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Aegon Targaryen: Monochrom... Because the one thing that just ruins the feel of B&W is grain... 🙄

cdembrey that was really nice and impressive grain, is that shot with 35mm?
Have not experienced the 60s but have shot a lot on film before digital and got some "birth year" Agfa 25 expired 1985 that are waiting to be tested.

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ewelch: Kind of like having a 500 horsepower outboard motor on a canoe. Way more data than the camera can handle. A mess of data with edges soft has hot butter.

You need a stabilized canoe if you want to tackle the Göta kanal

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ms18: Fuji is the Nokia of smartphones :D

They are fujish

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tailings: No argument with progress, just chiming in to say I hope they/we all settle on an extension other than .heif. Too awkward to say and the ei/ie thing is an easy misspell. .hff, .hffi, hif, or some such would all be better choices.

Ugh, acronyms....

I call it HÆJF almost like Leif. I also call jpg JÅDD-P-GE

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Heinrich Ilmari Rautio: Happy to live in Finland
and to be able to buy good phones...

Yes they have Nokia 3210 over there. With Snake-

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Alec: Translation: the Chinese (Huawei) and the Russians (Kaspersky), when approached by the NSA to provide back-doors in the software, have told the NSA to go please themselves.

No sub 20 is not cold but it does not take more for the iphone to shut down. Happened with my iphone 4s too. Happens to everyone that I know that have a iphone here in Norway.

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Alec: Translation: the Chinese (Huawei) and the Russians (Kaspersky), when approached by the NSA to provide back-doors in the software, have told the NSA to go please themselves.

I have kaspersky AV on my Huawei P9 Lite. Best of both worlds. Do not shut down if it gets cold (sub 20 C) like my iPhone 6 did.

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Ben Herrmann: Is this a photography site anymore? I only ask that question because lately, this is becoming more of a quasi-news centric site anymore in which stories are posted that open up the door for political bickering (Amazon's influence, perhaps?) back and forth. Can't you just get back to being a photography centric website only?

It is becoming another tech site.

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alextardif: Queue in the usual nonsense:

- No AF - oh no!
- Only F2.4 - why, why soooo slow???
- 52mm front thread - Zeiss backed themselves into a corner!
- There's already Batis 25 - we don't need another 25!
- Too close to 21mm Loxia... booo!
- Wish it was 15mm, 28mm, XXmm... - this 25mm is not for me!
- It's SOOOO big and heavy, should be 100gm and a pancake since it's mirrorless - what is Zeiss thinking!

All while 99% haven't ever touched any of the Loxias, let alone tried using one.

Would buy it instantly if it was 24mm 2.5 . I feel that really is the sweet spot in photography

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dmanthree: I think this is as close we'll ever get to a Mamiya 7 II, as well. I'd love to see the Texas Leica appear in digital form, but that's beyond a longshot.

I had an xPan and loved it, but honestly adding a crop mode to this cam isn't quite the same. And not really necessary.

Digital mahogany grip Pentax would be nice. Full size 6x7 sensor.

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Burnt to a Crisp: Can it fix banding/low DR in Canon images, or is that a cure not yet known to science?

That is a good idea for a new startup lens company. You should call it "Goeerrts 1886 DR enhancer Pro ll ".

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Chris2210: I think I'm moving perilously close to the condition know as futsie in 2000AD [That's the shock of living in the future - is it me or does the impact of technology seem to be progressing at an increasingly frenetic pace?] I love some of it, some is astonishing and some is frightening. Genies are popping out of bottles all over the shop.

Totally agree with W5JCK. When you look at what things really are it to me seems like sometimes only minute progression of 1800s or earlier tech. Yes they are curing some cancer now which are great. But I am getting less impressed by "tek" in general. Besides that the iPhone X can charge like my old electric toothbrush that really is amazing.

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On article LG V30 camera review (144 comments in total)

Where is the studio comparison?

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alextardif: I'm taking a 3 week trip through Italy in a few months with my wife and will spend 5 days on Amalfi Coast... Naturally, I was hoping to do quite a bit of photography while there and was actually considering buying a new drone and learning how to use it before the trip. The more research I'm doing ahead of the trip the more I'm realizing that the drone idea will be scrapped given the restrictions in just about all the cities where it would've been cool to shoot.

Bummer, but I get it...

Have a great trip man. Was there 3 years ago! lovely place and lots of other small towns there that may allow drone use.

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PaloAltoMark: Earlier this year, I took a family trip to Japan during cherry blossom season so many of Japan's cultural sites (castles, temples, parks etc.) were packed. The experience was made worse because of people using selfie sticks to take pictures of themselves. The stick gets extended a foot or two in front of the photographer and pretty much blocks the path of anyone else trying to get past them. When dozens and dozens of people are doing this, it leads to congestion and is unpleasant for anyone else visiting the site. I'm a camera buff and very tolerant of people taking photos, but even I was exasperated by the situation. Please note, it wasn't the pro's that were a problem; they don't use selfie sticks. It's the amateurs with camera phones. I haven't been to Positano recently, but I would suspect the situation there is similar. If so, placing fees on pro photographers won't address the real problem.

I did not really know this Positano place was a thing, when were there 3 years ago. Now I see alot of photography from this place everywhere. I have seen worse hordes of tourists. What I noticed was that it were extremely many americans, never heard "Mossssaaareellllla" so much before :)

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On article Canon 85mm F1.4L IS USM sample gallery (322 comments in total)

Beardmania continues into 2017. People who buys Sony A9s with no funds leftover for those mach 3s. Beards and DOF!

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makofoto: I just hope they don’t end up using two different sourced cell receivers. My 7+ had the “bad” one and I always had less signal then my GF! Grrrrrrrrr

My X was suppose to arrive by Dec. 21 but I just got a notice that it will arrive first week in Dec. I wonder if that means they’re getting fewer orders then they anticipated?

Moar cores! Hate when my GF has something better than me!!! just found out that she has 5GB month dataplan for 10$, 5GB they are selling now is like 50$ here now!!!!!!!!! And she took my old iphone 6s. hate the GF gonna steal that sim card and get the X and get lightroom cc on it and consume those 5Gigs fast.

(sorry I am bad at making troll comments)

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whakapu: So much for the myth of Germans not having a sense of humour.

They do not

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Robin Ducker: It looks really interesting. But wait: will it allow access to my Lightroom DAM? Do I have to re-import 8 TB of RAW files??

Hey Robin Ducker I just pulled a number out of the air. Or a reference to the GTX970 with 4 GB RAM. But I think you would need to upload all 8 that if you are going all in. I am more lucky, I have photographed since 1999 and have lots of scans and mostly jpeg, and only have 1.34 TB.

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Robin Ducker: It looks really interesting. But wait: will it allow access to my Lightroom DAM? Do I have to re-import 8 TB of RAW files??

No only 3.5 TB of them

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