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For the price of the lens, I wouldn't expect blur on the right side of the frame (image #26). Still it's an awesome lens if it's not decentered. I like the rendering better compared to my Canon 100-400 mkii.

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JosephScha: Re: "At 150 x 130 x 190mm (WxDxH), the Billingham 72 is the ideal size for premium fixed lens cameras such as the Leica Q, Fujifilm X100 range or Sony DSC-RX1R series, and many small mirrorless system cameras with one standard lens, such as the Fujifilm X-T2, Olympus OMD E-M series, Leica M rangefinders or Canon EOS M kits."
So, no mention of Panasonic. Not ideal for G80, G7, GH5? Is it just me, or is Panasonic the most overlooked camera brand?

They figured, for Panny users, there are more reasonably-priced bags. Maybe Panny users could ask their Oly friends about what bag to use 😉

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Swerky: Such articles and videos will only bring more negative comments for this 6D II. And here's one: With its highly amateurish specs like 1/4000 of a second shutter speed, 98% viewfinder coverage and one SD card slot, this camera should have included a built in flash.
The first 6D was built similarly but at least it had a noticeably better sensor than the 5D III. And Canon regretted that.
And I believe this is the first full frame Canon DSLR not to get some sort of medal on DPReview.

Can't imagine myself replacing my 6D with this $$$ garbage.

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NIkon 1 is FF then

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MannyZero: "..Grimm states that he knows the deputy who shot him"
-Hey, Jake, working late?
-Is that you Andy?...pop, pop!!
-Damn you, Jake, you shot me...!!
-I only grazed you because I know you, Andy.
-Fine, Jake. I hope you won't lose your job.

That's what's called friendly fire.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (531 comments in total)
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kewlguy: Canon knows how to make people stick with its sucking sensors! The 85 is very interesting

Can't even make jokes here without the Canon-talibans coming at you 😁

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (531 comments in total)

Canon knows how to make people stick with its sucking sensors! The 85 is very interesting

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landscaper1: Such limited editions of cameras are the ultimate expression of wearing a camera as just so much bling. Disgusting.

some prefer a Patek P., some diamond necklace, RF camera

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Arca45Swiss: If fifteen grand isn't totally insane what would be?

sixteen grand

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Franz Weber: Chuck Norris took some photos of a eclipse in the late 70s with the Millenium Falcon passing by... with a Polaroid camera

I heard he forgot to load the camera but the picture still came out nice.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (572 comments in total)
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Saurat: 'Entry-level' or not, cameras such as this are perfectly good for the majority of photographers - including pros - shooting stationary or slow moving subjects in daylight. Remember that next time you pay two grand for a camera full of features you will ever use.

Very likely too this camera has better DR than 6D2 ;)

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1130 comments in total)
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Arca45Swiss: I think the sample photos within the article are TERRIBLE

they are taken with the 6D2, how do you expect them any good?

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AndersSJ: Just another opportunity to flash my Leica.

I thought you voluntarily asked the security to scan your Leica out from the bag before the new TSA regulation...

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Bodhi Dharma Zen: Ok guys, I was waiting for this camera to upgrade from my 80D, I want a full frame, but have absolutely HATED the stupidly low DR from canon cameras for almost ten years now. When I got the 80D I was excited to FINALLY see an improvement on DR over all other canon cameras, I really had good hopes in to them FINALLY getting a nice FF with as much DR as the Sony sensors. Obviously, they care more about not spending money than in to thinking in the consumer. So, fffuck canon.

Which camera do you recommend me if I have canon lenses? Im gravitating towards a Sony, unsure in to which one. Im thinking in spending £2,000.00 or less if possible. THANKS!!!

should be the 5D4, but it's not cheap. If not in a hurry, wait a bit for the new Sony A7iii.

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No big deal. The main purpose of a leica is hanging on your neck while walking down the street. Just take photo with the P10.

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mario loconte: This test is usefully useless, if you want a cheap camera, here we are, if you want more, you spend more.

But, cheap and good, extreme DR nerd test apart, this is a worthwhile camera.

This camera is neither cheap nor good.

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BokehFanatic: Meanwhile, half of the potential buyers (≠internet non-buying complainers) don't know what dynamic range is, get the camera and are extremely happy with it.

Having said that, if it was not for the Canon "authority" and marketing, they would be at least as happy with a Nikon or Sony.

If they don't know being ripped off, how could they suffer?

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Couscousdelight: For cheaper than a 6DII you can have a Pentax K-1, and it gives you :

14Ev od dynamic
IBIS + pixel shift
35 cross Af points
A rugged body adapted for most situations.
And many more...

K1's AF is not slow. I use both Canon and Pentax FF...

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D135ima: А ведь могла получится отличная камера. Все для кого 5D4 был слишком дорогим и излишне репортажным, ждали её.
Господи, это ведь прямо как мой 5d2, мои родные шумы при обработке.
Впервые сенсор с подобными характеристиками появился в 1DsIII, по правде говоря, она была заточена под низкие исо и ДД на исо 100 там даже выше. 10 лет ! Совершенно не имеет значения для кого по мнению кэнон эта камера, за 10 лет эту характеристику должно было "случайно зацепить". Ну не бывает такого в мире технологий. И нельзя выкатывать в 2017ом году ФФ, который по способности сохранять после обработки качественную картинку с низкими шумами, чистыми текстурами с честным разрешением уступает какому-то никоновскому кропу типа д5200, который наверное сейчас можно с молотка долларов за 250-300 взять. Ну блин нельзя ! Тем более это ФФ, медленный, любительский ФФ - единственное что от него требуется - это качество изображения

So true. Oh wait

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ShaiKhulud: I hope they will fix SOMETHING in the future software updates. That lifted shadows ISO 100 picture is awful.

I'm sure that same firmware fix will magically grow a battery grip on it too!

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