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Sold my children to medical science and bought an OM-D-EM5. Honestly if was not for this great article I would have been lost. The Olympus disk and 'handbook/manual' are an embarrassment for a camera of this quality. So thanks again DP Review. Splendiferous!

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herebedragons: Nice try Fujifilm, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, etc. ... these are toys ... upgraded point-n-shoot cameras that are made to appeal to someone that wishes to carry around a smaller, more compact form factor. When I shoot casually, I grab my Nikon D7000 w/ a small prime 50mm f/1.4G, but when I shoot to capture the moment, I grab my Nikon D4 or if I'm shoot landscapes, my Nikon D800. Maybe someday these mirror less cameras will come to mature into something more than a hobbyist's toy but for now, it's just that - a toy!

Hey guys, the dragon is just breathing fire. He is having us all on. He knows that even a pin-hole camera can produce mighty pictures in the hands of a master. Big cohunas do not equal mastery over light. Still, I have a son in law who sublimates his dubious sexuality by espousing his need to be 'manly' - big car, big house, big camera - little willie, small brain.

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On article First Impressions: Using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 (228 comments in total)

Another two months and still no full review. Of course I would only say that because I just will not buy a camera without a full dpreview at hand. I want to buy this camera but no way, no how, without a dpreview. C'mon lads. We need you. Digit extractus!!!

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The strap lugs feel like pebbles when the camera is in the hand. Had to remove them and attach a wrist strap via the tripod screw thread. They should have been recessed into the body.

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Raist3d: I applaud Olympus for doing the right thing, coming forward and admitting the issue. While I wish they would have done that with the E-3 back focus problem and the 14-35 SHG lens problem of focusing in lower light, I think it's good to see them take a step in the right direction in disclosing issues.

This is the right thing to do, and makes the brand gain credibility, imho.

Yes, Olympus has a vastly different ethical perspective now than it did a year ago. It is reassuring. Might even begin to trust them.

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Garn! It's an April fools joke. Mis-timed. Gotta be.

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studium4sk: Just received an answer to my replacement request.
Fuji Germany will collect my camera when the new sensor is available by end of may.
Collecting from current direction, checking, sensor replacement and delivery will be for free.
Great job so far.

Yes, but the Germans do technology right - like no one else in the world. What about the poor sods who live outside Germany, where an attitude of, 'she'll be right mate,' exists. What has Fuji got to say about the rest of the world?

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Gone off Fuji lately - white orbs, crappy AF, shutter chatter.... and so on. When they put out a bug free, realistically priced camera, I'll take them a lot more seriously. After all this is what they purport to do for a living. The X10, X100 and x Pro 1 are all beset by problems that should have been debugged in-house before release. Most of the Fuji postings on DP are about issues that should never have existed. So, Mr Fuji, I have looked, liked a lot of what I saw, but I'm off to spend my $2,000 on a Nikon kit.

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The Canon Powershot G1X is looking more and more attractive as the price of this beautiful beastie seems to go higher and higher. My wife won't let me sell my kids to medical science to buy an X-Pro1. Oh Well!

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Has anyone evaluated the amplitude of the shutter release. it sounded like a canon (BANG!) going off in the video. This was one of the truly elegant aspects of the X100 - its almost totally silent shutter. I want a silent X200 with an equivalent 35mm lens of about 50mm or near normal (just like the middle lens of the X-Pro1). I want all of the known bugs of the X100 cleaned up and it has to be on the shelf at about the same price as the X100. In other words, the X100 as it should have been when it was released. Oh, and for good measure, it would be nice to have a few of the refined aspects of the X-Pro1. Maybe that is what the Fuji guys mean by a lower level X-Pro1. Will it be an X-Pro0.5 or an X200?

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If Fuji can manufacture a Black X100, one must ask if they will deliberately include the known problems in the new black X100 production run. Or is it possible that they are doing the smart thing and are setting up a manufacturing process for an advanced, bug free X100 that will enter the market as the X200 - a pristine, perfect, picture maker?

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