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Considering that nowadays almost every lens has enough IQ (even more then enough), the innovation should be based on ergonomics and functionality. As instance, the new Sony 70-200 GM mkII is 30% lighter then the previous model and has the aperture ring, that’s a reason to buy. Another cleaver innovation is the Tamron 35-150. My two cents…

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Wonderful camera, of course, but ... My colleagues say I'm a gizmo guy because I switched to the Sony a7R IV with GM lenses. None of them have a mirrorless (Nikon D850 and Canon 5DMkIV are the heroes), some have Phase One or Hasselblad just because they invested to show up with customers (and distance themselves with the growing generation of Guy with a Camera). Cameras are expensive toys these days, and marketing (websites, youtubers, blogs, ambassadors) tries to make consumers insecure and frustrated with older equipment. So, am I going to buy a new toy to take better photos or make more money? NO. Do I have a lot of fun buying a new camera or lens? YES! But, please, don't abuse of word Professional :)
Disclaimer: This is not a post against any brand, it is against the marketing madness!

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snapshtr: Good specs, but I was hoping Sony would finally introduce focus stacking....I would think that feature is technically quite simple.

I don’t shoot just food and apart the missing macro stacking feature, I love the Sony a7r IV and the a7 III which I work with (especially fashion and portraits) and I am totally in love with the GM lenses. Nothing is perfect but, I have to say, nowadays we are spoiled (I started in the ‘80 with film and manual focus)

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On article Sony a7 IV review (2320 comments in total)
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snapshtr: Good specs, but I was hoping Sony would finally introduce focus stacking....I would think that feature is technically quite simple.

I do a lot of food shooting, it's a nightmare. So jealous of Nikon...

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On article DPReview TV: Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM II review (84 comments in total)

Today I preordered the new 70-200 GM mkII and I’m going to sell my magnificent 135 1.8 GM. Why? I don’t care of corner sharpness, I don’t care of flare without lens hood (why I should shoot without?), I don’t care of competition between brands. What I care is a lens that gives me the zoom flexibility in just 100g more then the 135 GM, with similar IQ. Maybe because I work with my camera every day, but the only reason why I didn’t buy the old 70-200 GM it was the heavy weight. And yes, I’m sad to sell the 135 GM, but the price tag of the new 70-200 mkII is very demanding!

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Funny how some people complain about IQ in a smartphone. I use my main camera (Sony a7r IV with prime lenses) mainly for work and bought a Panasonic LX100 II as a pocket camera. I am now selling the LX 100 because of the iPhone 13 Pro. If you shoot in raw mode and you are able to create a suitable profile with Lightroom, the results are awesome. Just for fun I tried to compare the raw files of the iPhone 13 Pro with some files of a Canon 5D (with which, back in time, I worked professionally) and the IQ is very closed. It's not perfect of course (at the end of the day it's a phone), but it's enough to be happy, I think :)

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I was wishing for a 50mm f1.4 GM similar in size and weight to the 35mm f1.4 GM.
This new wonderful GM lens is heavy and big like my 50mm f1.4 Sony/Zeiss and I’m not the guy who is seeking for record breaker lenses (in studio I work at f8 and for natural light f1.4 is enough). I sold the 35 f1.4 Sony/Zeiss to buy the 35 GM because I love to work with the 24mm f1.4 GM: I like the format, materials (full metal lenses are prone to dents and scratches) and how it feels in my hands. I wish that Sony will change soon all the old lenses with the same concept (like the 90mm macro that it’s my workhorse) taking care of the layout and ergonomic (the old Sony lenses are missing aperture ring). It’s hard, when you work (fast) to deal with lenses with different layouts.

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Don't expect to find the lens profile for the new Sony 24 F/1.4 GM, and It was the main reason why I did the upgrade today. A huge step up in price but so far I can't say the same about the performances. A little bit disappointed... Anyway it's always a must have for who wants the best for Sony raw files (IMHO) and tethering.

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