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RMillward: Wow. It's never been clearer to me that casual readers of DPReview really need to take the comments on this site with a HUGE grain of salt... All the loathing of this little camera - from people for whom it was not designed!

#1, everyone's judging it SOLELY from a list of specs, which anyone who uses a camera knows is a rubbish way to make a good judgment.

And #2, how about bearing in mind that just because a camera doesn't suit YOUR niche needs doesn't mean it's not of value to people with other goals? Do you have no sense of how incredibly pretentious you sound when you declare a camera - completely sight- and output-unseen - "a monstrosity" or "the stupids will love it"?! What you MEAN is, "Based on the specs, and without having seen shots from it, this new Olympus isn't something a serious photographer like myself will consider."

mpgxvcd my money is on the E-PL1, 2 or 3. The E-PL1 is super affordable now and the picture quality you get from it is spectacular. You can get the E-PL1 with 2 lenses for about $200 more than the SP810-UZ and the video quality on the E-PL1 is better than most camcorders.

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kongqueror: As a superzoom user, I think Olympus has this overpriced. For significantly less (albeit with much less zoom too), you can get the Z981 which has the same 14MP, a useable EVF, 26x zoom, full manual controls, AND RAW mode for $199. If you want all of those with higher zoom plus a CMOS sensor with slightly less mp (12MP) for not much more money, you can get the Z990 for $249.99 ( Then, for $70 more ( than Olympus' asking price, there exists the Canon SX30 IS (14MP, 35x zoom, tilt screen). Unless the IQ is above that of the Kodaks, I can't see much value in this offering.

I've had both the Z981 and Z990 and I wouldn't consider either of those to be any better than the Olympus SP600-UZ. Kodak makes good cameras but those 2 you mentioned are not that great when it comes to picture quality. I took my Z990 back to Sams Club and there were 5 people returning the same camera for the exact same reason. The SP-810UZ is a good camera and, in my opinion, much better than the Z981 or Z990.

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