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Joe Ogiba: Smart idea of Ricoh using the older 36mp Sony sensor to keep the cost well under $2K. Too bad Pentax did not have 4K video mode with H.265 like the Samsung NX1 to increase sales but it looks like most Pentax users are not interested .

I thought NX1 is a washing machine type, Samsung makes camera too?

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The lens is still soft. That said, the high iso looks better than D810. Good camera, but only few lenses compared to Canon and Nikon.

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Sunshine4784: Well Pentax used FA 77mm f1.8 limited lens while Nikon used 85mm f1.4 lens. Pentax 645 used 90mm macro lens which is very expansive lens but inferior to Nikon and Pentax FF. Both Pentax 645 and Nikon shot in 2014 btw. Pentax FF should try recent 85mm lens but they don't have it...

Base on images from LR, Pentax 645 is very useless. It's not even sharper than 77mm f1.8 while Pentax 645 used that god damn expansive macro lens. Pixel shift is not that impressive from this images. I demand better testing with pixel shift.

Anyway, both Nikon and Pentax should try similar lenses. FA 77mm f1.8 is basically a film lens.

Most likely the 77 is decentered - which is not uncommon for Pentax lenses, plus it might have a strong curvature at this distance hence the soft corners.

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beemerman2k: That Pentax 645z is like, "All y'all bitches get outta here!" Lol!

Oops, typo, I meant, not *all* the lenses are good. I run my own print workshop, and I often print for my clients who use Pentax 645Z. the 90 is very sharp, but 55 is not, for example. So it depends on the lenses, too.

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beemerman2k: That Pentax 645z is like, "All y'all bitches get outta here!" Lol!

sensor-wise yes, but not the lenses are good.

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I think there is a focus error in K1's test shots. Take a look at the cards on lower left, the grayscale print. and the mug shots, they are all soft compared to 5DSr and D810.

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Boss of Sony: In my opinion, the advantage is only just noticeable at 100% magnification, which means it is completely unnoticeable at normal viewing distances. Even cropping won't show up any difference, unless cropping to 100%. This is a gimmick to please pixel peepers. IQ is so good nowadays that the only innovations we really need be concerned about concern dynamic range and lens quality.

Said the OP who never prints. If you print your work large (A1 size at least), you'd appreciate the K1.

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Searching: Comparing the 1dXII sensor to the PenF sensor makes me realize just how good m43 is and Olympus in particular.

Really? change the comparison to low light (bulb icon), and compare the dark shadows. Even at low ISO the Pen F is noticeably darker. No need to try at high ISOs. Even the old 6D is way better.

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Retro1976: Look, I'm not knocking Sony, but I have been to countless workshops and tourist destinations on travel and have yet to see one single Sony A series camera in the wild. I see Nikon, Canon, occasionally Olympus and Fuji, but that's about it. Who is buying these bodies ??? And what are so many names jumping on board ? What am I missing ???

@techjedi you experience only shows that people take Nikon cameras to disneyland and take Canon for anything else.

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CameraLabTester: It used to be cool having straps around your neck and shoulders displaying your gear like necklace jewellery of an Olympic multi medallist...

Today, it is a Jurassic fashion, remnant of an era where showing off was the way to go.

People these days have switched to something more sinister: Stealth.


Only a Leica is worth showing on your chest. The rest better be discreet.

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Thuravi Kumaaran: ‘Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review’ – DPREVIEW.

Telephoto Continuous AF test
“This is a really impressive result: the closest we've seen to a 100% hit-rate in this test so far. The Canon 1D X II and Nikon D5 may well be able to match this performance, but there isn't a DSLR that can focus so far out towards the edge of the frame as this. What's all the more impressive is that there aren't any complex settings that need to be configured to get this result - it's essentially point and shoot.”

So, we may buy a6300, instead of 1D X II & D5.
Is it a wonderful humour of 2016, may be?

But another reviewer didn't exaggerate things ;

An another reviewer has different opinion

And ‘Tony & Chelsea Northrup’ opinion in the fallowing link

Different people, different ways, but to every doings, we are going to get it back.

The Sony worshipers' number one task is evangelizing to others. so they are scattered all over the place, much like the Oly worshipers. Only at midnight they will all gather at their respective shrines and chant.

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The new Leica makes the 1DXii and D5 look way overpriced. They should be $2999 because they give much more than just the essentials.

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ogl: The lens is the main part of the camera. If there is no sharpness at all, how to use such camera?

It is not that bad, esp because DPR always uses LR to process the raw files which is not in favor for Fuji xtrans. The lens is OK, but not as good as Ricoh GR or X100T. I do think it is too expensive. Should be $200 lower at least.

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2016 at 05:22 UTC
On article Huawei P9 Leica-branded dual-cam made by Sunny Optical (81 comments in total)

LOL, hopefully the M bodies/lenses are made by Leica, not Sunny Optical... because then Leica is just a certification company

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kodachromeguy: I am impressed that Leica is putting out these lenses for their T. But why did they not make these T lenses also available in another mount, such as Fuji X or Sony? I have never seen a T camera even in popular tourist places.

You should go where rich tourists go.

Link | Posted on Mar 24, 2016 at 00:17 UTC

Who cares about IQ? This is a camera lens combo that is meant to be lug around whenever there are people.

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Hugo808: Does the price include a team of Sherpas to carry it around for you?

no but it includes a small team of cheerleaders dancing and shouting I love Leica...

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vesa1tahti: I'll keep my D7200 with it's 10 lenses. Nikon is winner, Fuji takes the second place.

I have nikkors lenses, optically not as good as Fujinons. So yeah, better carry 10 mediocre lenses for sure.

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seriously DPR, no other lenses worth reviewing more?

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