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Great, I have an old Apple Display that needs to be retired. Apple has forgotten those that want a +/- $1000 display and Samsung appears to be stepping up. All I need is an updated MBP and I'll place my order.

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Since transitioning to C1 in the mid 90's, I've used your software professionally on Commercial shoots and have had a great experience. Unfortunately, due to this policy change I believe that v23 will be the end of our relationship and I will either try to use the Lightroom included in my Adobe subscription at $9.99 a month or someone will fill the upcoming vacuum from dissatisfied C1 users. We had a good run but all good things must come to an end, I trust this is the result of the new ownership group and their desire to generate a higher yield on their investment.

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On article Every photo accessory you need for your new camera (98 comments in total)

That bag shot is pure gold, it's not like most of us haven't thinned out the unused bags from time to time.

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Coming to a YouTube channel soon, everyone shares their footage...

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The video was posted on another photo forum and I watched the first two minutes, his culling process seemed to be from the '80's. It's like viewing slides on a light table and knowing that they couldn't be fixed in post but we all know better in the digital age. Who immediately deletes images these days because the exposure is off by a stop or so? I have found that C1 or LR can easily adjust these quite well, I'm looking more at the content of the image. Did his assistant go to Walgreens for those prints? I realize it was for demonstration purposes only but it made the video unwatchable.

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Gesture: Does one buy insurance when they rent? It would be fun to work with a Leica Monocrhrom for a week but I sure wouldn't want to drop it or lose it.

I have used my Liability Insurance when renting gear, you need to contact your provider and create a document for them to have on file. If you don’t have such coverage, you can opt to add it to your rental fee.

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an_also: Interesting to see the 5D4 in second. I still love mine and use it all the time for my wildlife photography. No doubt that the newer mirrorless bodies are better but the 5D4 is still a workhorse and a pleasure to use.

I bought two new 5DIV's at the time the R was announced, I'm invested in EF L's and the R didn't offer anything that my clients needed. I have no regrets and the pandemic has cured most of my GAS.

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Beautiful work, I'd encourage others to watch his St. Petersburg video also.

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I remember taking a serious look at an Olympus all in one before taking the leap, I ended up diving into a Canon 1D and the rest is history. I did circle back and buy a few versions of the Canon G Series and only recently sold the G15 that I carried around on vacations.

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Holy retail pricing, Batman!

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I have seen photographers create beautiful images with lights from this Company, but you lost me at Kickstarter. It’s called R&D, not finance our project for us because we don’t want to put up our own capital.

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I specialize in Food images and found the video with the process to be amazing. I would not do it but perhaps a Fuji 68 with tilt/shift bellows would be fun to attempt.

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I guess that all the cool kids will buy the R3...if they don't spend all their money on hats and ink that is.

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MarcB1969: Nice to see them providing opportunities to up-and-coming photographers.

At least it wasn't awarded to the Spice Girls son, he shot a Burberry Campaign awhile back and the crew set everything up and just handed his a camera that was already setup.

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Great to see that no matter what system you use, there is support at the Olympics.

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tcphoto1: I believe that I owned the G9, G12 and now the G15, they were my little P&S and vacation cameras and I still enjoy the G15.

The wifi feature on the G16 was tempting but I'm good with my G15.

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I believe that I owned the G9, G12 and now the G15, they were my little P&S and vacation cameras and I still enjoy the G15.

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I haven’t used my Minolta Flashmeter IV in a longtime, why would I buy another?

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I suspect those that actually have a job have disposable income, while us freelancers continue struggling until our clients feel comfortable enough to get back to work.

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tcphoto1: They want someone to work for two weeks shooting their shot list, edit images or hand over RAW files and transfer Intellectual Properties for $10K? Oh, the humanity! I've made that rate on a couple of one and two day shoots so that's a hard no for me.

I'm not saying it's below me, I'm saying it's Days Inn trying to take advantage of whomever is awarded the project. Let's divid the $10K by the number of hours committed whether it's traveling, scouting, setting up, shooting, processing and editing and see what it amounts to and factor in licensing...

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