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  • Okay, after a bit more digging what I have is a customized rig of two Lubitel 2 TLR cameras, similar to (but not identical with) the stereo rig you can see at ...
  • Oh, man, this is driving me nuts.  I actually inherited a similarly configured rig from my father-in-law in the UK.  He used it for stereo photography (and he was pretty good at it, I might add.) H ...
  • And you'll likely cringe if you do it now. ;-)  On the other hand, I actually own Korzybski's book.
  • Oh.  Aristotelians and non-Aristotelians?  What about the null-Aristotelians?  (Maybe you had to be there.)
  • Mea culpa; I stand corrected.
  • Try carrying a Leatherman tool in a belt case -- also good for fighting off hungry dogs.  works for other packages, too!  You can even order one from B&H.
  • Yeah, I browse the various photography=related 'magazines' on Flipboard, probably at least once a day.  And this may be a localization issue, but I tend to get aggravated by the large number of ...
  • I should have noted that the recommendation to try Vitamin D came from my internist. Still, your situation may be different which is why it's always important to consult your own physician.
  • Might try a daily dose of Vitamin D3 supplement.  It's cheap and you can start with a dosage of 1000 I.U. and see if that makes any difference.  20 years ago I was turning into a right cripple ...
  • Courtesy of the estate of my father-in-law in the UK, I have access  to almost a complete suite of BronIca ETRSi.  I was really looking forward to unpacking that this summer.  Unfortunately a ...
  • The current android version is only available  on Google Play.  The Windows version is available on the qdslrdashboard website.  sorry for any mistyped, got drops in my eyes.
  • Yes, that's odd.  Are you using the latest version of dslrdashboard and/or Helicon Remote?  And what device are you running these apps on --iOS, Android, or PC/MAc?  Note that the Android version ...
  • In my personal experience, using a DX camera with an 18mm lens is inadequate for urban landscapes in the UK.  It's often physically impossible to back up far enough to get the entire image into ...
  • Interesting idea.  In the UK, also look for a (foldable) rollator.  These are apparently available in both three and four-wheel versions -- not sure about cargo carrying capacity.
  • I dunno about that solution.  In paranoid Orange County, that's too likely to be confiscated by a security guard as being an improvised cosh!  :-)  And that same guard will then tell you that your ...
  • Replied in 72
    Quite true.  In fact, these 'experts' are obviously over the age of 72 and hoping to cut down on competition from their peers while also dropping the resale price of 'slightly used' pro gear.
  • Ditto -- on both statements.  I think what tends to change is what I photograph and the lengths to which I'll go to get a photo. However, I must admit I'm seriously looking for a monopod/walking ...
  • My recollection is that Galen was very security conscious, aware of his surroundings at all times, and had, since his teens been developing the skills on which he relied to get some of those images. ...
  • Also a good idea if you're out during hunting season or bushwhacking in isolated areas if you have a tendency to get lost.
  • Quite.
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