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TN Args: Please don't make any use of the DxOMark 'Scores'. They are so misleading as to give higher 'scores' to lenses that are clearly worse, optically.

If the presentation is similar to your old system, then OK.

Although, I will never understand the reluctance to determine and publish the lens resolution on a scale that is independent of camera sensors. Buyers are better served to know what is the lens' absolute limit, not what it achieves on this sensor or that sensor.

You are right

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Priaptor: This camera is going to be the hottest ticket in 2013, bar none.

Those complaining about price, I understand, but this camera is being oriented to another market, uncaring about price and this camera looks like a killer concept with the exception that it lacks a built in viewfinder, the only negative I see.

All you naysayers, just watch as these things, once released in Dec, will be as rare as a D800

"Uncaring about price" means it sports a 35mm f1.4 distagon, this is another con.

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brdeveloper: The main reason why I'd buy a FF mirrorless camera would be using my Canon FD lenses without any crop factor. But this way manufacturers wouldn't sell lenses, so only a not-so-mainstream manufacturer will build such a device. Also, would be nice a film roll sensor. A full frame sensor-in-a-roll will mean freedom for all that excellent old film cameras we have.

Otherwise, a Panasonic LX7 is a way better compromise than this Sony monster. Or maybe a Sigma DP Merrill to the ones who love Velvia-like color response.

They don't want us to use our superb full frame lenses on modern bodies...

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We want a FF mirrorless interchangeable lens camera because there's plenty of FF reflex manual focus lenses from the past that will work fine with adapters. The distance from the sensor will be enough to avoid lighting problems.
This camera is nice but far away from a blast.

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Nice design and ergonomics are back again :D

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LensBeginner: >Webmaster did care more about bandwidth consumption than IQ
Now the question is: is this only a bandwith concern? ;)
It's like an athlete saying he can run a marathon and running a mile to prove it...

You are right, they are running a mile and obviously they are not going to show us if they're going to take a medal in the marathon :D
Perhaps at Getty Gallery

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OttoVonChriek: Hmm....I like today's shots much better, maybe it's just a case of getting used to the camera :D

@LensBeginner: you're right. Webmaster did care more about bandwidth consumption than IQ.

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