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On article Buying a second lens: what lens should I buy next? (296 comments in total)

I am asked this question all the time by new DSLR photographers and I always say that unless you specifically know what you want to shoot (which most rarely do), is to get a budget telezoom (55/70-300mm) then a fast prime (normally a 50mm F1.4/1.8) and then a Macro (new or second-hand 90mm or 105mm) and enjoy using them. Once you have a vision for what you want to do, or even if the hobby is not for you, then you have not spent that much, or you can use the lenses to your advantage, as most lenses are rather good these days. If they are hooked then they will look at gaining faster optics (certainly when it comes to long and wide zooms)

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On article Shaking up the market: Pentax K-70 Review (365 comments in total)
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Mac McCreery: Good looking camera. One for still photographers who want great image quality and are not fussed about AF catching a sneeze at 500 yards.

Pentax AF is good overall and each generation Pentax DSLR the AF has improved in speed. Yes, it may be slower than the CaNikons of this world, but then again I have a D3200 as well and my K-5/K-3 exceed its speed handsomely.
Personally, I don't really do sports, although my K-3 copes with motorsport very well indeed, and as for Video, I don't really use it, preferring to shoot stills.

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John McMillin: I'm happy to report that the 1:1 crop allows use of the Pentax DA* 50-135 lens with no dark corners, so if you want to shoot square photos, there's no reason to buy a new FF lens in this range. That's almost true of the DA* 16-50, but it leaves a small portion of the extreme corners dark.

That is worth knowing. I love my K-1 and I love my 50-135. I may just give it a run now that I have updated the firmware. Thanks

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WillWeaverRVA: Looks like not even the K-1 was enough for Sigma to start caring about Pentax again. I guess we can give up on any future K-mount lenses from them.

It seems to be the case. Very sad really as the Art lenses look fantastic.

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Nice looking shots, and a stylish looking lens. But, No K-mount.
Having said that I already have a pair of Helios 44M-2 lenses, both given to me, and they produce very similar results, possibly slightly better. I can understand manufacturers bringing out classic lenses again, but the second-hand market is awash with similar lenses for peanuts, so $599 is very steep for a lens when you can get a similar look with a lens that will cost you $10-20!

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J A C S: I thought that Canon announced new lenses, not glass?

The table says that the 24-105 is f/2.8?

About the number of blades - I am very curious to see the starbursts of the new 24-105. With an even number of blades, you get fewer but longer spikes. For example, I really like what the 50L does (8 blades) with night shots. But the current 24-105 is not so great for that, same number of blades.

Scintilla, that is correct. I had the 21mm Limited until it was stolen and it was replaced by the HD version with the curved blades. Bokeh is better but losing the starburst effect. The coatings have no bearing on a starburst, it is all to do with the blades.

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On article Pentax K-70 real-world sample gallery (66 comments in total)
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pacnwhobbyist: Pentax colors are interesting. They definitely have a unique color palette compared to other camera makers. Impressive overall though.

I have always loved the Pentax Colour rendition, richer than (for me) a more muted output from Canon. Nikon I have found is in the middle.
But it is ultimately personal choice, some will prefer Canon, some Nikon and some Pentax.
The K-70 does seem a rather powerful little camera for the price.

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On article 8 creative tips for shooting waterfalls (159 comments in total)

Number 8 needs some sort of title embossed in it for a TV show. "Twin Peaks" perhaps? ;-)

Personally, I like slowed down water shots, even if in some eyes it is a bit of a Cliche these days.

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I still have it's forebear, the S5000. Occasionally I still give it a run out for fun.
Ergonomically it is still great, shoots RAW and even though it is 3MP, produces surprisingly good results. Shame Fuji don't produce a modern version.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2673 comments in total)
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K1000usr: Some (most) of the dissatisfaction by Pentax fans here should be directed at Pentax. Not at DPR staff.

I am a Pentax fan, and yet have found the AF, flash support, Jpeg rendition lacking in this brand. The company should listen to its fans!

Keep up the good work, DPR. If your test has highlighted issues, more power to you, and thus to us consumers.

If DPR staff has given a silver rating to K1, along the likes of Canon 5DS, that is superb. And, for the price of K1, Pentax has done a great job. And they can do better.

Why be so bitter? The consumer is winning!

