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On article Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 (370 comments in total)
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tabloid: Looks like SLR cameras with mirrors flapping up and down have had their day.
I bought a 3200 and tried to do some videos with it…..and I must admit that it was a total waste of time.
First of all videos (for me) was a total disaster, as i couldn't use it in bright sunlight, and secondly the camera (in video mode) kept overheating….and i had to keep putting it in the fridge.

So I bought a Sony A65…..all problems solved.

Video Question: Was there any heating problems (in video mode) with the NX1.
Can autofocus be used in any setting.

7dmkII is closest in slr world - $200 more - 5fps less, no 4k, less af points no amoled screen...

closest you'll get apples to apples performance/price wise.

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On article Samsung NX30 Review (431 comments in total)
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ThePhilips: Good review. Thanks.

Sad to see that with NX cameras it is still better to shoot in RAW and develop JPEG elsewhere. Otherwise, NX30 packs lots of nice features.

Nice to see that Samsung now cooperates with Adobe on RAW support, but unfortunate that there are no 3rd party AF lenses for the NX.

P.S. A camera which doesn't require a proprietary USB cable!? Is that even possible?! /s

I think you will find that the micro USB cable used in the NX is indeed an industry standard cable. Not proprietary at all. I can use the same cable that I charge my cell phone (Samsung), my bluetooth earpiece (plantronics), my usb hub, my GPS etc...

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Gesture: Interesting development but I'll never understand why folks want to work by waving their fingers in front of their field of vision. For me, a computer mouse or dials/buttons will always be preferred for most things and much, much, much more powerful in manipulating information or a device. NX cameras: great. Connectivity: great. Not interested in this interface.

There are still physical controls - iFn and the wheel.
The wheel can control many functions and iFn will look after Aperture, shutter, ISO, WB, EV etc. and better than many cameras with tons of buttons - you don't have to move your eye from the viewfinder.

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Snapshot7: I Use and Love the Android OS... on Smartphones, Tablets, and possibly PCs. But I wouldn't want it on a CAMERA.

The reason Android along with the iPhone & Windows 8 Smartphones have become so popular to take pictures with is that they are ALWAYS WITH PEOPLE and HANDY.

This NX device might appeal to Point & Shoot users, who are also Smartphone owners, who are looking for something slightly more capable for pictures & video but don't want to learn a new or complex menu and operating system.

While I'm sure this thing will sell; I really hope it doesn't signal things to come.

The world is changing - welcome to world of cloud based photography.
Imagine backing up as you shoot to drop box or your personal cloud or sending photos to the newsroom as you shoot them or posting quality photos to facebook without having to use a computer.
Imagine a camera that you can download an intervalometer app or do rough edits before you email them to your customer for approvals.

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whtchocla7e: Do the lenses run on Android too? Is this why the focusing is so slow?

interesting comment...
The camera side uses our DriMe IV processor and Hybrid autofocus which should enable it to reach AF speeds around .08s similar to our NX300.
Both Phase detect and Contrast detect are available on the sensor. The android side uses a different processor.

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Stephen_H: Sorry, I find this back to front and probably bad for the photographic industry.

I'm not a photographer, I'm a graphic designer and as such, I commission photographers fairly often. The whole point of commissioning a photograph is for the permanent ownership rights (rather than "renting" them from a stock image company).

If I have to find the photographer in ten year's time for further permission to use my/his photo, I might as well rent a stockpic from Getty images.

Imagine if another car company exactly copied the BMW in question and resold it - that is what wer are talking about or renting a car for a week but using it for 3 months?

Imagine being told you are shooting a simple photo for a charity organization - and it ends up being front and center for a multi national Nike or Coke campaign!

That is what rights management is all about.

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On article Samsung NX 12-24mm to cost $600, 45mm F1.8 around $300 (119 comments in total)
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KL Matt: Samsung has done the opposite of what I would have expected. The lens lineup is fantastic, the best dedicated mirrorless lineup out there in my opinion when you factor in:
completeness (now with the 12-24 zoom)
max aperature
compact size
image quality
and price.
What surprises me is that the Achilles heel of their system is not the optics, but the electronics! Those big raw files and buffer rates are keeping me away from the NX210. I also miss in-body image stabilization and think they should include it in their larger NXxx bodies. Otherwise, I'm completely sold on this system as the true answer to a pocketable mirorrless option with all the lenses I would want in such a system. For now I've got an NX100 which is just fine. I'm really looking forward to the next generation of compact bodies, however, which I hope will provide better performance for RAW image processing.

We have a shutter trigger available and you can remotely fire the camera using your smartphone...

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Vernatropius: Compared to EM-5 and Nex- 5n at ISO 3200-6400; NX 210 is utterly Garbage. How Sad- Bad JPEG Engine.

yet compared to sony's 16mm or 18-200mm lens - the sammy is miles ahead. A great sensor or jpg engine is only one part of the IQ equation. Then when you compare ease of use - you may miss a number of shots with other cameras trying to change settings. The Sammy's are very easy to use.

