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Usually when I go to tech sites, there is always an anti-Apple army who posts unrelated comments just because they hate Apple. I hadn't expected it here.

So if I have an iPhone, and like taking pics, and go to this site to read the review, maybe hoping to learn something or to validate my choice, I would inevitably get to the comments where people say Apple is the worst camera in the world?

What's up with that? If you've got a Samsung or Nokia, then take your pics and upload them, so the whole world will know that there are other phones that take great pics. But quit talking trash about a camera that a lot of people own and love. We don't need your stupid Apple hate/jealousy/frustration on every freaking comment page.

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Henrikw: Conclusion - if you consider upgrading from the 5 to 5s because of the camera - don't bother. The difference is minuscule and will make absolutely zero difference to what is average smartphone picture quality.
Personally, I was hoping the camera improvements would have a bigger impact on the quality, but this reviews makes me completely comfortable sticking to my 5.
Could not care less about the stronger flash (direct flash looks awful regardless) finger print scanner and extra processor speed - no apps are utilising the full potential of the 5 yet anyway.
So waiting for the 6

Upgraded from my 5. Indoor shots look better and sharper. I'm getting fewer blurs. Considering I don't really know the true quality of a phone pic until it's on a computer monitor, this makes me feel much better about those snapshots I or someone else take.

Fingerprint sensor is great. I'm expecting good things out of this in the coming months.

Back in the pre-iPhone days, this yearly level of improvement was unheard of.

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iPhone is the best.

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