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On article Lytro is officially shutting down (207 comments in total)
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Ok seriously, this is getting ridiculous. How many imaging products, or products that I use as a photographer for scouting, has Google bought and then scrapped? I think I've lost count. I miss Google Earth (the stand-alone app, not the new web-based dumbed-down version) and Panoramio... Oh well...

Did you read it? Google isn't buying anything!

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PhotoRotterdam: Fuji has a long heritage in photography and that shows in the image quality out of the camera. For a system that is only 6 years old they managed to squeeze themselves in the premium category, their products are not cheap.
The fact that there are both lovers and haters is a good sign actually. They stick to their choices and know why they do it.


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cosinaphile: of course they would say this as their uniqueness is challenged from fuji management itself

the shift in the xe3 from the series sensibility is one great disappointment as i was waiting for a 24 mp xe camera with the same build quality and origin , and features

similarly the xh is formally resembling dslrs more and more from previous models

Fujifilm not Fuji

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retr01976: I have been a Fuji fan for years now, but as of late their prices continue to climb while the price of FF SLRs continue to fall, so all things being equal when i decided i was ready to upgrade a FF SLR was a better choice (for me) over a newer Fuji model. The things that one made Fuji unique are not longer unique in the market space they occupy and other manufacturers have surpassed them in what they now bring to the table. The H1 was a very strange move for Fuji and it leaves one wondering what direction they are heading. Also I moved back to a traditional SLR which might be odd for some people, but the truth is the handling of small bodies with big lenses is awkward as hell and yes I am still hung up on battery life - I know it's not a big deal to keep a spare battery or two in your pocket, but those little things (for me personally) defeat the entire purpose of having a smaller camera. I know add a battery grip right ? Now we are back to an SLR sized body.

So many people think the company is Fuji. It's Fujifilm

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TheWhiteDog: As long as Instax is as big as it is they will have the money to fund their "uniqueness". I too wish for a new X30, weather sealed with a bigger sensor would hook me good, I love my X30! Like most manufacturers they do some things very well, especially cameras such as the X100F, other things not so well, the X-H1 was rushed out without being thought through and XTrans may well be past the point of being needed. Even those the mainstream Fuji crowd disapproves of it, I like the X-E3 and will be getting one. But even there, why be so stubborn as not to have a tilt screen and really the eyepiece should be much better than it is. But I still like it. :)

Fujifilm not Fuji

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Samaistuin: Thank you for asking Fuji execs about a follow-up to the X70.


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Visually I see it having same noise as a7r3

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Jon L: It took Canon long enough to figure it out, that mirrorless is the way to go. Problem is Iโ€™ve already moved on to Fuji and Iโ€™m not moving back to Canon. And I donโ€™t care that itโ€™s not full frame, at 24 megapixels Fuji has absolutely great images.
Bottom line, people do not want to carry all that extra weight of single reflex cameras. Too bad Canon and Nikon only thought about their bottom line in the short term.

Guess what: Fujifilm (not Fuji) will never give you 35 mm mirrorless!

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That rumor website will put any click/rap-bait up there. Now DPR fell for it too!

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So in basic terms, it's grossly over priced. Thanks for the heads up DPR! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

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Terry Breedlove: What was the last price for a full version edition of Photoshop ? Last I can remember was $600. Take that $600 and divide it at $10 and you will be paying for 60 months without any upgrades. Add a couple costly upgrades that you get for free with the subscription and the CC version starts looking like a great deal doesnโ€™t it.

Lightroom was : $79, upgrade every 36 months so $2.19/month vs $10/month or over 4 times more expensive!

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Andreas Voigt: I have been a Photoshop user for 15 yrs up to CS6. Bought the initial Photoshop with a $300 voucher and did an upgrade every other year. In total I paid $787. That's $52.46 per year or $4.37 per month.

Always thought CC stands for Creativ Cloud, but apparently it is the abbreviation for Cash Cow.

or Credit Card !

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TORN: What a surprise. Trippling the price increases the revenue., even if half of he people drop out.

More revenue, duh, that's what it has to do with it! Get a brain!

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paulfulper: I'm very happy with my discs of CS1 , CS3 and ACS4 in my various PCs ,
Adobe won't get my money anymore
No monthlies from me.

...until your computer has no optical drive and your OS won't install the programs due to age

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Sergey Borachev: ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Canon just confirmed what we all knew, it is the master in crippling.

The EOS M50 offers 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, but not at the same time. Is there a technical reason for this limitation?

"With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, so technically it is feasible. But given the position of the M50 in the lineup, we canโ€™t include all of the features available in a product like the 5D IV."

Yes, we knew it but it's interesting to see how frank these executives are.

Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

..because of cost to include for the selling price. That is obvious. You can't expect a 250 HP engine in a $12,000 car!

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Mirror all the way!

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desertsp: Itโ€™s confusing so it probably doesnโ€™t work that well.

Who still uses "desktop " computers?! Shows how old you are! ๐Ÿคฃ

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Apple wags the world. They follow the iPhone moves ๐Ÿ˜

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