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Like many of the DPR commentor's on the topic of MF it is fairly easy and safe to dismiss these products with a joke or the for x times less I can get just as good a result. Each type of comment has its place on the forum and to some degree has merit (e.g., a good laugh from a funny joke has value)

I seriously considered, tested, and evaluated all of the options with MF and compared them against the best of DSLR. I made the jump to MF.

Thank goodness I did. For me at least, the financial and personal rewards from choosing MF and Phase One have proven to be cost justifiable.

Over the past 5 years I have chosen to keep current in both DSLR and MF and refitted when the artistic/business case made sense. For example, my Phase IQ 180 back was not replaced by the new IQ's including first iteration CMOS. The improvements did not pencil out for me.

The feature/functional improvements of the IQ 100MB over the IQ 180 established for me a change should be made - so I have done so.

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On photo Fall in the Boulders in the Autumn Leaves challenge (4 comments in total)
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tarakanchik: awesome shot.


I just printed the image (40" x 60") on Canvas with a Gallery Wrap frame (Breathing Color's Lyve). I am pretty please with the result. The image changes dramatically with depending on the angle of light.

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Great job. Wonderful to read such an objective review.

I had the pleasure of extensive testing of the systems you discuss, plus a few more. It appears a few people are confusing the Leaf Back (A II) with the Phase One Back (IQ 180). The difference between the two is substantial and material. I did not have the same troubles you experienced with AII with the IQ 180.

In my case (given my criteria) I chose the IQ 180 Back and both the 645D and Cambo Wide RS and suite of lens'.

Jumping to Medium Format

Leica Field Test:

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On photo Bridge of Sligachan in the Landscape: bridge challenge (6 comments in total)

What a wonderful composition and shot.

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Wonderful shot and composition

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However, a great city, bridge and spot

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