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The thing is, the creator is only looking through the eyes of the designers, for whom photography is nothing but cost. So "giving back to community" only applies to photographers, who somehow should to "give back" to people using said photos. I see nowhere about designers giving back to community etc. In essence, freelance designers have value, photos do not. So that rhetoric is complete bull.
What's also bull is the rhetoric of "getting people in touch", if someone gets used to using free images they will not be hireing the photographer for money but expect more free images.
I'm personally not affected since I mostly shoot families, weddings etc, there you have be present and unsplash changes nothing. The biggest problems will come to stock agencies and photographers shooting for them. In essence the biggest issue for me is the further devaluation of a photographers skill and photos in general.

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photominion: I don't care about the brush preview, but they could offer "processing improvement" as a normal update to Lightroom 6 aswell!

Having 12GB of RAM and an AMD R9 290X GPU (with GPU enabled!) I often find myself frustrated at how damn slow the healing brush works. (Even when I only have 3-4 spots to heal in an image)

Is there any way to improve the performance?

I had the same problem (slow and laggy healing brush), turrning off gpu support fixed the problem. So you could try that.

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