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IMG_55792m3 Hobart intersectionIMG_55924-2 Horseshoe FallsIMG_55749-2 In the blossomIMG_55949m56 Horseshoe FallsIMG_55935-2 Rock in the streamIMG_52457-2 Floating byIMG_55230-3m Pink fingersIMG_12760-2 Ivy covered mill 3IMG_26178-2a The fiddler 2IMG_35854-2 Spots of rain 2IMG_36015-2 Starting to turn 2IMG_49677-4 Wangianna hutIMG_32417-2 Lichen on rocksP1210049 Under the snowdriftIMG_44505m7 Hamilton Highway320 Colorado Rive, Grand CanyonrIMG_43610m1-2 HoverflyP1060751 Frisbee timeIMG_48986-2 In the orchardP1020222 Ice crystals 2IMG_52512-2 Big feetNew Zealand 2014_8760-2 Working with greenstoneIMG_54949-2 Female gang gang cockatooIMG_51448-2 Natural showerIMG_35173-2a Pink nerineIMG_16545 CrownNew Zealand 2014_11230-2 Road to the mountainsNew Zealand 2014_1791-2 Wild wavesP1110453 Feeding calfIMG_55100-4a Winter tree 2IMG_48173-2 Flame against the sunriseIMG_16323-2 Tree in the cityIMG_44517-2 Red doorIMG_43811-2a AlpacaP1040327 Stained glass windowNew Zealand 2014_5438-2 Reeds in the sunriseIMG_13935-2 Swampy shoreIMG_47636-2 Reservoir Lakes forest panoramaIMG_1790-2 Seed pod 3Gang-gang Cockatoo (male) IMG_54938-2Varied Lorikeet IMG_53341-2IMG_35710-2 Hand feedingIMG_43811-2a AlpacaIMG_55136-2 Spotted pardaloteIMG_54175-3 Grand old shipIMG_55136-2 Spotted pardaloteIMG_55144-2 Satin bower bird's bowerIMG_54739-2 Rainbow lorikeetIMG_40790 Crocodile panorama