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wallbreaker: I wished it was 1 inch sensor

Cy, I bought a later model X-S1 in May 2012, and all of these issues had been addressed. It's a great camera.

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Townsie: I'm a camera snob, I'll admit it. That's why I shoot mostly film.
On the other hand, I do enjoy shooting with the iPhone for the superior ergonomics. The ultimate point and shoot.

However, every article or argument on the merits of phone photography fails to mention that which I feel is the biggest drawback - all automatic controls.
You can't control shutter speed or aperture meaning you're cut off from those venues of artistic control.

What we sorely need, for the next generation of phone cameras is for Apple (or whatever the manufactorer of the phone is) to expose APIs for developers to build apps which allow setting manual controls.

The reason they don't do that, however, is that Apple is really good at designing the experience of its users, and the people watching over the shoulder. You'll never get a blurry, or overexposed shot, they simply wouldn't allow it.

I bought the IPhone 5 before Christmas specifically because it had the best camera. But, I always have with me a Canon ELPH 310, 320, or 330 which all are smaller than my IPhone. I live in a suburb of Seattle and enjoyed the photos. The hateful comments remind me of when I was stationed in segregated Dixie, surrounded by redneck Jesus freaks.

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mosum: Intervalometer? AF micro adjustment?

mama mia, that's a lotta camera, but also a lotta bucks. I would want to know in detail of how it is better than the D700. Until then, I will be happy with my D300 and D90.

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Thank you for your treatise. A few months ago, I made a very casual comparison of my Nikon D90 with a 70-300mm lens and my SX40 at full zoom. You have encouraged me to repeat it in a more rigorous manner. I don't know if surprise or chagrin is the proper discription of my feelings when I compared the images. The SX40 was clearly the winner. The optic-sensor combination gives the edge to the SX40 as you show, But I also suspect that it took a very refined algorithm to keep the noise at bay and to allow the high resolution to come forth. Certainly the SX40 produces results at ISO 1600 that my expensive DSLRs struggle to approach. Thanks again for a stimulating discussion.

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Aleo Veuliah: I wonder what camera they use, NASA uses Nikon, anyway wonderful images

As someone who was part of the space program, I know that the man in space efforts were mostly empty hype, devoid of science. Unmanned programs are where the payoff is.

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Is this an admission that the P7000 was a failure? My rule of thumb is go with Nikon for DSLRs and Canon Powershot for P&S. I have owned and passed on to relatives the Canon A80, A95, and A620 and I currently use the A650IS. All have viewfinders, flexible LCDs and use 4 AA batteries. Use lithium batteries and you are set for over a year. I have installed freeware CHDK on the 650 and now produce raw as well as JPG. I have a live histogram in record mode. The only thing I miss is not having a wider lens than 35 mm (equiv).

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