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Andrew_EOSHD: Your journalism is pathetic and amounts to asking a marketing department. When Samsung left the camera market even their senior PR people claimed the story wasn't true. You did not ask the source, you asked a PR person. Do you really think a PR person either knows what will be decided in a senior meeting in Japan or is able and willing to go above their station to confirm or deny the delays of the second shipment?

But the Canon statement is weak - 'shipping is as scheduled right now, with no delays.' - It just says we are shipping to our plan, which could mean anything. The plan could be not to ship any more for a month, two months, three months or more next week and if that was the plan there are not delays but we still will all await our cameras (assuming we missed the pre-order allocation). It the lack of visibility of delivery times which is annoying - it a lottery. To me its not a pre-order if it slips to back-ordered.

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Horshack: "We eagerly await the content that will be produced by talented creatives using this camera to be shared with the world."

Agreed. I expect the R5 will be used for a lot of memorable short films.

I laugh as the statement on 'no delays' means nothing if you did not plan to ship any more for weeks or months - it just says we are meeting our shipping schedule which is what? 100 in the next month or 100 in 3 months. At least Amazon tries to predict a shipping date on new releases - even Canons own site just indicates back-ordered, if they know the shipping schedule and the number and order in which they received the orders in they can easily predict a shipping date for each order. All I'd like to know, what week I can expect mine.

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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: I buy a camera to take photos. It appears I am the only person who does this. Everyone else buys cameras to compare video modes and overheating times.

I really wish camera companies would release cameras with all video features removed and charge less. I would order a R5 with no video features for a grand less.

I for one am looking at it mainly for photos - the occasional video might get shot. Based on the Tony and Chelsea Northup video post by Fstoppers it seems a capable still camera. I never looked at it as an 8K video beast so....Looking at it to replace an aging 5D MkIV (lighter and, hopefully as capable with extra stabilization)

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Lisa O: Glad to see Canon went with APS-C instead of a smaller sensor like the Nikon 1. I would like to see the lens map for the next year. I find it odd the part about mirror less cameras struggling to make headway in the US market. I thought Olympus, Panasonic and Sony were really breaking some ground in the mirror less arena.

I hope the red one is available in the USA.

Strange how people can review and knock a camera which has only just started shipping?
On the serious side I just recieved one last night with the standard 22mm lens. Over the next few weeks I'll use it although I'd prefer to have both the lens adaptor and 18-55mm lens to test it more fully - one buying point for me was as a good replacement for a point and shot with the ability to use all the EF lenses I already own (best of all worlds). So far in limited testing the focus is faster than the G1X (or other G body cameras I have owned or used, G9 thur G1X) even in poor indoor lighting. Image quality looks good even at high ASA settings, although limit chance to test fully yet.
To be continued

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