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miggylicious: smartphones/tablets will eventually kill-off everything including cameras and laptops. its already happening.

@BeDifferent microsoft created the win 8 (which failed fast), win 10, and then the surface pro exactly because it needs to compete with tablets and satisfy market trends. funny right? microsoft is trying very hard to remain relevant... and they still are for the time being. how long? who knows. iOS11 when launched will now have a fully accessible file system (something android had for years) as apple wants their tablets to be more capable for work use. im already doing about 40% of my work on my smartphone/tablet (marketing analysis, emails, spreadsheets, photo editing, etc).

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Gil Aegerter: Smartphone photos look great. On smartphones.

i agree with exkeks. you can either embrace the future or dwell in the past. smartphones will eventually kill off every gadget out there.

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Nikonmaniac0620: Sony's trying to dish out as many A9's as they can before the ULTIMATE DSLR hits the market - D850. Once that's out it's the end of Sony.

@panchorancho - the D850 and A9 are not exactly in the same class / market segment. the D850 might eat the A7r2 for lunch... who knows? im just hoping its going to be more exciting than the 6Dm2

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mckracken88: Cell phones are for lamers.
People who take crappy pics/selfies with it are even more of a lamer.
Apple users are the ultimate lamers.

Thanks very much im keeping my D800 and use the phone in my house for making phone calls.

@PhotoFactor exactly. either threatened, envious or bitter.

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tkbslc: One of my siblings recently started posting some really great looking portraits of their kids on Instagram, with nice blurry backgrounds and great B+W film look. I actually was going to ask them if they got a new camera, but then discovered they are using a new iPhone 7+. It's the portrait mode.

Granted it is a small screen, but even if they had a Sony A9 and Zeiss glass, we wouldn't be sending each other 11x14" prints in the mail.

also, a lot of commenters seem to forget that smartphones have amazingly clear, sharp and vivid screens. you can easily spot low-res or low-quality images using your smartphone's screen.

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NCB: Smartphones are convenient, for taking snaps on the move. But for someone who specifically wants to enjoy going out and take pics, a DSLR is a much more involving experience. Smartphones don't come close.

@NCB people used to say the same thing with film

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bilcobarnes21: I print a lot of photos for customers as a living and when people say "I want to take better pictures" it's normally after the dissapointment from collecting their pictures taken with a smartphone not Bokeh or blurred backgrounds.
Smartphone images look great on their small screen after all the processing done in phone, but put them on paper and they are nowhere the quality of a ILC.
On a side note, I feel phones have actually helped the camera industry in many respects as people use their smart phones as a stepping stone into proper photography.

i've seen a lot of fantastic smartphone images. smartphones have 2 huge advantages over DSLRs: convenience and processing power.

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Malikknows: Bravo, this needed saying, Allison. Esp this bit, relative to DSLR's:

"They're big, confusing and come with a significant learning curve. Camera manufacturers have been able to sell cameras to somewhat unwilling customers because they alone held the keys to better images."

Yet when this exact point has been made by others on the site, they are attacked. "If you don't like the features, don't use them," they say. Yet this misses the point. The cel phone interface is easy and intuitive. Until DSLR's offer a similar experience (short of a Leica price tag), they will be increasingly challenged by phones.

most of my friends that have purchased a DSLR eventually go back to just using their smartphones and leaving their DSLRs behind. convenience is everything.

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Gil Aegerter: Smartphone photos look great. On smartphones.

Vic Gundotra's shot looks great on my laptop

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smartphones/tablets will eventually kill-off everything including cameras and laptops. its already happening.

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KubeKube: The score should reflect the overall conclusion of the pros and cons of a given camera. This doesn't seem to be the case here. For example, back in 2014 DPR awarded the same, 80 percent score to Sony A6000 recognizing the camera's novelty and excellent overall quality. Giving the same score to a camera which even the reviewers admit falls short compared to most of its peers and even compared to crop-sensor models indicates a positive bias toward Canon or lack of consistency when calculating score. At this price ($1,999) 6D II should be recognized for what it is - a technological and marketing failure on the part of Canon.

Kharan i think its really embarrassing for the 6D2 that we're even comparing it to the very old and very cheap yet still really good A6000.

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miggylicious: #1 is simply unbeatable

BBQue i figure he did a tripod mounted 5sec exposure to get the lightning and stars in clean without over blurring the ash cloud. it takes about 30sec or longer to make the stars streak.

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miggylicious: #1 is simply unbeatable

this specific scenario simply cannot be replicated and will never ever happen again. i figure most people would run away in fear instead of waiting for that perfect moment. take note that this is most likely a tripod mounted long-exposure.

also, while the surfing photo is excellent, there are also other hundreds of excellent surfing shots.

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#1 is simply unbeatable

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p5freak: If you like Camera Technology from the Stone Age of Photography, buy it.

@Slideshow Bob
I prefer to see what the sensor sees than what my eyes can see. Adjusting settings and overall workflow is faster and more efficient this way. If I wanted to see the full DR of my subject for what it really is, then I would just take the camera off and simply look at the subject without the camera.

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Woah, how time flies. Nikon is the underdog now.

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steelhead3: There must be drawbacks for mass producing curved sensors; Sony released a camera a few years ago with one and we haven't heard anything more.

cost to produce must be crazy high...

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Debankur Mukherjee: Nokia was put down by Microsoft to make their Windows popular and at the end of the day Windows phone became history and killed the Nokia branded phones.......Microsoft is the culprit........

Exactly... MS forced their o/s which ended up killing Nokia. I'm pretty sure things would be very different if Nokia had used Android right from the start.

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On article Ask the staff: wedding season weirdness (273 comments in total)

I've shot a few weddings here in the Philippines and my biggest challenge is the amount of stamina/endurance needed to survive the day. Weddings are simply very exhausting!

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QuarryCat: Tamron, Sigma, Nikon, Canon and all others don't understand...
it is not 2.8/24-70 mm IS what is needed -
it is: 2.8/24-90 mm at least!

and I don't want 2.8/70-200 mm - it should be 2.8/50-200 mm.

It is a nightmare, still having no overlapping Pro-Zooms - for 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm you always need to change lenses or have two bodies.

best lens around is 4.0/12-100 mm Olympus PRO IS or even 2.8-4.0/12-60 mm Leica mFT

and where are the needed 2.8/15-55 mm for Canon or 2.8/16-55 mm Nikon?

@QuarryCat 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 are 2 ff lenses that gives you enough range and flexibility in combination with speed, shallow dof and IQ from ff sensors which pros demand.

the 12-100 f4 (equiv 24-200 f8), 24 f2 (equiv 48 f4), 35 f1.4 (equiv 70 f2.8), 85 f1.2 (equiv 170 f2.4), 105 f1.4 (equiv 210 f2.8) are 5 m4/3 lenses. that's not exactly flexibility in my book. you're gonna have a hard time covering a wedding with that combo unless you also brought along 5 m4/3 bodies.

if you really wanted range and portability, you should have just gotten a RX10 or FZ1000.

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