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shadowcatch: I came to know why DSLR cameras are so expensive. Manufacturers transfer the burden of R&D expenses to buyers.

Geez, I work for a jet engine manufacturer ... guess what? Customers pay for R&D and profit. Same for drug manufacturers, software developers ...

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Hmmm, taking the work of others, and passing it off as your own "art". Brilliant.

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teh herp3r: Another crowdfunded campaign bites the dust. Surprise, surprise...

Most businesses fail. Most. It's how it's always been.

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JonB1975: I had been hoping for the 1Ds mkII to be covered - this is the next best thing... :-) I still have my 1Ds II, now with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 permanently attached - gorgeous images....

I have a 1Dinosaur and both versions of the Mk. II, which I am simply keeping. I've retired from pro photography, so mostly you'll find me with a 7D or something, with a birding lens on it. A new 1D with that 50 mp sensor may, however, get me back to full frame.

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biza43: So changing systems is not cheap. What's new? In the late 80's and early 90's, when Canon introduced the EOS system, with innovative AF, USM, and IS, lots of folks changed from Nikon to Canon. Not cheap at the time...

Truth is, pros will use what the agencies provide them with, or what they need to get the job done.

Heck, it was just as expensive to switch from the Canon FD system to Canon EOS with its EF lenses! I actually had an adapter for the lenses, hated it. But I was prepared when digital came around (though I confess to keeping a box of A1s and several really good FD lenses for way too long.)

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Preamp: Lesson 2: Use nanotube straws on a 1/3" digital sensor.

Just a type of "pinhole" camera, where diffraction is the name of the game.

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tom43: Why just looking into old film stocks and not designing a complete new slide film with state of the art charactertistics? Better colors, higher resolution and less grain would be a great opportunity....

Yep. Even my ten-year-old transparency scanner showed up the grain on most film stock (as did my twenty-year-old scanner that cost about half an automobile - pop told me nearly thirty years ago that digital was the wave of the future. At that time, you still captured with film, then scanned, then waited minutes for each change in your editing software ...

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antonio petrone: Those who have never taken with Kodachrome can not understand.

At the least, shooting Kodachrome teaches you how to work within a very narrow dynamic range. But as Greg OH states, digital sunk that ship (I was a great fan of Velvia, as well.)

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JF69: Beautiful imagery!
Even though imagery of a hypocrite & apologist, who waged 8 years of wars on foreign soil, images of a man tied with extremist CAIR.......still beautiful imagery.

Um, which wars have ended? Not that I'm OK with the latest person in office.

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sknai16: The amount of course is never going to be alotted, even if the woman wins the suit. If the company can not show a signed release, they will pay and so they should. The amount will be negotiated, of course. How about 2,5 million?

How about zero? Or how about triple what she would have gotten for posing for the picture - that's the max that should be allowed (heck, triple damages is the limit under the RICO statute!)
But if Chipotle can show that the photographer indicated that there was a release, the woman should pay Chipotle's legal fees.
Frivolous lawsuits (the amount made this one frivolous) should be handled accordingly.

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mike emerson: I can't really see the point of bringing Super 8 back. The quality was simply awful. The money that's been wasted developing this 'Lomo-esque' product could be better spent bringing back and improving Kodachrome...there's still a good market for that i believe. Another example of 'retro' being taken a bit too far in my opinion.

When you say "the quality was simply awful" do you mean footage shot by ANYONE, or the stuff that your neighbor shot, of the kids on vacation? A well-made motion picture would be good at 320x240, a poorly made motion picture would be a travesty even at 4K.

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newbeltane: A novelty product and one I predict will soon die. Most folk are happy with their smartphones for video and who wants to wait for Kodak to develop your cartridge? Analogue maybe but vinyl records make sense, this doesn't. Film (as averse to digital) is also making a comeback (some say it never went away) but I can't see this as being anything but a here today gone tomorrow product. What a shame that Kodak has come to this!

Two grand for a retro camera may seem harsh, but you've compared that to [essentially] the price of film. What does a good turntable and amplifier cost? Two grand would be the low end, and I've seen them for twenty times that.

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On article OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds 13 ports to your MacBook (146 comments in total)

Why doesn't it have legacy Thunderbolt ports (old-style connector)? Do I still have to buy a $60 adapter for that?

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five5pho: That is not a new product category, there are a few companies offering similar products for years any reason that is being mentioned as something new ?
Apple use to be a company I loved.

It's not a new category, but as Thunderbolt 3 is new, and uses a different connector, this product is unique. For a week or two, anyway.

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sierranvin: @ Damien Demolder -
"so that dark frames don’t have to be made directly after each image – they can be made at the end when the subject has passed."

You left me in the dust with the reference to these dark frames, which in the context you've written sound important. Could you please briefly explain what they are and their purpose? Thanks in advance!

One can make "dark frames" (literally, exposures with no exposure) and "flat frames" (exposures of an even light source) to characterize the proclivities of a given sensor under certain conditions. The flat frames will show where heat noise and hot pixels appear, the flat frame will map the exposure characteristics that vary across the frame. Both can be used to modify the actual astro image to reduce the contribution of the sensor's defects to the final product.

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FuhTeng: I'm happy - a serious effort from the sales king, with some appealing technology and features.

I'm curious how many of these Canon will sell in the next year, compared to say X-T1 (because it's a similar price), or GX8, or a6300 sales.

I want Sony (and Fuji, even thought I don't shoot Fuji) to adopt that same touch-screen tech.

If, say, your focus point selected on the touch screen is reflected instantly in the EVF, one could perhaps use a finger (or a talented nose) to select the point on the screen without chimping.

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MikeFairbanks: This story mentioned nothing about noise levels. I'm sure that particular Nikon produced more noise than any other camera in history.

Brown noise, most likely.

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FrancoD: Reserve not met yet..
The seller pointed out that the average price of the known 9 to ever been sold on the net was $55k USD . That should give an idea to would be bidders.

Of course, there is a chance that there is market saturation, as which point, any "late comers" are going to be disappointed with their take.

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JanMatthys: In the meantime...millions of dollars are stolen every week by wall street & banks, yet no one reports it......

The government is the biggest theft ring in existence.

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mcshan: Sorry but this would not have happened to me.

It could happen to anyone. A couple of years ago an attractive woman bumped into me at a Cincinnati Reds game. It appeared to be intentional to me, and as I'm not particularly young or attractive, I turned around immediately to find her two "friends" nearly up against me, apparently aiming at my wallet. They ran away as soon as I spotted them. If I was a little less cynical, I'd be minus my wallet.

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