samsung.

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