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Disappointing overall. The very grainy zoomed-in view of the royal family is a big let-down. More pixels needed!

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turvyT: Made in China?

"Made in China" is a legal label that only tells us where final assembly was done. Complex digital products typically incorporate key components (chips, glass, coatings, etc.) that are supplied by companies from the US, South Korean, Japan, and other countries, that in turn source the components from all over the place.

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smartphoto: Maybe it's just me, but if that's the praised A7RIII's quality, I'm better stay with 5DsR. I wanted to like much much more, but I can't after seeing all the samples from that camera. For me it seems so much worse compared to 5DsR, despite what lens is on.

@PWPhotography - great example, thanks!

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D200_4me: Well I knew it wouldn't take long for the comments on this story to go sideways. Pitiful. I wish people would take their political B.S. to the web sites more appropriate for that (whatever your leaning is) and leave this site for photography discussion. Can't seem to escape this crap anywhere these days.

Maybe because it matters?

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On article Shooting Kīlauea Volcano, Part 2: Grounded (49 comments in total)
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Richard-on-Thames: Decorative images that will look good in a colour-coordinated foyer; well done.

Doesn't really address the impact of eruptions in Hawaii; or the manner that the land and the inhabitants coexist.

Pretty patterns, so again - well done.

R-o-T... please try to take your head out of, well, wherever you're getting the idea your criticism is in any way constructive. It's just boorish.

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anticipation_of: I truly do not understand the appeal of Leica cameras. I can kinda understand why some folks might buy their lenses; you may be paying much more, but they’re consistently among the best available. (Although let’s be real, are they *really* better than the best offerings from other brands?) Their cameras though always seem to be significantly *worse* than what other brands offer, while simultaneously being much pricier. They use older tech, lack major features, have wonky UIs, and yet they’re super expensive. What do people see in that?

Leica seems like more of a very expensive lifestyle brand than an actual camera company, sometimes.

The Leica pics Jeff shared on this thread say it all.

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ybizzle: Apple is the king of selling overpriced crap to its fanboys and the trend continues...

Similar specs for hand-built machine cost roughly the same, without the advantages of factory integration. Not for everyone, but not overpriced.

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Sensors are to digital photography what film types are to film photography!

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On article Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Which is best? (1095 comments in total)
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princecody: What kind of question is that? The most expensive camera in the world can’t make someone a better photographer lol 👍🏻

Obviously tool quality does matter, at least in some situations. Slow or inaccurate focus, poor low-light performance, over-/under-exposure, wrong focal-length lens... better cameras work harder to remove these impediments to a good picture.

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On article Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Which is best? (1095 comments in total)
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Geekapoo: Just buy both from Amazon and return the one that comes in 2nd place before the refund "window" expires...tell 'em dpr sent you. 😁

FYI that's pretty much what Amazon/DPR want you to do... outcome = one more big sale.

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Truly exciting. It has the grandeur of a great still. Videos often have a very transient feel, whereas photos feel more permanent because they are still. This occupies an interesting middle ground.

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I'm holding out for 16K

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On article Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month (359 comments in total)

E-mount ASP-C lives!!!

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On article Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM sample gallery updated (138 comments in total)
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snapa: Wake me up once Sony starts releasing some high quality native APS-C E-mount lenses. Like a new or improved kit lens, or upgraded primes like the 16, 20, or a new 24mm f1.8-2.0 that are relatively small, light and cost $400-$800.

I have to agree. I'm just an "enthusiast" but I'm sure even some pros want to FULLY exploit the amazing capabilities of Sony's APS-C mirrorless tech

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Great pics - I appreciate the detailed explanation of the setup and experimentation.

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Amazing work and very surprising results!

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An illuminating post. Thank you!

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tgchan: Meh...

You are either a true genius or have no appreciation for the ingenuity and discipline it takes to create breakthrough products like this one.

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On article Erez Marom: On causality in landscape photography (105 comments in total)

As an interested amateur I greatly appreciate this and other of Erez Marom's articles. I don't understand why many commenters object to the photographer explaining how he thinks about his own compositions. To me it is both enlightening and stimulating. Erez, thank you!

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On article Sony FE 85mm F1.8 sample gallery and first impressions (145 comments in total)
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Jaythomasni: nice color saturation and contrast. Great shots.
@DPReview please list the location (GPS) information for all sample photos.

I particularly like #7. A nice, natural, portrait.

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