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IMG_46244-2 Stretching for the shot 3IMG_34427-2 Church towerIMG_44778-2 Flowing water at Keyhole Rock 2P1070664 Shaun in actionP1220402 It's raining leavesIMG_43178 Reflected treeIMG_50032m3 Peaceful dawnIMG_46852-2 Days of sail 2IMG_46362-2a Rocky Valley sunsetIMG_47837-2 SpinningIMG_34672-2 Watching the sunriseIMG_21750-2 Paint and rust 2IMG_47100-2 Mid airIMG_15319-2 SmileP1010541 Ford CustomlineIMG_49079-3 Face off 2New Zealand 2014_8971-2 Rusted boiler81~ Tin whistleIMG_14559-2 Trial Bay Gaol 2IMG_25656m7-2 Silver xenica ButterflyIMG_33546-3 Frosted grassIMG_49073-2 Square eye92 Buddhist templeIMG_750-704-2 Reaching upIMG_45914 Lighting the fireIMG_54229-2 Take-offIMG_27811-2 Road to the RockP1070362 Black SpurIMG_46700-2 Door handleIMG_48978-2 Green applesIMG_16744 Canterbury Terrace panoramaIMG_31650-3 One windowWb915 Potter at workIMG_53646-2 Nandroya Falls panoramaIMG_49313 Lake Crosbie sunset panoramaNew Zealand 2014_8760-2 Working with greenstoneIMG_56428-2 Patterned rockIMG_8507-2 FlamesIMG_48546-3 pe Red autumnBr328 A break from readingP1100685-2 Portree harbourIMG_750-715-2 Grey-breasted White-eye IMG_750-624m5 Terrace FallsIMG_23038 Ice and rocks panoramaIMG_55023-2 Rocky Valley damIMG_55929-3 Horseshoe FallsP1100457 Seatoller 2IMG_750-706-2 Sulphur crested cockatoosIMG_34487-2 Kitchen panorama