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if you were involved in painting, and you would watch regularly a brush selling & review site, and that brush selling & review site would post a brush producer painting contest results, would you take its judgment as serious as you take dpreview's post of sony photography awards?

sony made a brilliant piece of publicity for them selves by making so many camera prospects speaking about something organized by their brand. and dpreview takes a share of it by posting and hosting those comments about that contest. that's it.

(I definitely am on the side of those who clearly see that "the emperor has no clothes" on, as bakhtyar kurdi so brilliantly put it.)

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Vlaja: Why are the photos of pain and suffering usually top 10 every year? There are so many nice happenings all over the globe.

simple!because you must get scared in order to accept that google keep all your quary, telecom register all your calls, ms & apple have access to your pc & mac and fb give access to your personal direy to nsa. if you wouldn't be scared to dead by those photos & news you wouldn't accept all that. would you?

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califleftyb: You must understand the context of Paul Hansen's photo and how it was taken. First of all Hansen was not alone in the street and encountered this funeral, rather there was a mob of photographers collected together and the funeral procession arranged and then directed toward the photographers - that is how it worked in Gaza, photographers are not "free agents" wandering alone, they have Hamas "minders" who strictly control the situation. That is also the reason Hansen was using a 16mm lens, and why there are multiple light sources.

If you doubt this then you don't understand the competitive world of international news photography. Read this story critical of Hansen and the mob of photographers that create these types of images for "emotional content" that may or may not necessarily exist. Google +brouhaha +"paul hansen" (warning for content) you will understand how this Gaza shot was taken, and why it is more propaganda then news.

what do you mean by "the funeral procession arranged"? the dead children were not dead?
how do you know all that? have you been there or or is just pure propaganda?

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manga culture has come to stay.

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the issue is not if the geisha is genuine or not, or if the picture is staged or not. the issue is that the picture has all the necessary ingredients to be a fabulous picture but, in my opinion, it is not.
although I think that Afghan Girl is one of the most fascinating portraits I ever saw, I'm definitely not a Steve McCurry's fan.
why? in my opinion the Afghan girl has a fantastic expression on her face, some extraordinary powerful eyes and a exotic shawl which match both with her colors and the background. all these are mostly her attributes, not Steve McCurry's contribution to the portrait.
why I'm not a Steve McCurry's fan? because in my opinion he is a very good photograph but not a genius in photography as HCB, Ansel Adams or Sebastiao Salgado are.

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if nex-6 had a touching screen and an almost non existing shooting lag, I would be very satisfied. and if it was weather-sealed it would be just PERFECT.

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mpgxsvcd: This makes the E-M5 a no go for me.

"In Movie mode, you gain P,A,S and M control, a choice over focus mode and retention of AEL if you've got it assigned to a button. Frustratingly, while nominally offering a very good level of control over video, the camera doesn't allow you to change any exposure settings when you're shooting. The P,A and S modes will adjust to match the camera's metered value, with whatever exposure compensation you've applied before recording. You can apply AEL during recording to over-ride these exposure shifts, but you can't manually decide to adjust aperture or exposure compensation, mid-take."

why do you check out a photo camera when you are only interested in video???

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dpreview: "... and comfortable rubber grips"
sorry mates! I don't buy it.
it looks to me almost as impossible to hold the G1X with one hand by the grip as it is to hold the G12, which, by the way, is impossible. and this is a big set-back for me, because a camera with tilting screen can't hang on your neck, because the strap hangs in between the screen and your eyes. and if you can't hold in one hand by the grip, so how do you hold it?
this is just a lousy ergonomy.

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you don't really need a image stabilization for wide-angles. do you?

By coroander (2 days ago)

I should add that the faster primes available for this system (particularly at normal and wide-angle) combined with an image stabilisation system that works with these primes, means that in many situations you can use much lower ISO settings than with an APS-C body from Sony or Nikon or Canon. "

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Dan DeLion: Slow lens, big body, limited zoom, relatively small number of pixels – why make it?

wandering, if you feel so damn miserable, why don'y you walk the cliff, man?

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Le Kilt: M Jasper : probably because many love the G12, and many more would love it with a faster lens.
I'm sure it will be successful and give great quality, but Canon, can we please have a version with a faster and wider lens...? (I promise I'll keep my Canon DSLRs).
(24mm-112 f/2-4 would be a killer, even if a bit bulkier)

I loved G12 on paper. I defiantly don't do it in my hand. why? because I can't hold it in my hand without a hand strap. secondly because of the focus and shutter lag.
I love G1X' design, but the grab which is very similar to the G12 and I'm afraid that focus and the shutter lag is still there in order to protect their DSLRs.

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you are saying that I should lower my standards in order not to harm your business. aren’t you?

you must have guts mr.

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eyefuse: So independent filmmakers and amateurs will still use their ~2000€ cameras for anything they do.. Nothing new here.. An expensive piece of equipment that other broadcast manufacturers have provided for years.. I don't see the point?

"estimated list price of $20,000" means ~14,500€

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Kent Johnson: Personally, I can't wait to buy one.

Why? Extreme backpacking/Mountaineering where every ounce counts but interchangeable lenses and image quality are desired. 60fps will be rather fun as well. The throughput of the expeed3 is also attractive. I assume write times will be minimal in the extreme. Shoots NEF so my workflow will only be impacted minimally.

BTW, I am a professional photographer with a whole slew of "Pro" Nikon gear. I certainly don't expect this camera to replace any of it.

do you yourself believe what you are saying?
if "every ounce counts", how can it be that you would carry more then one lens?
how would 60fps be interesting in mountaineering photos, which are almost exclusively landscape and perhaps some macros?

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if nikon is not able to challenge itself, it may just be the beginning of the end.
I don't try to be sound like some kind of "Oracle of Delphi", but I would bet that nikon is not going to be, what it used to be in ten years from now, if it doesn't dare to challenge itself.
I just feel sorry for them.

"We think it makes a lot of sense for the company"
yes! maybe! but you are supposed to understand the customers point of view and stand by it.
I fully agree with MP Burke. Is just spin. Spin from a company designed to serve the customers and bought by the sellers in order to increase their selling. I just have not a clue why I still check it out.
sorry dpreview boys! don't take it personally. is definitely not.

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if technical would be possible to comment on G7D's deep going and quite sophisticated comments, I would ask for arguments for his postulate.

"By G7D (Sep 12, 2011 at 14:26:24 GMT)


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PaulBearer: Don't Like It? Don't Read It!

This isn't Digital Professional Review, but professionalism does include some obligation to teach to improve the profession.

how do you know that you don't like it, if you don't read it?

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