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  • If video is all you care about, then the NX1 is overkill anyway. Just buy a G85 and wait until m43 4k60 cameras like the GH5 come down in price in a couple years. The cell phone comment is ...
  • Because it's the same thing over and over again. If you don't want to buy an NX1, don't buy one. But plenty of people have, and still are, and enjoy it. XT20 isn't the same form factor as an NX1 ...
  • Man that Samyang/Rok 12mm is incredibly underrated.
  • So do we need more caucasian males in nursing so to not discourage them from going into nursing? I'm a white male who decided he wanted to be a DJ and worked my butt off until I landed a residency ...
  • Don't listen to Flip. He/she is a known NX system troll. The a6300? Seriously? (1) No IBIS (2) No touch screen (3) No front control dial (4) Overheats (5) ...
  • I thought with YT choosing VP9 it signaled they didn't want to pay to play with h265. Looks like they quietly changed their stance on that.
  • Wow, I can confirm this works. The files on the link you shared are mkv files, but I just uploaded an h265 mp4 straight off the camera to YT and it worked fine. This is a game changer for me. I ...
  • I can't find any information that suggests YT supports h265. Is there a link you can share?
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    This was a huge reason I couldn't go just NX500 instead of NX1. First time I shot with it outside I was flying blind.
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    Ha I know you were.
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    Well the joke is on you because professional chef is a male dominated profession. For the record, my wife stays out of the kitchen. I love cooking.
  • Ahhh it took long enough before someone brought up the intangible systemic boogeyman. Y'all have ignored like 143 points of hard data and circumstance to come back to "you can't identify it, you ...
  • http://www.catalyst.org/knowledge/women-sciences "Women outnumber men among degree earners in life sciences" Percentage of degrees earned by women in postsecondary institutions: Health professions ...
  • So you don't think nerdy males are bullied or teased? Are you saying males can take it but females can't? Why do you think so little of females?
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    Haha, you cited Gamergate. A 'controversy' that was entirely contrived by SJW game journalists who had an integrity problem. Anita Sarkeesian must be your hero. She's the one who told all women ...
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    I also think that anyone who truly thinks women aren't more involved in tech because society isn't doing enough to drag them across the finish line should watch the 7 part documentary in Norway ...
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    As someone who hires engineers for a living, and has been involved in software development for 15 years yes I believe that what the original poster said. The industry is B-E-G-G-I-N-G women to get ...
  • I'll also add that pre-release hype is largely aimed at people who have bad G.A.S. So now we're talking about a subset of a subset of photographers. Pro photographers, who have interest in a high ...
  • But you haven't cited any evidence to support this claim. As another poster pointed out - there are 0 barriers. Wedding and infant photography is dominated by women. Do these areas have a problem ...
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    And there's many things the NX500 does better than the Olympus.
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