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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

Look at it this way. Adobe, Microsoft and probably Apple and the rest have learned a great lesson from Drug Dealers. They brought us in, got us hooked and now after they will tighten the screws. The idea is monthly payments, miss a monthly and you will be cut off, fined to reconnect, who knows how much that will be. I shoot a lot in remote areas where internet is sporadic. I am currently at a beach on the California coast, using Verizon wireless broadband. The connection goes in and out. Sometimes I cannot connect for hours, sometimes days. If I have to connect to use PS or possibly Microsoft it will put me and a lot of others back in the stone age of Photography. It may very well be that the last few remaining years of my life will be spent using Windows 7, CS5 and Lion.
Just wait until the Automotive industry catches up. OnStar can do it now. Miss a payment on your car, DMV or insurance, maybe even Income Tax and a Satellite will shut down your car or cars.......It's coming!

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