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HBowman: That's not fair NIKON ...

Why don't you all read this - again!

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On article Where are the portrait lenses? (6 comments in total)

Part of the reason that manufacturers are slow to launch new lens designs is because most of them don't manufacture their own optics. As far as I am aware, Pentax use Schneider in Germany and Tokina to make most of their lenses - Hoya made optical components for Chinese assembly, which wasn't cost effective enough. Sony use Zeiss and have done since the days of the Betacam, Panasonic and Samsung use a 3rd party optical manufacturer and do self assembly (some Panasonic components are supplied from the Leica plant in Portugal) - Of the "big nine" only Leica, Canon, Fuji, and Nikon have their own optical glass facilities, and make their own optics. Swarovski are rumoured to make optical components for certain big name lens makers, but won't confirm or deny. The best chance for the release of the lenses Andy is asking for is probably from Sigma or Tokina. The bottom line is - margin on investment in a product supplied by a 3rd party..

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