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Photography: Just an amateur hack who started photographing my kids doing action in football, skiing, wrestling, x-country, gymnastics, swimming and track & field. As their activities changed started doing a little theater, event/action, ballet, musical, dragon boating, and cheer/dance on the side ( yeah a lot of different stuff but I got 3 of them, kids that is and they did something different every fall, winter, spring) . Shooting pretty much whatever my kids or family are doing. Not big on scenic or landscape for photograph's sake. I'll take a shot if I happen to be someplace but you won't find me waking up early or traveling just for the sake of taking the picture. What's the point, life is too short to be consumed with capturing the photons yet memory too fleeting not to capture some of those photons. For pretty pictures of places, they are found everywhere on the WWW and dime a dozen. When you capture a moment in time that is special & personal that is unique and treasurable forever, now that is something special!

Paying the Bills & my login name: Driving Moore's law that enables making the best chips on earth, not the kind you eat getting fat on the couch or snacking while you peep, measurbating, or swiping. It's the chips that makes surfing, peeping, shooting RAW ;D & everything else related to computing so cheap and fast! Driving 15+ generations of Moore's Law and counting. Imagine taking a square sheet of paper & cutting it in half, soon that sheet is pretty small ( do it 15+ times )! It will end soon and it won't be pretty. It will be a sad day but the day of reckoning is really really close now! A new time when the next model of camera, computer/laptop/tablet, iPhone, SD/CF/xQD card won't be faster, cheaper, last longer, store more, or do more, that will be a sad day indeed, likely when that time arrives I'll be retired and it won't matter anymore that there isn’t progress as it will be fast and good enough for old slower me!

Fetishes: NAS, the bodies tried them all, use and sell / discard on CL, flebay, or FM what I don't need or want. Every season is an opportunity to buy, use then sell. No body is worth keeping its just a tool and depreciates ( you know about Moore's Law ? ), the bits they capture that is what is special. Even lens, no attachment to the AFS ones, buy used keep what I use and discard to the market the others. The classic D lens, building inventory and find they aren't as nice as the newer G, but good enough I'll be keeping them. As long as Nikon continue to make the in body motors, these are like a fine mechanical watch not the most accurate time piece but a classic, can be passed down to your children.

PS. Even though an engineering and technologist at heart, when it comes to my photography & gear you will find me the last to dive into brick wall shooting, nuances of optics, science of sensors or such. Totally just a hobbyist who shoots jpg with minimal post work and staying far away from anything but enjoying the fruits of Moore's Law and what it brings in the new toys.

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