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anyone else notice the htc one is 28mm and appears to be wider than the nokia's 26mm???

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AlanG: A lot of these posts serve to show how little some photographers know about copyright, model releases, usage licenses, and their rights.

I hope those who don't bother to learn this or to protect their rights also don't consider themselves to be professional photographers.

Well, it's the decisive moment. Even though studio shots require more planning and equipment, it doesnt make them any more valuable IMHO. The nice thing about shooting in a studio is you can easily replicate any lighting condition you have used previously, and can take nearly identical shots if you choose, over and over...

In this instance you aren't grasping the significance of the image, it's all about timing.

You could show me some studio planned shots, and if I have the same model I can guarantee I could make a nearly identical shot. The moment captured in the image in question only happened once.

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yes, many

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they got a dusty sensor D :

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they got a dusty sensor D :

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what's a photoshop?

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Quantum3: Adobe missed something very important with LR4, and that's the blacks slider as it worked in LR3. Once you increase the lighting using the shadows and blacks slider in LR4, you lose any possibility to give a punch to the very darkest pixels of the image in order to create contour.

LOL, you know best hoy boy

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think toy lens is a bad choice of words? other than that it has some appeal to me

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