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On photo At a coffee bar in the Dark challenge (2 comments in total)
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Wildbegonia: Very nice.

Thanks for the kind words

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On challenge Story about envy (8 comments in total)
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verybiglebowski: 3. The recent number 4 is my third pick in this challenge - “envy” by Johncecilian. The story of envy here is closer to the self-pity and sorrow emotion for the part of the life that is probably gone for ever. Of course, maybe it is a simple, I’d like it too, case, it’s open for the individual interpretation.
Thank you all for your entries and comments.

Thank you for an interesting comment, the truth be told, I could have put this in a category of unexpected consequences, since I wanted the photo of the couple embracing and it was only after the fact that I noticed the man look with some untold emotion at their affection. A lot of my photos are like that actually, I find a scene interesting and then realize that there is more captured than I originally thought. Part of the fun of taking candid photos in the street

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On photo Cadbury Egg in the Was talking about sweets… challenge (2 comments in total)
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embie: What a great find !
Never saw this one :)
congratulations with your bronze medaillon.

Sorry, dont want to be impolite and just saw your comment, so thank you.

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On photo Katie at the River in the Dogs challenge (8 comments in total)
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RBFresno: Now that is an out of the ordinary, lovely dog portrait!
(The two "voters" who gave you a "1", should have their challenge participation privileges revoked!)

Maybe they gave it a “1” because of the excessive HDR tweaking of the dog

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On photo See the light in the Beyond the Door challenge (2 comments in total)
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Schrodingers_cat: This makes much better use of the B&W/color technique than is typically seen. Good show :)

thanks for the nice words...I always enjoy your comments on these forums

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On photo purple orchid in the Flowers up close. challenge (4 comments in total)
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CelticOdyssey: Nice- thought it should have scored higher. These challenges are more often than not just a pig in a poke.

thanks for the kind tell you the truth I thought it would be a top ten easy...but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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On photo purple orchid in the Flowers up close. challenge (4 comments in total)
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RuthC: Beautiful picture, but this is an IRIS, not an orchid.

hahahah I am sure you are correct...I always worry that I mis identify the flowers I photograph...

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The details of my photo you disqualified...taken November 29, 2015 PM at 10>17 AM with a Sony RX1R II

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On challenge -Insect and Flower- (Macro photography in Full Colours) (6 comments in total)

you should up the number of entries, I think this is a popular category and it is full already...I know I want to enter but sad I missed the cutoff.

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On photo Mudder_NOLA in the Sportsmanship challenge (1 comment in total)

you picked a perfect example of the mudders and I have a ton of mudder photos since I have been to at least two, but I didn't want to post anything because I feel it would be infringing on your great idea of using the mudder event as an example of sportsmanship.

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On photo charlie brown not in the dark in the Back to basics challenge (1 comment in total)

OH, and your examples give literally no guidance,

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On photo black and white portrait in the -The Metrosexual Man- (BW Portrait + Border) challenge (2 comments in total)

thanks for the nice words

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On Challenge:9275 (17 comments in total)

Yes, I was going to ask the same question, it is not clear by the rules and it seems that some of the entries have no continuity in the five it would be good to know if there is supposed to be a link among the photos or just five random photos that a person likes. Kindly let us know. Thanks.

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On Challenge:8327 (1 comment in total)

Can the photo have more than one human in the shot?

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On Challenge:7955 (7 comments in total)

Its weird that today is the 15th here in the US and the START of submissions but it is already full....doesn't really give a chance to submit something if on the first day of submissions they are already full...

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On Challenge:7602 (9 comments in total)

Rules are conflicting...first paragraph says taken after 2010 and the full rules say capture after the date of the announcement of the challenge...or am I missing something?

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On photo Lining up in the Discuss and Improve "3 objects" (Please read all rules) challenge (3 comments in total)

Interesting thought, I know that I can make the blue barn not look tilted pretty simply if that might help but I have no clue how to make the background less busy, I guess it is just the nature of the sigma lens that gives the background less than the best look, I was just happy that I hit the focus on the three deer. The photo was taken behind our offices and they don't stand still for long...oh and thanks for the nice words

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