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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (838 comments in total)

Maybe I'm missing something terribly, but:

"As you can see from the above demonstration, the camera's display doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in its subject tracking; the refresh rate is slow, the tracking isn't very 'sticky' as it jumps from our subjects faces, to their shirts, to the background, and so on. It just simply doesn't look like it's working.

On closer inspection, though, we found around two thirds of the shots are reasonably in focus, so tracking may be workable for casual use. We still can't recommend it for crucial moments, though, as we can on some competing systems.

Face Detection remains a dead loss, though. It can now be used in burst shooting mode but the camera doesn't recognize faces with any reliability, falling back onto whichever AF area mode you've chosen every time it loses its subject."

How can a product with such flaw still earns positive DPreview's review and, on top of that, a gold award? I mean, basically this feature doesn't even work.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2498 comments in total)
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Guidenet: Yeah, dump the typical DSLR for a Nikon DF or Fuji XPro2 et al. I can wear it with my Faux Giorgio Armani Hong Kong suit and a Bolex wrist watch and really impress the ladies. Hubba hubba! What you wear is more important than the photographs you make. Give me that retro look.

Haven't heard 'diatribe' in a long, long time. That's cool.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Gene Smirnov (50 comments in total)
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stevie wonder: I think these are awful rubbish😴


Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2015 at 18:10 UTC
On photo Saddle Bridge in the Stacking Exposures challenge (1 comment in total)

fairy tale effect. great work.

Link | Posted on Aug 15, 2015 at 00:16 UTC as 1st comment
On challenge Stacking Exposures (4 comments in total)

Congrats on this challenge, it got some of the the most interesting pics of the year imo.

Link | Posted on Aug 15, 2015 at 00:14 UTC as 1st comment | 1 reply
On photo unhappy in the The pause button challenge (1 comment in total)

very good

Link | Posted on Aug 14, 2015 at 17:26 UTC as 1st comment
On article The travel photography of HDR guru Trey Ratcliff (233 comments in total)
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aris14: Photography is art. Stop.
The tools of this art are sophisticated devices called cameras and in nowadays tons of software. Stop.
The easiness of producing an image using a camera (its main tool) is colossal compared to other arts. Stop.
Furthermore this image may not require any particular education, culture or skills. Stop.
The aim of photography as art is common with all other fine arts. Stop.

Ι respect everyone's opinion for what he likes or not. Stop.
I do not pay any respect to all those who consider their opinion as an expert or specialist opinion just because they shoot some pix, the same way I would not pay any respect to the guy who paints my room and feels that he has an authoritative opinion for the work of Leonardo, Picasso, Dali, Turner (to name but a few), just because he can use a brush. Full stop.
Full stop.

I was scrolling down to see where all this was going. But this telegram post really made me laugh hard... omg... You guys are really something else...

Link | Posted on Aug 14, 2015 at 15:47 UTC
On photo Lady of the Lake in the Macro - Patina challenge (17 comments in total)

Very beautiful. Could you elaborate on what place is it, and the history around it?

Link | Posted on Jul 28, 2015 at 00:42 UTC as 10th comment
On article Readers' Showcase: Dale Johnson (39 comments in total)

Was this manual blur or just dof?

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2015 at 11:52 UTC as 2nd comment
On photo Lady Dracula bug. in the New Species challenge (2 comments in total)
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RuthC: I think that HE is a seed bug; yes, he is a bug, not a beetle, as he has crossed wings that are typical of bugs. These sap-suckers are not very friendly bugs to have in the garden. Ruth :-)

She is a he? :) How did you figure that? Also, Google did not enlightened me on the species name..

Link | Posted on Jul 20, 2015 at 11:27 UTC
On photo IMG_1536 in the Tilt Shift challenge (8 comments in total)

I'm still unsure if this is a mockup or a real city. Looks like it's a large collection of wood miniatures. Very good.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 20:51 UTC as 5th comment | 3 replies
On photo Passionflower in the Single Flower and Leaves"COLOR" challenge (1 comment in total)

It could be submitted to an engineering challenge as well. Amazing.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 20:40 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Yellow Rose in the Single Flower and Leaves"COLOR" challenge (1 comment in total)

Was it too much post-processed? Looks like it has light coming inside out. Really great.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 20:38 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Costume Eyes in the Eye's looking at the camera... but not people challenge (1 comment in total)


Link | Posted on Dec 22, 2011 at 12:07 UTC as 1st comment
On photo sunset railway in the Railroad Tracks (without the train) challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice. It instantly pops out of the other works.

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 17:37 UTC as 1st comment
On photo 'my guitar playing is better' in the Jealousy challenge (1 comment in total)

1st place imo, followed by the two boys.
One of the few that really stick with the theme.

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 17:32 UTC as 1st comment
On photo different colours in the DUPLICITY challenge (1 comment in total)

Congratulations. The best one by far, both in idea and quality.

This challenge has an overwhelming amount of off-spec pictures.

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 15:10 UTC as 1st comment
On Challenge:5473 (12 comments in total)
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RuthC: Many of these entries are sadly lacking leaves, which is a specific requirement for this challenge.

That's also true.

Besides, there are other works that could be read as 'single flower Photoshop challenge'. A little attention to that could cluster the pics in a more organized fashion.

That would not be a mere question of voting accordingly.
Because, as already said, these nonetheless beatifull, but non belonging participations, may prevent more genuine ones to show up.
With 386/400 and still some days to go, that may well be the case here.

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 10:56 UTC
On Challenge:5911 (42 comments in total)
In reply to:

Orenski: most of these images are... so manipulated, not photographs anymore... too much details... too sharp... unnatural and not realistic.

My thought exactly.
Wouldn't be more adequate to split in two challenges, with/without pp? Cause this looks more like a pixel art contest, which is also very nice, but maybe divergent from, say, photography per se...

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 at 22:03 UTC
On photo Caterpillar, Ladybug and Little aphid in the Challenge of Challenges 2011 challenge (3 comments in total)

Macro is one of my favs techniques...
But, really, how much did you pay for the models?...
Congrats, very beautiful.

Link | Posted on Dec 20, 2011 at 21:53 UTC as 2nd comment
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