Like the Murphys, I'm not bitter....
Each generation of Pentax Body has got a better and faster AF system, I know, I have several generations since the *istDS. The K-1 is the best yet, from a Pentax point of view. It is no slouch, but it does lack behind the top end CaNikon models, especially in AF-C mode. Pentaxians like me have learned to adjust and anticipate. Now, if Ricoh really want to nail it, they should buy a D5 and 1DX mk2 strip them down and work out how a seriously fast AF system should be applied. In the meantime I will enjoy my K-1, knowing that in AF-S mode it is responsive and quick, and in AF-C mode, having to adapt my shooting (as I have done with all the other bodies), and get wonderful shots that the camera is producing.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2673 comments in total)
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FantasticMrFox: Are you sure there is a 'limited lens selection'? Are you really sure?!

"So here is a list of current, reasonably modern lenses for the K-1. All of them feature autofocus, are still in production or sold new and cover the full frame image circle. [...] That is 20 genuine Pentax lenses (5 zooms and 15 primes) and 14 third party offerings (8 zooms, 6 primes) for a total of 34 lenses. [...] So to recapitulate, Pentax has everything from 15 to 450 mm covered with high quality zooms, and there is a ton of primes from 14 to 560 mm, including macros, not less than four 35 and one 31 mm lenses and another four 50 mm ones. And if you are willing to manually focus, there is an entire world of lenses available used."

I won't go into the "AF performance" here as it has been said a lot. (I have not really seen any issues) but the lenses instead. Yes most of the DA zooms do not cover the sensor, but some do, 10-17 Fisheye is a case in point - at 15mm is does cover the sensor. As for the DA primes, well having the DA35, DA40 and DA50 I can confirm that they do cover the whole sensor without issue and produce wonderful imagery. But I guess Ricoh are covering their backs with the "stopped down" message.
I suppose that it appears that Pentax have a "limited" selection of new FF lenses,but even now what they have does cover a rather wide range of lengths. I would not be at all surprised if they have more new options than a certain Sony of this world.
Ultimately though, it comes down to enjoyment of Photography and how a lens renders the image and how pleasing it is to view and print. Above all I have found that taking shots with many old and new lenses fun again and that is what matters.

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iudex: I believe there was no need to make this lens retractable. The original 55-300mm is pretty small for this zoom range and even a bit lighter than this new version.
As regards the new features I understand the benefit of these improvemens for video shooters, but for stills there is no real benefit, whereas the slower speed might be an issue (the original version is no speed demon and this one is even worse). Plus, the original version can be had for much less money (I remember some 260 SD price tag at B&H).
Anyhow, a new lens is always welcome, although I think there are APSC lenses that Pentax needs more (fast wideangle lenses, new 17-70, 16-50 and 50-135mm etc.).

The 55-300mm is not bad, but like you say, not a speed demon. However, I have found that it is quicker than the Tamron 70-300 put on my Nikon bodies. That thing is sloooowwwwww.

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Ari Aikomus: Well... Maybe nice telezoom for APS-C K-70 camera, but where is new "70-300" zoom lens for fullframe K-1 !!??

They do have one, albeit not "officially". The DA*60-250 F4 is Full Frame capable, but of course only goes to 250mm. It is a start, but they really need a FF 70-300 to try and knock spots off the mighty Canon 70-300mm L lens.

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JackM: Please look around the entire test image before commenting. It's not all roses.

And please remember that the K1 will be used WITHOUT PIXEL SHIFT 95% of the time. The terrible results without pixel shift are a dealbreaker, if this test shot is to be believed.

Lens issue.
I have already used about 8 different lenses on my K-1 this week and been very impressed with the performance.

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futurewah: There is a lot to like about this camera, and I'm definitely interested. The only thing holding me back is the lack of modern, prime lenses. I think using Tamron's excellent zooms to make decent glass available was a good move, but I need and want primes on a sensor as good as this.

Why buy new? I have already taken shots with lenses 25, 40, even 50 years old on my K-1 and I am mightly impressed at both the lens and the body.
The SMC-F28mm F2.8 is a case in point, almost complete lack of CA and sharp! Even more so with the pixel shift. I will be using it an awful lot on my K-1

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Nikman20: A clear rip-off of the excellent Godox original.

Thanks, I will look

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Nikman20: A clear rip-off of the excellent Godox original.

True, but looking at their website, they don't do the Elinchrom/Interfit version, only the Bowens one. If they did I would be happy.

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What a great idea. I have Elinchrom fit boxes and beauty dishes and I have been looking for something that I can use my flashguns out in the field. The fact that it is universal mount for any gun with the spring loaded jaws is perfect.
Not cheap mind, but probably worth it.

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On article In Fine Detail: Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R In-Depth Review (746 comments in total)
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srados: For me the best camera is made of: Nikon Body, Nikon AF, Canon lenses, Sony sensor, Fuji Film image simulation, Canon interface...and yes I am Canon Fan trying not to bias.I wish someone will make one for me. :)

Canon L lenses and Pentax Limiteds please. :-)

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