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healthbenefitsoff: Thanks a lot For such a Nice Information.
4K is arriving at the display end but the source material in 4K is currently almost non-existent... the Nikon D800 (for photos) and only a few (very expensive) video cameras come to mind... so it is not "normal" currently. When all recording, editing and display hardware are 4K capable then the prices will be affordable

Well, "for photos" 4K is rather low; many compacts best that!

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On article 10 fascinating Instagram photos from North Korea (29 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: The photos are great except #1 but the American/foreign comments next to them just shows ignorance and some blunt hostility.

At #1, if they had used a DSLR you'd be able to tell the skaters are actually male and female.

You will generally find blunt hostility toward a foreign leader that wants to destroy you.

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All of my friends have iPhones ... I'm the oldest of our gang, with the oldest eyes, so I went with the Samsung Galaxy Note II (from the previous big-screen winner, the Evo.) It only seems huge for a couple of days ... then everthing else appears undersized. The AMOLED screen stands up against any iPhone, period. Battery life? All day, with very heavy use (including <embarrassment> Words with Friends </embarrassment>.)
For what I do, I need nothing that I don't have already. People keep talking about a zillion Apple apps, but what you you really NEED for, say, business?
I agree with Woz ... my friends upgrade their iPhones regularly (along with their "fellow travellers") and are hard pressed to tell me what's new that justifies the expense, besides just being a member of the club.

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Franka T.L.: well well, this is not the first time such use of optical prism. Nikon and I believe a couple others had similar setup in previous patent and design. what differs though is that the previous obes all center around doing a full spectrum recording on single collected site, where Panasonic is more about replacing the Bayer patterned filter with the prism. I wonder if and how this tech would be implemented in a real product ... would be very nice if Panasonic would give that bit more in depth

Franka, the system does NOT use a prism, which is REfractive. It uses DIiffractive optics.

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SushantM: These leading companies introduced mirror-less DSLR camera to reduce the camera size (with compromising real-time view), but with this kind of huge attachments why anyone will go for low quality mirror-less DSLR camera, instead he/ she may prefer the DSLR!......

Gosh, PLEASE don't believe that the "crop factor" is what gives you that apparent magnification. It does not. I explained "duck pixels" a decade ago: high pixel density does the trick (else once could simply crop a full-frame if need be, and therefore have it all!)

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Henry Falkner: Some thoughts on the use of a physically large 2 MP sensor - Mars is more than twice as far from the sun as the earth is, so it gets less than 1/4 of the light. The 16 MP BSI CMOS sensor and the processor in my P&S camera do create artifacts, which reduces the effective resolution as well as the reliability of the information content. The failure rate of new consumer cameras has been quoted as 2 to 4% - clearly not acceptable when you cannot exchange the camera once it leaves the ground. They use prime lenses of different focal lengths, which reduces the need for cropping. The lead time for curiosity was a number of years, not six months.

There may be less light reaching Mars, but there is much less atmosphere, as well. (A sandstorm will negate that advantage, of course!)

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Valentinian: looking at the test.... am I the only one to see that the orbs are still there? smaller, yes, sorrounded by reflexes, but still there....

Uh, no. The updated sensor produces quite ordinary specular highlights - which are, by definition, blown out. Same as with any properly working camera: take a picture of yourself, using flash, in a mirror. See what you get.

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webrunner5: A refrigerated sensor for low noise. Interesting.

Amateur astronomers have cobbled up their own for quite a while; now you can buy astro cameras (usually monochrome, and you stack RGBL images) with cooling built in for quite reasonable prices.
Cooling not only drops the noise floor, it keeps it consistent. It's been done on Canon DSLR's, BTW. By owners, not by Canon!

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On article Wireless LAN standardized for SD cards (12 comments in total)
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steve_hoge: Does this support or preempt the protocols already being used by Eye-Fi?

I was kind of hoping to see SD wireless standardization around Bluetooth (eg, for geotagging as well as file transfer) but I guess that won't happen.

Bluetooth is a very weak signal (and so was the Eye-Fi's!), not the best for speed over distance. I don't want Eye-Fi to lose everthing, but their product was not quite ready for prime-time: the only time you got close to rated transfer speed was when you were sitting next to the receiver's antenna.

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