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IMG_56630-2 On the PiemanIMG_750-2911-2 Derelict jetty 2IMG_750-4047-2 Fire-eyed DiuconIMG_750-7279-2 Last leafIMG_7654-3 Willie Wagtail chickIMG_57264-2a Hermit crabIMG_750-4178-2 NothofagusIMG_31632-2 Red in the greenIMG_750-3602-2 Southern Crested CaracaraIMG_750-1945-2 Rufous-collared sparrow  IMG_43175 Serra Range reflections panoramaIMG_750-4512-2 Cloudy coast IMG_750-4609-2d Spotlit lighthouseIMG_4470-2 Flinders Ranges and ruin planetIMG_56694-2 Empire Hotel staircase panoramaIMG_15868-2a Glowing candlesIMG_48232-2 Burning the heatIMG_750-5434-2 Beneath the domeIMG_19114 Do not climb panoramaIMG_750-6651 All seeingIMG_53406 The GulflanderIMG_46735m6 Lost feathersIMG_15301-2 Check the engineIMG_750-2237-2 Heading for harbourIMG_750-2131-2  Red-legged CormorantIMG_750-1557-2 Laguna Toncek sunrise panoramaIMG_750-2195-2 Timbered interiorIMG_750-2966-2 Sunlit crossIMG_750-2997m8 Glacier from the hotelIMG_23256-3 Stark skeletons 3P1000572-2 On the runIMG_20610-2 Jumping the streamIMG_750-4148 In the cloudsIMG_750-6981+2 Wheeler's HutIMG_7528 To the rescue 3IMG_8735-2 Waiting at TullamarineIMG_16803-2 Lost in cyber spaceNew Zealand 2014_10492-2 KeaIMG_750-7167-4 Sentinels of the lakeIMG_34483-2 PreservesIMG_750-3142-2 White-crested ElaeniaIMG_750-5233-2 Black VultureIMG_57255m8-2 Mother on guardIMG_12735m6-2 Macaque and babyIMG_16735-2 EntranceIMG_34487-2 Kitchen panoramaIMG_24161-3 Still standing 5IMG_750-7104-2 Frost in the morningIMG_55739-2 Spring blossoms