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  • Replied in Dust mites
    I'm in UK, a damp country where airborne dust is seldom a problem. Mites a different story. First problem is getting rid of the mites. One solution with some success was to spray household insect ...
  • Explore: (a) the battery state of the camera, (b) cleaning the camera to lens connection terminals or (c) (I am not a Nikon user) check if there is something in the camera set-up menu that affects ...
  • Thanks for all the responses. I've had the new program installed for about 10 days now. It's log shows it has blocked approaching 4,000 pop-up adverts and so saved hundreds of Mb on my metered ...
  • Replied in Gear advice
    If you want a stopgap camera you could look for a pre-owned fixed lens camera with a very long telephoto capability. If you buy a new Sigma FF next year the telephoto range of the stopgap should ...
  • Replied in Low res photo
    I'm sure the Moderator can look after himself. I downloaded the first image in the series and found it is just 1.38Mb or a jpeg compression around Levels 1-3. I have had similar comments myself ...
  • Replied in Carrizo Plain
    The Place of the Rabbits. This bloom appeared on tv news in UK along with reports of miles of traffic jams. Thumb up from me for the photos.
  • Replied in Kaspersky
    Kaspersky does change things. I recall it has an ad blocker, use causes problems with Outlook Live (the Windows e-mail component) which on initial use post-Kaspersky could take 20 seconds to ...
  • Replied in Kaspersky
    Is Kaspersky a known problem for Sigma? What is the issue? While there are "facts" floating around the programs as far as I know nothing has been proven and it regularly appears among the best ...
  • Created discussion thread Sudden SD1M driver error
    I recently changed anti-virus provider. It made several changes to my Windows life almost immediately telling me of  newer versions of SPP and Irfanview. Today I tried to download photos from my ...
  • Excellent. Now it just needs Ted to go over them with his analysis kit and there is a definitive answer.
  • Created discussion thread Sigma plug-in for Photoshop
    How are forum members getting on with this plug-in? It's coming up on 4 months since Sigma made it available.
  • 8th? That's nothing. I submitted a photo to a different DPR challenge, two people withdrew their images and as a consequence I was 49th of 47. Beat that.
  • You have a flat horizon so could use a graduated ND filter, that would help with keeping top and bottom closer in exposure. In post Photoshop (other image editors available) has the ability to ...
  • Appreciation appreciated.
  • It is Level 1 jpeg, the type I copy to this forum. This is the full size jpeg: Note 7.49Mb.
  • Replied in Weird sky
    If you mean the Montgolfier photo it is because the balloon travelled from the 17th century by means of a time travel mechanism, skies all looked like that in the 17th century. Take away the ...
  • Created photo thread Wittenham Clump, UK
    A very isolated hill 17th century conversation in a Montgolfier: A: Look at those poppies! B: What do you suppose that white line is up there? Chocolate box England.
  • Submitted a challenge entry 28th May 2010 SDIM0050v2 copy
    Placed 48th in the challenge.
  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
    28th May 2010 SDIM0050v2 copy
  • The forum is what it is. I always anticipate something good when opening a 1632. Equally without Ted I would have floundered in Sigma and digital from time to time. He does need to get a loaner ...
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