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Yake: Another mirrorless camera with a comfortable grip and a very useful top LCD. Sony designers should take notes.

Well, actually....physics!

Full Frame cameras and lenses have to be a certain size. No, not sure what you mean by A7iii in the size of RX100.

Micro Four Thirds is probably the best combination of quality + small overall system size.

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Rich Evans: I am going to repeat here what I said before: who in their right mind will spend 1000 bucks for this camera?

Lets start with the basics: it doesnt reach the IQ of an APS-C camera, its not as portable as a 1 inch sensor and it is priced way too high while being mostly the same as previous model. Heck, buy a FF for same price. Same lens, same ISO performance, same small sensor, same number of focus points, same small battery, same screen size, same fps. This is not an update, it is barely a spec increment.

The market is moving up in pricing but there is still a segment that could use a camera like this but for 60% of the price. A price bump for the same camera they released last time? Why?

The Micro Four Thurd fans should really take a good look at why this camera has been so criticised. There is nothing here that is not done better, cheaper, smaller in other bodies but Panasonic keeps getting away with it. Like with GX9.

This camera at this price does not make any sense.

Most of the Enthusiast Compacts have a few trade-offs.

LX100--great lens, large sensor for a compact, pretty good ergonomics. But, not pocketable, not a bargin and some QC issues.

RX100--pocketable, nice 1" sensor, good lens but I think it closes up quickly as you zoom. Personally, I hate the styling (that does matter to me) and ergonomics. Not cheap either.

Canon GxWhater: I have no idea.

Fuji X70: APSC, not pocketable; fixed focal length.

Yeah, it would have been nice for this to be $800 but Panny decided to price it inline with RX100.

LX100 fits a small but nice niche of second camera for hobbyists.

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