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On article Review: Nikon D7500, speed and capability (462 comments in total)
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soller: How the Canon 80D's 3" articulating 1.04M-dot display is better than the Nikon D500's 3.2" tilting 2.36M-dot display? Only because its articulating?

Of course

Link | Posted on Jul 6, 2017 at 11:17 UTC
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rsdofny: I am not a pro like most other people on this forum. The feature set in this camera is great. But this looks like the same camera year over year, and it just does not have the sex appeal for me to buy it. I think that I am ready for a change.

You are misguided. Cameras were never sexy. They are like a hammer. People spend $30,000 on cars and don't think twice about them. Geez.

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mario loconte: When shadow areas are lifted by a couple of stops, there's no obvious banding, but noise becomes prominent, suggesting that the 6D Mark II's sensor probably isn't ISO-invariant. This isn't a surprise[.. ]

Seems like it has no 14bit raw support.

Canon has been 14 bit raw for 10 years now? Just no full ACR support yet for the camera.

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shoque: Why so bulky, large depth. Please, add new sensor and proccesor to old EOS 5D classic. That's all I need. Back to hearth of imaging....

6D2 144.0 x 110.5 x 74.8mm
5D 152 x 113 x 75 mm

Same depth same height just 8mm wider.

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fatdeeman: I've just read that they have actually downgraded the video specs vs the MK1. The maximum bitrate as been reduced and the ALL-I codec option has been removed. Shocking!

The lack of 4k is disappointing but not a deal breaker for most but to actually downgrade the video specs after 5 years is inexcusable. Whether you're into video or not that just isn't cool.

A troll is someone throwing fuel on the flames for the point of it. On here isn't typically bashing a brand you don't use. Your parents wouldn't be proud of you.

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dpr4bb: The one glaring shortcoming of the 6D, AF points packed in the center of the frame, remains unsolved on the 6DII. Pathetic!

So are you! You won't/don't even use Canon!

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Feud: The beauty of the 6D Mk1 was that it produced noise-free, clean images at almost any ISO. Looking carefully at the sample images, even at base ISO, and the sky and plain surfaces are riven with chroma noise, and the images just don't have that same bright, clean 'bite' the original camera had - to my eye at least.

Not fully ACR supported yet

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On article Sony a9 banding issue: fact or fiction? (733 comments in total)

That's not banding. Bands are circular. That's pattern or line patterns.

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King of Song: Canon has perfected a method of kicking itself in the teeth. In order to protect the sales of it's hierarchy, it dumbs down later releases so they don't step on the feet of existing more expensive models.

Canon should have released the 6D II prior to the 5D IV, and made the 5D IV much more advanced..... But of course they would never do that, because then the 5D IV would step on the feet of the existing flagship the inimitable 1DX II...

Bottom line..... I can't find a camera that is good enough for me to buy. I like great things, not good things... Sorry Canon


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On article Canon unveils ultra-compact EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D (112 comments in total)
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mosc: What's the first camera to get this 9-point AF system? Was it from the film era?

I think it's from the Elan slr.

Link | Posted on Jun 29, 2017 at 23:04 UTC
On article Canon unveils ultra-compact EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D (112 comments in total)
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David Chien: Seriously pointless!
4k video in a Panasonic G7 at the same price point ~$500
Or, simply visit Canon's Refurbished DSLR sales site for older models, esp. ones with Magic Lantern compatibility, and get the best of whatever Canon can make - very good photo quality + upgraded video quality and capabilities.
Eg. T5 refurb kit $250 SL1 $300.

M43 troll ^

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dpr4bb: Limited AF-point coverage and worse shadow-noise performance, too?!?
Canon must have concluded that the 6D was too good compared to the 5DIII. They seemed to have done more "product differentiation" on the 6DII. Good job, Canon!

More af point coverage and this was not a camera review. Back under your bridge, troll

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I was so poised to buy the 6D-II but Canon decides to deliver this pile. It seems Canon is more interested in protecting their non-sale of a 5D Mark-IV than producing something that actually appeals to me.

Making something worse than X does not make X better than it is. I didn't buy 5D-IV and I'm not going to buy it no matter how weak you make the 6D-II or the 6D-III or the 6D-IV... I ain't buyin it. If you want me to buy a camera make it better don't go out and make another worse camera in order to artificially prop up the 1st one.

You're the type of person where everything is always overpriced, eh? Always wanting a 5D4 for half price. Nikon. Did that with the d700 and learned its lesson and countered with the d600 and then d750

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Segaman: About the people who are bashing new cameras, if you cant take a great picture with Today's gear there is something really wrong with you.

This section is filled with insecure sony and m43 fanbois.

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TTran510: Was hoping the 6DII was a 80D full frame but it is not even that. It is more like offspring of the old 6D and 80D which kept some old features of 6D and got some features from the 80D. The 80D still have the headphone jack, 100% Viewfinder, x-sync 250, & 1/8000 shutter speed over the 6DII.

The only reason it has a faster flash sync is due to the smaller mirror

Link | Posted on Jun 29, 2017 at 22:02 UTC
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(unknown member): Wow, 24 people want this camera compared to the 1000 of the Nikon D500, which sells at a lower price than this.

You realize this camera has existed for 12 hours.....while the d500 has been around what, a year?!

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Joe Niepce: Looks like a good camera. Canon will sell a ton of these.
With the improved AF that works with ALL the Canon lenses this is a good option for any amateur (and even pros as a 2nd camera) wanting to shoot sports. Nikon is the only competition since Sony has no lenses that work as well (or at all for that matter),

No, touch screen, more DR, new autofocus, faster burst rate too. Big update

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Ernest M Aquilio: For every "no 4k" rant, rampage, or rebuttal... the horse is dead. Leave it please. Focus on what Canon has done to improve this line and embrace the great options we do have for 4k

Innovation only takes over if the product is clearly better than what out now. Smartphones put small flip phones to nearly death but mirrorless has been slow to progress in effectiveness and needs a whole new lens mount line up to have any benefits of a smaller camera *ahem a9

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So many insecure trolls!

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On article Canon unveils ultra-compact EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D (112 comments in total)
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HaroldC3: Honestly, I feel a little sick that I bought an overpriced M6 with the SL2 now coming out at a very attractive price. Especially if the SL2 has a silent shutter option as evident with the drive modes silent single and silent continuous.

I guess Canon was right to think they are competing with themselves because this camera definitely competes with the M5/M6.

You must think everything you buy then is over priced.

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