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perry rhodan: First Yawn second Hilarious.
IQ on par with OMD ? haha. Tried every samsung fom this series for years, because I really like the lenses, they are very nice. Samsung has to try better sensorwise. It's about 4 or even 5 years back in time. Please DPR, it isn't april fools yet. Samples do NOT back-up the conclusions AT ALL. Care to clarify??

Every comparometer shows the samsung line to be worst by far in IQ when leaving lowest ISO. Even small sensor compacts can do this good light low ISO in 2012.

That's not a catch 22...

That's an inconvenience. Do you even know what catch 22 is?

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marike6: Interesting that lots of cameras with much better IQ didn't even get awards. The Pentax K-01 IQ is miles ahead of the NX210, yet for whatever reason this generic box is consider better. No EVF or possibility of adding an EVF was a K-01 "Con", yet the lack of VF is not a problem with this model? Why the double standard? K-01 LCD is 920 K, NX210 LCD is 610 K so it's not like the Samsung has a better LCD panel.

There's a lot to like about the NX10/NX20 cameras but with the viewfinder-less NX200 and NX1000 series, I just don't get it. I also don't get the growing trend on DPR of pushing these less than inspiring mirrorless ILC cameras.

Its Amoled and it is by far superior to LCD.

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WiFi is the future for point and shoot.

Doesn't actually bring it in line with Samsung however.

No WiFi direct, no file sharing to DLNA enabled TVs, no auto PC backup, no direct upload to the cloud, no email, no direct upload to social networking sites.

All in all a nice camera but DPR overstates its wifi capabilities a little.

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kff: What a great ! Remote control of camera by Wi-Fi ...

and Where is mount of tripod on the tablets or two mounts for beeter stability ?
... maybe a new Galaxy Tab 3 etc.:)

I want to get it and AFadapter for my Pentax lenses ... :)

It only needs add a radio TTL control for external flashes.
Maybe it is possible to do it in the controll Android device:
sw and hw solution ...

Next step would be a sharing memory of camera and tablet via a special high speed connection etc.

AVCHD is Pana/Sony.
And I don't believe it is noisier - are you looking at the Raws available on this site?

No excuses indeed...

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review (508 comments in total)
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rocklobster: Pocketable? I don't think so - well not compared to the S100, ZX1 or LX5 and even the M4/3 units like the GX1/GF3/E-PM1 with pancake lens are much smaller.

But, where it does shine is at high ISO and it looks like it even beats the benchmark NEX-5N but not sure about dynamic range.

As a forerunner of a Canon mirrorless solution it looks promising but as it is, with its slow performance, you would want to love the G series ergonomics to really prefer this camera.


doesn't beat nex5n or nx200 in raw...

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review (508 comments in total)
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marike6: Good low light performance, but not as good as D5100, K-5, D7000, X100 et al. (Look at RAW, not JPEG).
Looks like a fun little camera but the slowish zoom and poor VF at that price make it a tough sell for many.

Comparing it to similarly sized csc/mirrorless shows the samsung nx200 and sony nex5n easily outpacing its iq 800-3200 after which all of them look like crap.

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skrulm8: As a businessman I feel that if the wedding season lasts only a few months, the gentleman is not supposed to make a living from it. It's a part time job and he should be doing something else for the remaining 67% of the year. I'm not saying $500 per wedding is the answer, but $1000 is more than enough if you ask me.

I mean, for $3,000 I can buy two 550Ds, a Canon 70-200 f/4.0 L, a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 and rent the two flashes out. I'm sure there's relatives of mine with hands that have fingers on them, who would gladly take the pictures for free. For the few potos that need post processing, I'll do it myself.

And, yes, I've done wedding photography myself.

There is also a hell of a lot of marketing done on the off season - bridal shows and the like. None of that time is paid for until you actually book. To actually book, you often spend a couple of hours with each potential client, and many don't book. Those are also hours that invested into the business.

Shooting a couple of weddings is not the same as trying to make a living at it.

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On article Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras (283 comments in total)

In low light - the EX1 cannot be beat. They mention lower ISO but to put things in perspective - Canon G12 ISO 3200 you can still shoot the EX1 at ISO800.

In bright liight it is a wash. We did a blind taste test with the Pana, Canon and our EX1 with some of our vendors - SOC jpgs and the final images were very very close (using a controlled studio environment) - when the hairs were split however - The EX1 came out on top (and convincingly so). I would recommend people get a chance to try them all and choose the one whose user interface matches the way they shoot/think first and foremost and if low light is a consideration head towards the better aperture models and if longer zoom range is more important head in that direction.

Versatility is not just measured in focal length but also in low light capabilities...

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