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Meiki67: Although I'll never would buy software with this model I welcome the new approach of Adobe - simply because the offer and quality of the competitors will increase (I use Topaz and Nik with LR).
I'm only afraid that quickly Adobe will understand the mistake they made and will return to the previous model.

Going the way of Windows 8. Microsoft is now in the process of making Windows 8 desktop friendly. Adobe, it appears, will be going the same route. This is good for them but, not for us. If sales drop, and I hope they do, they will sing a different tune as is Microsoft.

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Cy Cheze: 4k video will be available in $300 consumer models, soon enough. People will shout, "Hey, must have!" But then they will discover that 4k video demands perfect lighting, oceans of memory, 250mpbs bitrates, a $20k viewing screen, and dermatological enhancements--all for the sake of an image that looks the same at usual viewing distance. 4k video also demands a tripod, or super-duper stabilization, or any advantage is lost. The ability to crop 4k video might be attractive, except that the CPU and rendering time requirements are substantial. Easier to shoot with two mere HD cameras: one long, the other wide.

They haven't got Blu-Ray straight yet and now 4K! Where are the video editors and other software and hardware to make this work? It's like shooting 60P video and your stinking BD player cannot handle it. A race for the cliff with wild techies in pursuit.

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Geekapoo: Not like Fuji has much choice but to do something definitive as the x10 problem has left them at risk of a class action lawsuit and all the bad press and defective cameras has killed sales and soured customers for their products.

I hope this includes thee X-S1 too!!!

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