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  • SanDisk. No problem at all.
  • The manual only mentions UDMA cards, Type 1. No size limitation, I am using a 64Gb card, theoretically it will hold over 1,000 RAW files. If you shoot RAW files the camera buffer will be full ...
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    And the father is...? Got a wife in Chino, babe, and one in Cherokee first one says she got my child but it don't look like me From Friend of the Devil , a Grateful Dead favourite. I had a spell of ...
  • The weed indicates wherever it is is under 4 feet of water at high tide hence the secure moorings.
  • I asked a similar question to this about a month ago, no responses. I was hoping to find a remote that would trigger the camera from any direction, the Sigma gizmo for SD1M only operates from in ...
  • A RAW file will give you maximum file size leaving you to choose how much you want to throw away. A jpeg will have made that decision for you, it is like asking do you want 20/20 vision or will ...
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    The perils of inexact phrasing. I use Irfanview to view images as it has a brisk slideshow mode. Then I delete the images that are not good enough and whatever is left goes through SPP as X3Fs. ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    The flaming Christmas pudding. After I wrote my response to you I found Scott's contribution, I opened Irfanview and tried converting and saving one of my SD1M X3Fs. Sizes are X3F 50Mb, tif via ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    Thank you for your suggestion. My days of corrupted X3F files ended when I replaced my SD14. No problemo with the SD1M. The conversion from X3F to tif (16-bit) in SPP gives me a tif file, as you ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    It is pantomime season. Stroke the magic lamp and xpat appears with answers! Irfanview will open X3F files briskly but does not perform any editing steps at that point unlike SPP. Perform the file ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    Getting there slowly. I can understand an uncompressed tif converted from an X3F file in Irfanview being about the same size as the original X3F. Does Irfanview use the embedded jpeg to produce an ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    Send for xpat.usa! The important thing is you got something from your post. Well done.
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    I'm not a great geek. I always thought jpeg was a compression routine. Can you point me toward an explanation of how an embedded jpeg can equal the file size of the original image file, in this ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    Since you have an active, damaged X3F on your computer maybe you can answer the question: Irfanview can convert files between various types including X3F to tif. When I convert X3F to tif via ...
  • Replied in Damaged X3F
    You could try Irfanview plus the add-on that includes X3F files. You may need to change the file type recognition box to All files, when the program is open press W and that will bring up a viewing ...
  • You might have two different gotchas acting here. First question is why format the CF card in FAT32 at all? The camera manual states you should format the card in-camera then use for image files ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry 7th May 2017 _SDI0045f
    Wood pigeon; Columba palumbus
    Placed 72nd in the challenge. Wood pigeon; Columba palumbus
  • Submitted a challenge entry 7th May 2017 _SDI0009f
    Jackdaw; Corvus monedula
    Placed 45th in the challenge. Jackdaw; Corvus monedula
  • I've not read all the responses to your post. I used to use an SD14, when it wore out I bought an SD1M. If you can find a used or old stock SD1M (Amazon etc) buy that in preference to the SD15. It ...
  • It is a heavy lens therefore difficult to control well enough for slow shutter speeds, try at a maximum of 1/250. You are also using the lens close to it's maximum aperture focused on objects ...
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