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  • Very nice!! Looks like you've got quite a lineup of PP software at your disposal!  As well as cameras, (as I saw in your gear list) for that matter! I've been tempted to buy Topaz DeNoise for quite ...
  • Very nice and unique look to these!  Interesting hue selection, I love it!  Thanks again Pixel Poetry! :)
  • I love it!  The "Maroon Bells" really live up to their name in this retouch!  Love the magenta/maroon tint!  Thanks for sharing!
  • You speak the truth!  To this location in particular, lighting can make or break the composition.  I made a post about two years ago with similar pictures from the same location, with even worse ...
  • I really like the cropping you did with this, as well as the overall retouch!  Thanks so much for your great work, as always Pixel Poetry!
  • Actually, in my original photo, the sky became washed out, so lowering the highlights and exposure, and increasing contrast a bit brought back the details to what the sky "truly" looked like. Your ...
  • Looks great Major Reacher!  Thanks for sharing!
  • Beautiful technique!  I love seeing your work, thanks for sharing this!
  • Wow, your photo blows mine out of the water!  Beautifully captured! The shuttle runs from 8am to 5pm, and when I got there (at about 8:05) there was hardly anybody at Highlands (the mountain where ...
  • Created discussion thread How would you retouch these?
    Howdy! Here are a few pictures I took over at Maroon Bells. It was my third time there, and it never disappoints! Highly recommended for those of you who have not been. Anyway, I have attached a ...
  • Wow, you're post here is PACKED with great tips and information!  Thank's so much for your help!  Definitely going to keep this in mind on my next shoot!
  • Replied in Problem Solved
    Update: Ironically, after having searched for an answer to this problem for months, about 45 minutes after making this post, I found a video posted by Rocky Mountain School of Photography which ...
  • Good tip!  I second this!
  • A rather rough go at it :-P
  • Best of luck! I see what you were trying to do, but I think in this case that the purple hues in the flowers are so minimal that they go unnoticed in the overall composition.  (I may be wrong, but ...
  • Created discussion thread Lightroom Organization HELP!
    Howdy all! To keep this as brief as possible, I have a 4TB hard drive with a single folder on it, with 13,000 pictures dating back to 2015. There are some of these pictures that I would like to ...
  • I don't typically give photography critiques, as I am typically the one asking for them :-), but in this photo there is one minor compositional change I would suggest you make. To me, the ...
  • Awesome, thanks so much for your help!
  • Interesting search.  Thanks!
  • Created discussion thread Good Landscape Tripod on a Budget?
    Howdy all! I'm sure this question has been asked dozens of times here, as all of us are constantly looking for ways to make both our equipment more reliable and our shots a little sharper, so I ...
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