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I've been an enthusiastic photographer for more years than I care to remember & admit to having the camera but consider the omission of the A6000 from this comparison a bit bizarre, especially if the Nikon is included.
DPR gave it a very good review, as have most other reviewers, so I'm baffled, is it too cheap for you ?
Oh well .........

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Thanks for the reviews - but to say that the full set will be available in a few weeks means the holidays will be nearly over !! Quick, quick get those reviews posted !!

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wazu: I work on a laptop for image editing and do not want to store the images in my Pictures folder, which is where LR4 imports them to from a flash card. For the life of me I could not find anywhere in the preferences to change the user/Pictures folder to a folder on an external drive. However when I decided to just copy the pitcures manually to an external drive and then let LR import them it does not then copy to my internal User/Pictures folder. This means I cannot simply use LR to import directly from the camera cards. This is the first annoying 'feature' I find to be not only confusing but non-intuitive and inconsistant. I also,would like a simple feature where I could flag my better pictures so that a backup to another seperate external drive would safeguard my keepers. Is this just too much to ask for?

Could the "experts" please understand that LR is - for the hard of computing - about the most un-intiutive program ever released. The import & export functions are particularly clunky, I still don't really understand the latter even after spending many ££'s on Mr Evenings book. Adobe don't offer any meaningful support. When I bought mine it was over £200 - no instructions whatsoever - has to be a joke.
No I won't watch videos as I've forgotten the answers before they've ended, no, Adobe shouldn't rely on us to do their work for them on the forums.
Now I have a faint idea of what it can do and in my limited way am using it I'm relatively happy & it could be a really great programme but would I buy another Adobe product at full cost - no way.
There's talk of "Pro's" & what they want I suspect that the last thing they want is something that means they've got to learn another skill (serious software manipulation) as well as photography - the latter is hard enough already !!!

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