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...or in other words, it is nearly as good as Pentax K1.

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Now let's see RAW files...

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T3: Wow, this has to be one of the ugliest cameras Canon has ever put out. Not that looks are the end all and be all of cameras, but they don't need to be fugly.

Facepalm... There's always one - or a dozen...

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Sergiusbr: Some photographers knew the Rule of Thirds, at least!

A good one!

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Thematic: Stunned by how accurate and faithful the Sony was. Very neutral.

Well done Sony.


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absquatulate: Excellent, a full frame camera that will double as a hammer, I can't wait....

Say that to the relatives of the Stockline Plastics disaster victims and you'll get a Glasgow kiss right between your eyes, where your nose is.

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gbdz: Googling the subject I found out that HCB actually was very keen on geometry and exactitude in his compositions: "The greatest joy for me is geometry; that means a structure. You can’t go shooting for structure, for shapes, for patterns and all this, but it is a sensuous pleasure, an intellectual pleasure, at the same time to have everything in the right place. It’s a recognition of an order which is in front of you".
The rest of the story is here

How the human brain senses beauty is a mystery, thought under intesive research. Geometry certainly plays a part of it, whether in the way depicted in the videos or in some other manner. I welcome stuff I haven't thought about myself, like these (a bit tiresome) videos. He could have done a better editing job.

A superb find, thank you!

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tolleknolle: Just study Henry Rankin Poore...

Henry Rankin Poore, 1903, Pictorial Composition and the Critical Judgement of Pictures. Available online.

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moimoi: Is that me only, or those videos are pretty much nonsense? The eye of the artist is what makes those photos great, no lines and diagonals.

"Is that me only, or those videos are pretty much nonsense?" - it's both. The guy's method is nonsense, but there is a solid body of knowledge on the formal coherence of art, a.k.a. the principles of composition. Henry Rankin Poore's text is a classic here.

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Just study Henry Rankin Poore...

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sts2: Essentially this is reverse-engineering what we call "the photographer's eye".
It's preposterous to assume that any good photographer is walking around with a grid map in his head and trying to make it all fit... these guys are great at composition simply "because they are great at composition" (and there's a lot of luck as well of course)
Over-analyzing / reverse-engineering it like this serves no other purpose than hoping to sell something to people who don't have talent but think they can buy it.

Actually, any good artist walks about precisely with a grid in his or her head, forgetting about the grid after a while and being left with an intuitive skill of good composition.

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Huh?... Were they taking anti-aircraft fire?

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The title is misleading. "Near-death experience" (NDE) is defined as a personal account of what it's like being clinically dead. The photog perhaps had "a close brush with death".

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"Intense"? Who writes this?

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SmilerGrogan: I can't believe that DPR would link to this—it is a rebuke to the rigid class stratification that underlies the DPR editorial philosophy.
Just the other day one of them was saying that the new Canon 6D2 can only be used by mediocre photographers who don't know or care about shooting off-center compositions.
They've also pre-announced changes to their rules about what kind of camera we can take on vacation. I'm worried because I'm holding a ticket for an overseas flight but I'm still waiting for them to tell us what cameras are acceptable for my level of ability.


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Nice shots. The lens reminds of Monolta Rokkor rendering.

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Richard Kwon: I wonder if they can last another 100 years... I don't think the 100th edition will be worth that much if the company does not exists...

I suspect it would be worth a lot more if they are no longer around.

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Sigma Merrill and dp2 Quattro RAW conversions: now that blows your mind...

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OMG... That thing was a MACHINE. Still missing it.

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Yeah, I had an Elan IIe, and between the Eye-AF, DoF focussing and the TS lenses I had my F100-carrying friend going green with envy. Good memories!

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