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landscaper1: Good for Adobe to be raking in all those profits, but what's to stop them from increasing the annual fee to use CC? That's why I've never gone with CC, preferring to rely on my own copy of PS 6.

The price should rise with inflation.

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chadley_chad: I use an old pirated copy of CS5 ... Iā€™d happily pay a fair buy price instead but with greeedy subscription models like this, is it any wonder people like me exist!

chad, YOU are the reason subscription models exist!

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proudfather: It wouldn't surprise me if most software companies start mandating subscriptions based on the news of Adobe's profit, even though Adobe wasn't the first to introduce this method to the market.

No Bambi, you must have not bought a phone recently. You have to pay for the phone up front or it's an add-on to your bill itemized out and not part if a $60/month option! Must pay full sales tax up front too.

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Adam2: Wonder why I left the adobe revenue sucking stream? Poor customer support and products which didn't make photographic workflow easier. While others innovate, Adobe simply maximizes profits.

If you need "customer support " from an Adobe product , it's a problem with your computer not their software.

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zakaria: Since the 30d canon is out of the limelight.


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A joke of a "helpful " video

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multisystem: Nikon is making a good decision to intro a FF MILC body first because they are playing catch-up with the rest of the industry. You lead with your technological tour de force. It's so hilarious that some people seem offended that Nikon would release a FF MILC first before they release an apsc MILC or that having an FF excludes the possibility of having an aps later.

Also, a lot of these things get lost in translation so I would not sweat it out over the little details of his translated interview but just stick with the big over-all message. These may have been Japanese to Chinese to English, etc. so don't obsess over it.

First? You mean second. They spent years with the mirrorless nikon 1 already! šŸ˜²

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Terry Breedlove: Well Nikon could make a big splash immediately in the mirrorless arena if they so choose. Sony and Fuji might be getting some pretty tough competition to deal with.

Fujifilm not fuji

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mpb002: I think Nikon is grasping at straws these days. Unlike Canon, tgey outsource most of what goes into their caneras. They should just do what they said they would do as part of restructuring. Make higher end cameras. They simply cannot compete with Canon now

Subpar sensors? Just try live view autofocus on a nikon dslr

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lingccp: If the price is higher than A7 series with lower specs, I think Nikon will end up like Sxxsung. I wonder when is Canon going to catch up?

Discontinued products go up in price that's the only reason for $1200 when it sold new for $300

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35mm isn't the's more expensive and thus more profitable! That's the real answer.

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Shuttrfingr: I've been mulling the switch to the Pixel for several weeks now, photo capabilities aside. I'm just exceptionally bored of iOS and am being lured by how Android offers a lot more customizability.

Which is like Windows which leads to more app crashing and slow performance over time unlike iOS

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goactive: phase-detect this video makes it sound new take a look at the Nikon 1 J5 that has been out for years now it also has phase-detect and only cost $500 and you change lens on it so you are not stuck with only one lens . Also, compare the images the J5 smokes the new Sony even being an older camera. Or the even older Nikon 1 V2 that also has amazing fast focus and phase-detect you can pick up used. Here is photos from both I shot compare this to the samples of this new Sony. Even compare them to many other higher end Sonys and other cameras. here is a gallery from just the older V2 shooting kiteboarding..

Nikon 1 in sensor cams are no more. 1 series is dead and DL was cancelled before it launched!

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Dakaar: I found this especially funny because, the one can't update itself is android phones. When you try, firms that makes the phone only makes it updateable for only 2 os versios. Android one program and pixel phones are only a minority(for to be a viable argument) Apart from it, apple phones are continiously takes updates, and a lifetime of 4 years. Android phones has max 2 years of life.

Broken iPhone screens? You hang out with drunk high school and college girls?!

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This is built into Canon aps-c dslrs for years!

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There's a big reason film died. It's expensive. Keep it dead.

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Poor nikon

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Can't see a reason for slide film today...unless it's something special out of the ordinary. Kodachrome? Sure, ekachriome? Nope.

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Vanitas Photo: I wonder if the face recogntion can ve fooled with a photo...

It's infra red 3D scanning. So no.

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Bershatsky: I think I'll stick with my 6s Plus for another year.

The longer you use it, the less your 6s+ is worth for trade in. Do you'll always pay the same per year on average. My 2 year old S5 was worth $570 a year ago. Today? Probably $200

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